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March 2013



Snow Nix holiday ~ Packing & Per~chasing


This #tbt picture is me back in 2010. Slim, successful, happy and wearing Nigel Mansell’s cast offs.

I was actually wearing a Β£10 Ebay onesie that my friend Tessa had lent me. I took it half as a joke and half as a ‘Yeah, I can rock an all in one on the slopes’Β  The joomp I’m wearing underneath is this D.I.M.D.I piece, my gloves were hand me down’s from Sister With Massive laugh’s and were approximately 20 years old & my scarf was…well just my everyday scarf. The only thing that was passable for a skiing holiday was my goggles that Bro Dude had just given me for Christmas {I’d asked for them}

Armed with my essentials list {see here} and a severe case of camel toe I decided it was time to invest in some new ski gear. I’d been cobbling & borrowing for too long and although it’s an expensive sport to own clothing in, if you feel like you’re going to get your monies worth then do it.

SALE TIME! Bro Dude suggested Snow and Rock & it didn’t disappoint. I found a new jacket, trousers, fleece & two pairs of ski socks. CHUFFED! I so should rename this holiday Chuffed Nix hols.


{burton jacket, colombia pants, snow & rock fleece, maggie white cotton headband, gifted topshop wool black headband, gifted anon goggles}

DSC01847 - Copy

While my thermal situation is outta this world {check it} I still popped to Uniqlo for another pair of long johns and a new long sleeved top which were both so good. As our instructor/host/driver & friend Simon {Bestie From Africa‘s brother} told us. You can’t wear cotton. You sweat it, it doesn’t dry, you cool down, you freeze, you’re dead. It’s as simple as that. I have also told you similar such death avoidances when it comes to wool here.


{first three vests m&s, last one ms. selfridge}

My apres~ski/travel coat situ needed some work. Although I do own a shit load of coats I don’t own a lot of warm casual coats that I could wear with jeans and trainers. As much as I would have loved it there wasn’t going to be a vintage dress with a heeled boot going on in the Pyrenees. I had to think outside of the box. I had an idea. A stolen idea but still an idea. Being a new coat wasn’t an option so I had to think layers. I’d seen a friend wearing a Uniqlo Ultra light down parka underneath her wool coat and knew that that thin layer was like whale fat ~ warm and vital. I hopped over to my favourite American Apparel nabbed myself a peach hoody, which I have the same intentions for that as I did with this one, bought an orange {come on it’s me!} parka and ON TOP OF THOSE added my faithful, no branded, stolen, Tim hates enormous beige fleece. I was as snug as a bug in a rug.


Only thing left to do was get myself up a mountain…To be continued….

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