Red shoes, No knickers



November 2011



Tree tings

{heading off for thanksgiving}

Yes, my friends, I am off on my travels again and this time it’s to the United States of America!!! YEEHAHHH!!!Β  On Sunday morning I am heading to Nashville, Tennesse y’all {can’t not add the y’all everytime I say it} to see my family and spend Thanksgving with them.Β I am packing checked shirts, jumpsuits and my authentic Tennesse made cowboy boots, always want to rise to the occassion.

NEVER FEAR!!! I am not leaving you unattended…this week has been sparse for you I know but that was due to computer problems out of my control, I am now back in control and have a whole host of goodies for you next week.Β  Still struggling with my winter wares but have been decluttering like a nutter and, I think, heading in the right direction as to what I want to wear.

Tree tings for tu…

{my alice in wonderland outfit that I wore for dinner with the gals}

{my beloved london in the sunshine}

While I’m away, keeping spreading that Christmas Sweet Treat news! When I get back it’ll be wall to wall parties, dinners, do’s and drunkenness…Come on! We all need to look fabulous forΒ ALL those occassions…especially the last one!

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