Red shoes, No knickers



July 2012




Sometimes with all the excitement of warm weather arriving I feel like I need to wear all my summer clothes at once.

I’ll get my shoulders out in a strapless top {can not abide strap marks!} underneath a sleeveless gillet, put on tiny shorts but change into a gypsy skirt then a mini skirt then back to shorts but this time my longer ones, wear a hat, sunnies, a belt, shell necklaces and flip flops.

At times like this I need to take a step back and think simple. Go with a classic, easy summer sun dress. Β When your wardrobe is stuffed full of choices – or even if it isn’t and you can’t think what to wear – when overwhelming times like this occur all you have to do is: THINK SIMPLE.

Β Sometimes less is more. Β I went with my opposites Β – Remember? Click here if not.

Girly, floral dress mixed with tough leather belt and a fab heel. Simples.

{vintage dress, kimchi belt, zoomp kitten heels, m&s sunnies}

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