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May 2011



Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure

When doing a Wardrobe detox there’s surplus clothing that needs to go somewhere, we are, after all, decluttering your closet and slimlining it.  Once I’ve waded through your wardrobe and put back what you’re happy with (neatly of course!) we are normally left with three piles:

1) Charity shop

2) Rework

3) Ebay

  • The charity shop pile is normally the largest.  It’s full of pieces that aren’t good enough to sell and are past thier sell by date for you but hopefully will be for someone else.  You can’t put just any tat in there, though.  The lovely volunteers at The Chazzers have to wade through our cast offs and if they’re not good enough to sell (damaged, broken, ripped) it’ll just be their job to bin them. Old socks, t-shirts, jerseys can become dusters!


  • The reworked pile is always my favourite.  It will include pieces that can be brought back to life by simply adjustments – New buttons, relining, hemming, cutting, adding (more on this later).  It will also include clothes that you really want to wear but don’t necessarily know how to style them.  We’ll work together reworking these pieces so that they fit your new body/lifestyle/wardrobe.


  • And so finally to the Ebay pile.  These are clothes that are good enough to sell and have someone else love them.  You’re not going to make a fortune but you can make money from labels, unique and vintage pieces.  You do need to set aside some time for photographing and listing which can take a while but once you’ve posted your pieces you just need to sit back and watch the bidding begin.

….detox, declutter, rework, recycle, rediscover…

That’s my mantra and selling and buying pieces on Ebay is very much recycling and rediscovering.

Here’s my friend Tim wearing her beautiful dove grey wool skirt suit that she won on Ebay for £15!

It’s as if the suit was made for her. 

You’re not going to be able to find a ‘new’ suit out there on the high street  in such good quality or for such a bargian.  Go forth my darlings and explore Ebay – I’ve posted some of my ‘olds’ on there too… trash will soon become someone elses treasure. 

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