Red shoes, No knickers



February 2012



Tree tings

I may be slow to catch on to all things new and a little tech-phobic but I have finally got myself an iphone!Β  It did cause tears last week when I spent 6 hours setting it up and then couldn’t work out how to make a simple phone call!Β  Pppfffff..Anyway, I’ve since worked that basic function out and now ~ as feared ~ don’t put the thing down due to Instagram….All photos look #amazeballs and I am tweeting and posting inspiring outfits, hot, killer shoes and gorgoeus pictures left, right and ’70’s wash with a border’ centre.

Follow my picture taking here….

Have a good weekend my Shoelets and I shall see you back here on Tuesday…I’m off for a girly weekend armed with a vintage suitcase, winter walking outfits and…you guessed it…My iphone to document my adventures.

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