Red shoes, No knickers



September 2011



An eyefull

As the pile of ‘pure summer summer clothes’ on my bed dwindles down I am left with items that really should have had a showing when it was warm!  When my legs were a little browner and noone looked at me like a plum for having them out in the centre of town.

{reworked white t, gifted supre dress, addidas socks, m&s speccs, lacoste brogues}

What did I care!!!

When I left the house it was beautiful sunshine and I wanted to get some wear out of this gorgeous gifted dress from my friend Kass.

{oh moody! Cheer up love!}

Trouble is it’s tres court….

As I bent down to tie my shoelaces I gave my neighbour across the road an ass eyefull through my bedroom window…Mmmmm…What to do?

My tootsies were covered as were my shoulders…Dem be de rules and I was following them!  I didn’t want to give up on wearing my dress because it was a little short so I  decided to threw caution to the wind….

….I turned round and gave my neighbours a boobfull as well!! Hee hee…What can I say?  The sun makes us all a little crazy!

Remember your sweet discount my darlings – check that reduced price out here!

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