Red shoes, No knickers


Andrea Donovan has worked in retail since 2002 from the small, unique boutique to the fashionable accessory brand to the big high street retailer. From her past experience, her love of all things fashion related and her desire to become more ethically conscious, Andrea noticed a need amongst women for clarity and direction when it came to shopping, how to dress and how to feel comfortable and confident in what they were wearing. Having never had a lot of money to spend on clothes and unimpressed by today’s cheap and cheerful buying habits she decided to set up ‘Red shoes, No knickers’.

Wanting to save those pennies from hideous shopping habits and being resourceful with what you already own Andrea will show you how to shop your own wardrobe. A whole new world of hidden treasures and exciting outfits will emerge from your current closet. Clothing that suits you and your shape will be discovered and deciding what to wear each morning will be made that little bit easier.

A wardrobe detox is in the offing where tired, past their sell by date pieces will be banished for good and gaps in your clothing will be pointed out with fabulous, suitable suggestions made.

Here’s hoping by the end of it you won’t be left with just a pair of Red shoes and No knickers…



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