Red shoes, No knickers



August 2011



Tree tings

(a new pedi to brighten my days)

Ever since Tim uttered those dreadful words (before she went on holiday to Port-a-gal I might add!)  that I hate to hear in August:

‘I’m sorry but I’m really looking forward to autumn/winter clothes’

I have slowly started to loose the will to live have been wishing and praying to a God, that I’m not sure exsists, for an Indian summer….just one more week of flipen flopens, a chance to wear my backless vintage top from NYC, more evenings of beers on the grass with the sunsetting, no tights and certainly NO COATS!!! NOT YET!!!! I can’t…Don’t make me…not yet….

To be sure! Tree Tings that have kept me going through the rain.

(playing poker and winning (against boys)…well, breaking even!)

(my gorgeous friend, wingspan, looking AMAZING at the premiere of the film she’s in!)

Ps. Hey Newbies…If you’re not sure what Tree tings is…Check them here and here.  It’s a Friday ting.

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