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April 2011



Spring Awakening

Spring is my favourite time of year.

Blossom, daffodils, planting seeds that all the pigeons outside on the balcony seem to eat, the clocks changing but most of all the warmth.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not jumping ahead of myself.  I still have the heating on at night and it’s not shoulders AND toes out weather but it is arms out for your lunch break, brave a picnic in the park if you’re well equipped with layers and get yourself on that bike for you fair weather cyclists type of weather.

One of my problems though are those scaly, hairy, grey-y-blue things that I have been hiding in tights for approximately 7 months.  They’re not the prettiest of sights at the best of times but with a light dusting of a tan and a small wedge, I’m not complaining.

The problem is getting to that point where the sight of those bare legs out in broad daylight isn’t scaring people.  It’s still too cold now so we need to hold our horses (You hear me ladies on Clapham common??  Put those denim cut offs away for at least another month!!) but who wants a sweaty crotch in tights? I can’t be wearing pants for the next two months! (American pants as in trousers, contary to the title of my website I do wear underwear…)

Many of you will be drawn to my least favourite item in the entire word: Leggings.

I’ve put the word in italics, not because it’s special but because it doesn’t deserve to be with the other lovely words in this post.  I despise them and wish they had never been invented….and then reawakened during that whole 80’s revival whenever it was. 

They are often added as a ‘warming layer’ to pretty summer dresses or, my least favourite of all, under short skirts as the offender wearing the skirt knows its too short for either that time of year or that type of leg.  They will make a stumpy leg look stumpyer (I’ve made up a word becasue of the horrendousness of the legging) and a long leg look stumpy too.  Don’t even even get me started with what they do to a big leg.

Put the leggings down ladies, step away and move towards the alternative.


Kinky?  Oh you know it….

80’s?  We’ve moved on sisters. 

Get yourself a thigh high wooley sock, American Apparel do great ones. (I have them in light grey):

Get yourself some opaque (Nothing less than a 60 dernier I’m afraid!) stockings, some over the knee socks, cut off old tights, sexy hold ups…all these beauties can be worn under a skirt, with no one none the wiser and should be atttached to an old school suspender belt.

I have this bad boy below and it is a beauty for my winter/summer transitional wardrobe:

Keeps you cool enough for this lovely spring weather but also keeps you warm when the sun dips behind a cloud or the evening draws in. It’s also a sweet treat for any passerby when riding your bike to work.

Give it a go ladies.

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