Red shoes, No knickers



June 2011



..+1 x Rise to the occassion = Lush wedding!

(self-designed love birds head piecereworked lace and silk dress, kimchi clutch, vintage shoes, self-designed velvet jacket) 

It was the most beautiful day on a farm in the countryside…

There were blue skies, beatles tunes, strewn rose petals, refreshing pimms, wild speeches, a succulent hog roast, crazy dancing, beaucoup de bubbles, a 20 something year old barman who was trying to get in there (Get off! You’ve only just finished your A-levels!)….

…obviously something always interesting to my left as I keep looking there!

…Sister With Massive Laugh sustained a dance related injury to her shoulder, I got my heels stuck down in the floor boards so many times I managed to pull the sole loose on one of them….

…Tim said my dress looked like it is staying on with a wing and a prayer and I can tell you my friends that by 2.30am it was!… BUT…..I did not throw up, I LOVED my outfit that I spent a total of £18 and 1 euro on (this year anyway!) and it was one of the most beautiful, touching and fun weddings I have ever been to…..

NOW…..GO hunt in the back of your wardrobe for an unloved treasure that you own, rework it, relove it and relive it….Go forth and spread the word, here’s hoping you end up with a jaegerbomb down the front of your dress and dirty, broken heels like me…

…sign of a Lush Wedding!

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