Red shoes, No knickers



October 2011



Tree tings

{fabulous old bus arriving outside our work}

It’s been a busy week my sweet friends and there is still so much to do!  It was a struggle to find you a mere Tree Tree tings to take a gander at.  I had a fabulous time this week finding stage worthy outfits for the gorgeous Sian Cross.  She’s a singer/songwriter and is just starting out, not sure what her look is, not a big budget…HALLO!!!  My ideal job!  Red shoes No knickers is in her element! Mixed and matched cute strapless dresses, leopard print skirts, sequinned tops and killer patent heels to come up with a great new look that she’s going to be trialing….Didn’t have to buy a thing either. AMAZEBALLS!

Had a pop up Hendricks gin bar arrive over the road from work this week accompanied with 40’s tea dresses, hats, heels {on men} and the slick of red lipstick galore.  Very inspiring.  And last but not least I shall be packing away all my summer gear this weekend and unearthing my knitwear, my kilts, cashmere and boots a gogo….Watch this space my darlings…Well, don’t actually, go have a great weekend and then come back on Monday morning!  See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! {Unless your Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend}

{drinking moroccan mint tea with my friend miriam…from melbourne}

{getting ready to hibinate those summer sweet treats…}

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