Red shoes, No knickers



January 2012



At first you see me…

In this rubbish mild winter we’ve been having I have been workin’ my seperates like there’s no tomorrow and ignoring my dresses like a shambolic one night stand you pass on the street three months after.Β  I don’t remember the last time I wore a dress in the day time…DO you?Β  Well, If I don’t, I don’t expect you to so no worries!

However…DO you remember this beauty from le summer way back when?Β  Check her here if not.

In her day job she’s a see-thru, peekabo treat but the wonders of an opaque pettiicoat and a warming longsleeve make her acceptable in Janvier…..which is January in French y’all.

{hobbs cardigan, vintage dress, chazzer shazzer chic petticoat, homemade belt, tights, folk brogues}

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