Red shoes, No knickers



January 2012



That 70’s vibe

Mutty Donovan gave me a very cute Chrimbo pressie this year which was a vintage clothes book….from the national trust! Bless her.  She knows I love a coffee table book, even though it was barely bigger than a pamphlet. She was right though I do love looking at all the different styles over the decades but, having said that, I have never really been a fan of any particular decade. Mutty always says she loved the 60’s with mini skirts galore and high boots and I know Tim loves the 30’s. I do like the 40’s with their pencil skirts, nipped in waists and boxy jackets but have never fully embraced the decade.  The 70’s are a decade I’ve always been intrigued by but haven’t ever gone there…until now!

{bretton top from france, vintage skirt from rozelle market, gifted tights, vintage boots}

What with my vintage wrap skirt {showcasing 70’s porn photos! I’ll post a close up later!} and my knee high boots I felt very 70’s and it wasn’t so bad!  I would normally have worn a small heelage with this skirt but for some reason I headed for Le bootage.  I also didn’t wear a bra and went to work on some rollarboots but that’s another 70’s story for another day….:)

What decade do you like my Shoelets? Tell all…Go.  Discuss!

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