Red shoes, No knickers



June 2011



Too much colour?

…too ill to care my friends.

(grandma wyn’s burberry trench, vintage dress, grey cardi from some shop in darwin, oz, yellow cardi from american apparrel, topshop scarf, m&s socks, kurt geiger boots, orla kiely bag)

I may be smiling in this photo but inside I was crying…and dying.

Friday saw me wake for the 5th day in a row sounding like a 40 a day smoker.  I glanced in the mirror and looked like one too.  Nicht gutte.  It was pissing down outside and it was pissing on my clothes parade.


I have been ill my friends and the rain is depressing me and clouding my clothes choosing judgement.  The first thing I thought of when I woke up on that mornful morn was that I needed to be comfortable and warm, I needed something to protect poorly, painful, b****cks throat and I needed to look not near dead.

Not an easy task!! 

Some may say a rainbow has exploded on me with this outfit. To those peeps I say

‘Sorry! I can’t hear you because I have an infection in my ear as well.’

This dress is my new favourite.  I gave it (AS A PRESENT!) to Sister With Massive Laugh years ago after I had been on my travels down under.  Four years latter I spy it on the collapsed heap that was her wardrobe rack and take it back.  I have never seen it grace her fine body. Pfffff…Waste not want not. I love it.  It’s cotton, comfy and colourful.  Three of my four favourite C’s ;)*

The two cardi’s symbolise the need to be warm…

…The boots symbolise the need to be dry…

…and the melange of colour symbolises the fact that I seem to have found myself  matching the window display at work…as pointed out to me by my boss.

* This smily face is not my doing…I did a small winking symbol – semi colon and a closed bracket – and the ‘puter has offered this mini pac man.  I apologise on it’s behalf. :)…Damn you…GO away!

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