Red shoes, No knickers



August 2011



Tailor made for me

Before the riots came down my way and Clapham started shutting down at 6pm every night.  Before the party shop blew up and  before the week had really begun, the sun was shining, le BMX was calling and I looked at my ‘summer summer’ pile of clothes (shown here) and decided to wear my custom made playsuit.

Bestie From Africa is a very generous person and always sends me squares of African, Java print material.  Not wanting to waste these precious jewels I get them made into fabulous, unique outfits that fit me perfectly and are a true Red Shoes original. 

I gave my lovely tailor, George, a pair of high-waisted Orla Kiely shorts and a strapless dress Ms. Kass gave me.  I liked the top half of the dress (strapless and fitted)  and the cut of the shorts (highwaisted and kinda smart) – Could these two be merged to create a fabulosity playsuit per-chance?  No frigging problemo was the answer coming back to me and here be le beauty!

(custom made playsuit, gifted i love ny t, m&s heels and sunnies)

It’s so easy to wear but I was going into town and it wasn’t that warm – you can see the sun managed to come out and then go back in while I was taking my photos! – so I put a t-shirt undeneath.  Still not breaking the rules my lovelies because the decolletage is covered!!  Finding clauses all the time!

Also here’s the beauty when it was first showcased in all it’s glory in Zimbabwe…Going back to it’s African roots….Now here it was hot!


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