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September 2013



All out of love

DSC03007I don’t know when it exactly happened but I know that it has.

My love for the belt has gone.

It’s disappeared. Vanished. Vamoosed out of my life and I’m not sure whether it will ever come back. There was a time when a day didn’t go by without a tightening in of the waist. A nod towards the accessory that most people seem to own but never quite know what to do with. I know that what comes with age is knowledge, peace & an ever increasing belly that does NOT look good when accentuated by a wide elastic belt and I also know that those first two listed are bullshit and what simply comes with age is the belly. I don’t mind a thin belt now and then. A tiny nod to my once~small~but~now~only~medium~sized waist but I guess I just don’t feel like reaching for this once loved accessory.

I seem to favour a sleeker line, a looser fit and a less fussy get up. I feel bad for my beloved belts but, as I say to my clients, I’ll still keep them around. I’ll cull a few but will keep the majority as you never know…one day the waist made need a little cinching in and a trusty small belt at hand will save the day*

*As long as it’s not an occasion where I need to eat or sit down for a longtime…or drink lots or am on my period. Belts don’t seem to work for these occasions anymore.Β 

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