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Quality AND Quanity

 You know I’ve got beef with coats right?

When I moved into my new pad my new flattie, Han, commented on the fact that I had a LOT of coats and they were blocking the doorway.  Doorway Schmoreway I thought!  I turned, patiently, looked her in the eye and told her the hard, cold facts about coats.  I’ve imparted my words of coat wisdom here before {see here if you missed it} and I would like to add another attachment to that email.

Yes.  I’ve said it before. Coats can make or break your outfit and when it comes to winter a coat ~ like a decent haircut, a pair of skies when you’re skiing or a partner who reads ~ is a NECESSITY! No. We can not go out, when it’s -1 degrees, without one. What I want to add is that you can’t go out in -1 degrees with a shit coat either {Sister With Massive Laugh and Old Flattie are who I am referring to in my circles} A coat that doesn’t keep you warm is as useful as a handbag made out of pink blancmange.  Pretty to look at, pretty awful to wear.  Now I recently felt the pain of the average coat buyer as I headed into Zara.  I found a great coat ~ Military style, fur collar, mid thigh ~ over £200.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NO! Now that is a lot of money.  Well it is for me anyway and if I was spending £200 on a coat then I wouldn’t be buying more than one every couple of years.  Pppffffff….One just don’t cut the mustard, it doesn’t fit every occasion and there’s no guarantee that it’s going to be warm.

Take Exhibit A below:

Gorgeous, stunning Orla Kiely coat that was over £400 when it was on sale.  I was lucky enough to get this particular garment for free because I happened to work there and boy am I glad that I did because this coat is freezing.  It can only be worn at the beginning of Autumn or the trail end of Winter.  It’s a showboat. Great coat! I hear shouted at me when I wear it.  My nipples tend to disagree.


Go vintage.

Big vintage stores like my beloved Rokit and Tim’s beloved Pop boutique source clothes from all over the world and when I see a label that says made in Romania/100% wool/cashmere blend/something written in German then I know that my cockles will be well and truly WARRRMMMMM!

Exhibit B: Rokit ~wool/cashmere blend ~ £30

Exhibit C: Rokit ~ Made in Romania ~ £15

Exhibit C: Chelsea flea market in NYC ~ rabbit fur ~ $50 {$31}

In all these cases it seems we’re dealing with quality AND quantity. What more do we want??

Tim got a new woolly, warm coat last week from Pop for £27 and the majority of the winter coats in Rokit at the moment are a bargain at £30.

Go! Go now…Run like the Winter, whipping wind around our ears….

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