Red shoes, No knickers



June 2011



Tree tings

(relaxing in the park…with my factor 15 on!)

I feel like I haven’t stopped this week and picking Tree tings to post has been hard.  I wanted to add the lemon sherbert, tangerine dream and blush pink roses I pass on the way to the common.  Also the beautiful floral window display at work but alas Tree tings must only be Tree tings….Dem’s de rules and we must stick to them.

I’ve had 2 Sweet treats and 2 Wardrobe detoxs this week , work, meetings, rain (which means no bike!) and now I’m ill….I’m going to say that age old cliche of ‘It doesn’t rain it pours and it shouldn’t because it’s June.’ Well, the pouring is harming my health and most importantly my wardrobe!!  I want to get my toes out and my arms need to be free!  Where are you soliel?? Come back you pricktease!

Tuesday was nice though and a couple of these Tree tings are from there.  Enjoy and have a good weekend my dearest Shoelets…Next week I have exciting challenges for you and I hope that you’ll be up for them.  xx

(research for a new project)

(mini chaise long (Is that how you spell it?!) I found in a pub on saturday night!)

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    • Red shoes No knickers

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