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October 2011



Tree tings

{d.i.m.d.i’s i’m looking forward to this weekend}

For some reason this week I have had ideas galore popping into my head.  I’m thinking, I’m planning and I’ve finally put the heating on in our flat! TOASTIE!! Future plans with regards to work have been floating around my brain, new ways to wear old favourites from my wardrobe have been getting me excited{Check out my two trouser looks here} and I’ve been window shopping to fill the gaps in my autumn/winter clothes.  I’m looking at gorgeous marl grey sweaters, neon pink hoodies {I KNOW!!! How cool!} and am on the hunt for a wicked pair of heels that I can trip around in this winter.

This winter I’m watching old movies and catching up on loads of D.I.M.D.I’s I’ve been wanting to do for ages. For little weekend snippets and treats pop on over to either Twittering Twits or Facefucker…I’ll be there…See ya there too?

{reworking my chazzer shaazer trilby…it’s all about the hats this winter!}

Bestie From Africa is here next week and it’s made me dream about planning my next trip to see her in Zimbabwe….This video simply fuelled my African daydreaming:

My heart belongs here

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