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June 2011



1 x D.I.M…..

As discussed here, I have a long body.  I also have no boobs (although with the right equipment that can all change), narrow, sparrow shoulders, a tiny waist and a large, 80’s style behind.  My point is that I know what my good features are and I know how to dress them.  Waist should always be in, the shoulders accentuated and on or below the knee is a good length for me.  I do KNOW all this however sometimes a girl wants a change right?

I have a problem at weddings and it’s always that I throw up….Opppsss…The reality is that I normally have something very tight around my waist, I am so excited about the free food that I eat loads, I then dance rigourously – get hot – down loads of water and then don’t feel so good. After one too many missed speeches, denyied bouquet catching and lost opportunities to snog someone (due to my head being stuck down the loo) I decided enough was enough. 

I had some turquoise lace that I wanted to use up, I found a gorgeous picture in a magazine and last year I had a baby doll dress made for a wedding I was going to.

WHAT!!!??? Oh dear me…

I shouldn’t blame it all on the dress because I also got my hairstyle AND hair colour wrong, my jacket length wasn’t right neither was the fact that I couldn’t wear a bra and I had shoes on with ankle straps that made my legs look even shorter.  The long and the short leg of it was that I looked like a 12 year old girl. Nicht Gutte!


Now come on, I had this dress made for me and I did not want to give up on it.  It just needed a little reworking my friends…


Firstly, my waist is not accentuated in this dress (Good for not throwing up but not good for looking hot) so I needed to hoik up those boobs and make them a feature.  I decided to make the dress strapless and sew in a very good bra.

It’s not a strapless one because I am yet to find one that actually stays up and doesn’t deform your boobs.  This is an excellent bra that I already have in black from M & S and gives a great shape….I also bought a white one for something I wanted to do later.

I put the bra and the dress on together, pinned it all in place and then hand sowed them to each other.

I cut the straps off carefully, tried the new years eve test (3..2..1….Jump up and down with your arms in the air!!  Nipples still in garment? Test passed) and stage one was complete.  Dress was a new, much more flattering shape.


When going to buy silk, last year, to go underneath the lace I made a foolish school girl error and bought a colour that was awful on me a) for my complexion and 2) for my age.  Too young, too Oasis on the high street (Later found out it’s a colour that Sister With Massive Laugh loves)  It was a minty green and simply not for me….Time for DYEING!!

I had a very old tin of turquoise hand dye knocking about somewhere and the night before the wedding I finally got round to dying my dress.  It unfortunatly called for ‘simmering on the stove’ and my lack of a large, heat proof vessel meant it was a trickier task than first thought.

If you are going to cook your wedding dress in a wok like me then all I will say is BE VERY VERY CAREFUL.  Dye’s stain everything and you can’t afford one tiny spillage no where!

The dye took to the silk beautifully and I was very pleased with it.  I put it in the washing machine for a rinse and a tiny spin (stopped the machine half way through) and then let it dry.

The next morning it was still a little damp….opps….Like to leave everything to the last minute, and I had just a few more stitches to the back to complete so I finished the whole thing off on the train

Stage two complete!…Very happy with my reworked dress. Knew I had very comfortable vintage (non strappy heels) shoes to wear and a matching velvet jacket…Next was what to wear on my head…..


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