Red shoes, No knickers



June 2011



Save your best for everyday

When I posted on my facebook (Come on over and show some love to me here my little Shoelets!) that I had an emergency text come through from one of my clients (also my fabulous friend) my mind went into over drive!  Full text said:

  ‘I have an urgent need for satorial help.  Black tie do Wednesday. VV glam.  Sitting with George Michael. Please help me. xxx’

I started thinking vintage, full length, plunging, simple by striking…Next text came through…

‘I’m in Spain until Monday, I only have shoes and my budget is well under £100.  Just need the killer dress’

WHOAAAA! Ok…Whole new ball game.  Tight on time AND money….I AM IN MY ELEMENT!!!  This, my friends, is a challenge I aspire to.  We need to make something fabulous out of nothing and Monday morning at 9am I am hitting those shops…Watch this space for an update.

I had been out to a business lunch with Ms. Summerhayes on Wednesday and we had been talking about what the problems with her wardrobe were.  Like a lot of people she doesn’t often buy clothes but when she does she saves and saves and saves them for that special occassion and then never seems to wear them.  Common problem. STOP IT MY DARLINGS!!  Wear your sequin skirt to ASDA.  Slip on a new, plush jacket to go to the cinema, dress up in a body con wool dress and heels to go to work…

I was working late, I was going out for drinks with a friend and to the theatre afterwards – Why not wear my gladrags to work and look fabulous??

(vintage wool dress, deborah sweeney belt, marks and spencer wedges)

Never too proud to do that cleaning with my cleavage out and a lift at my heel….Do it Shoelets!  Wear a silk dress to work, take the kids to school wearing all your jewellery, go for a girly drink in sequins.  Our best should be everyday and not someday!  I promise it will make you feel good and you’ll get loads of compliments…Now that can’t be a bad thing can it?

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