Red shoes, No knickers



December 2012



What about all my shoes?

This little wooden space has been my sanctuary for the past 5 years and come last Sunday I was very sad to leave it behind.  It held so many memories ~ I moved in there when I was still in my 20’s! ~ and I had really made it my own.  It was my boudoir, my dressing room, my wardrobe, my powder room, my reading space, my time out from the rest of the house.  Like the eternal procrastinator that I am I left packing it all up until 11.30pm the night before.  Worked for an hour and a half, went to bed and then finished the rest of in 3 and a half hours.  What can I say?  I work so much better with a looming deadline.

{this is half of my stuff}

With my so-called life now all in bags and a lot of wicker {that’s all going to go} I headed 9 minutes down the road to my new pad and dumped everything into my room before going off to buy pink bubbles in the local garage.  I certainly know how to live my life!

So….with a blank canvas, if you will, ~ a bed, a fire place, a book case and 2 chests of drawers ~ I am once again on the road to ‘making a space’.  Do I want it to be less cluttered? Do I want a colour palette running through it? Where will my shoes and ridiculous amount of bags go? Why have I kept all my books? These questions ~ rhetorical and non~torical ~ swim around my head as I try to piece together a new space. A little inspiration is taken from around the net:

{all images taken from this post}

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