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April 2013



What lies beneath


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We all know what four boob syndrome is don’t we? When our boobs get too big for our bras and so we spill over the top of the bra and underneath a tight tee it looks like we have four boobs? Yeah. And we all know about VPL’s & hungry bums? Visible panty lines and knickers that ride up our sweet asses?

Well my dear Shoelets I am ashamed to say that I am being inflicted by all three off these complaints and I don’t know how I got here! I used to be good with underwear. Underwear was my thing. Every couple of months I was in my beloved M&S buying a matching set ~ 1 x bra, 1 x big pair of nix, 1 x thong ~ treating myself to a pack of 5 cotton undies, per~chasing a petticoat or 2. Time has passed and I took my eye off the well fitted bra and now I don’t remember the last time I went underwear shopping?! I think I might have been a brunette and been able to tick the under 30’s box.

I don’t know how this has happened but it has and when I went on my recent Snownix holiday I needed to take two pairs of nix for each day. One for skiing/no~boarding in and one for the evenings. So sparse was my collection of underwear that I resorted to taking period pants andΒ my sexy time pants. This is not good people and needs to be addressed.

So. I’m handing out the same advice I give about coats.

Why spend so much time and effort {and money in some cases} on a great outfit and then cover it up with a shit coat. Reversal? Why spend so much time and effort on a killer outfit only to take it off and be faced with a grey bra from 1999 and a stained {I’ve said it girls! Blood stains! Never attractive} pair of elastic~less nix? WHY? Let’s not do this to ourselves, to our partners to our outfits that we’ve lovingly picked out.

To do list:

1. Head to your underwear drawer now. Stay strong. Be ruthless. Get rid of old, stretched, stained, ill fitting and uncomfortable underwear. It’s pointless just sitting there. You might be left with one bra and 3 pairs of nix but that’ll simply force you out to El Shoppo quicker.

2. Make a list of underwear that is a necessity ~ everyday nix {whether that be thongs, shorts, big gal briefs, mini’s, bikini’s} bra’s {underwired, t~shirt bras, push up, padded}, slips, petticoats, shapewear, tights, socks, suspenders.

3. Head to wherever you like to buy your underwear {Primark is not allowed} and spend time and effort in getting it right.

4. Get yourself sized for the right bra. SOOOOOO many of us wear the wrong size which is not good for comfort, the fit of clothes and for our posture. I tightened the bra straps of one of my clients last year and she saw her waist for the first time in 4 years. Made most of the clothes she already owned look amazing.

5. Buy things for yourself. Another of my clients shared a sock shelf with her husband. Not just that she borrowed his socks now and then. They buy socks for both of them to wear. Β NO! NO! No this is not acceptable. NO!

Regardless of whether you’re stripping off for a lover, for an occasion {travelling to Paris should ALWAYS include fancy pants}, the gym ~ YEAH, give them something to look at ~ or simply to keep all our gorgeous, grabbable woman bits in one place…..make the effort. It’s worth it.

Believe me.

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