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August 2013



Staple classics


After a lovely and very rewarding wardrobe detox this week I found the all too familiar words about neutral classics falling from my mouth and wondered whether I had imparted these pearls of wisdom to my dear Shoelets?  I know you’ve had the do and do NOT’s of proportions and the rules of mixology but the world of staples and those which go with everything are nuggets of advice that every woman needs. My outfit on this sunny Saturday afternoon holds many a tale to tell.


{gifted bretton top from tim, reworked ancient shorts, funkis clogs, diesel sunnies, 29 year old gift coca cola bag}


~ My general rule, which doesn’t always apply, is that when putting an outfit together you should stick to a maximum of three different colours ~

~ Colours of the same hue are classed as one eg. navy, cobalt & cornflower blue are all classed as one ~ 

~ Some very powerful pieces of clothing over rule all of this and can simply be worn with everything ~

~ bretton stripes ~

~ denim ~ 

~ animal print ~ 

~ khaki {thick trench coat ~ 

~ pillar box red ~

~ soft, dove grey ~ 

~ polka dots ~ 

~tan {not brown, big difference. HUGE} accessories ~ 

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer as to why this is the case or actually how I know this but it’s true. I promise you. I wouldn’t lie to you My Shoelets…well, I would about my age but that is the only thing! I would, on occasion, add white to that list but when cream or off white are involved I cross her off the list and leave her till another time.

Try it.

Mix any of the above with any outfit and I promise they’ll work. If they don’t you have my permission to come back and sue me.


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