Red shoes, No knickers



March 2012



Tree tings

{hanging out with old friends}

With beautiful sunshine last week we all got a little prematurely excited {Oohhh ‘allo!} and thought that spring had arrived.  What with the miserable weather this week and the need for the heating on again I fear it will never arrive….DON’T LISTEN TO ME!! Of course it will and with it I am seeking change. 

I’m bored kids! 

I don’t mind admitting it.  I always get bored at the end of each season and need to progress out of my joomps and boots and make friends with my dresses and shorts again.  Like a pre-op on the table I am ready for that change.  I’m in the process of detoxing my own wardrobe {getting pieces ready for the Swish and Pout event, if you missed it see here} and am changing things round.  I’m throwing a spanner into the works off my wardrobe and hoping to feel inspired again soon.

Tree tings that have kept me going in this long wait for spring…

{my wall of bags that needs some tweaking. will be sorting out this weekend}

{looking forward to celebrating my sterling silver arm party again soon}

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