Red shoes, No knickers



August 2011



Where to begin….

One of my favourite ‘clothes games’ (I don’t get out much!) is to decide on one item that I want to wear – a top, a pair of shoes – normally something I haven’t worn in ages, and work my outfit around that.  On Saturday night I was meeting Katsy and Bestie From The TV for a night of fun and frolics.  Having known both ladies for 15 years I knew a skirt or dress would be nowhere to be seen.

I started this outfit with my Sandra D capri pants.

I wanted to dress up, like I said I don’t get out much, but I also wanted to be super comfy and these Sandy D’s give me excellent flexibility – a lunge is never far away when wearing them.

Smaller, one legged lunges are also available.

(charity shop jacket, m&s thermal vest, reworked white t, capri pants from cyprus, fornarina heels, gifted bag from tim)

With the jacket and my hair I felt like I was channelling the new dragon, Hilary Devey, on Dragon’s Den

Now as a small treat I have decided to give you all a little pop quiz this Tersday morn and the prize will be that you get to see my other ear.  I know that it is something you’re all looking forward to.  My right ear is above…my left one will be showcased when a winner is announced.

How old are my Sandra D, highly malleable, possible camel hoof showing (need to be careful) capri pants?

8, 13 or 15 years old?

What say you?

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