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March 2012



Bag lady

Having posted in my Tree tings that I was looking forward to sorting out my wall of bags this past weekend I have stayed true to my word and did exactly that. TRUE DAT!

Bags are a problem.  As much as we love them, where are we supposed to store them?  No one thought about that when introducing us to the world of Le bag did they?

Getting lost at the top of a wardrobe/underneath a bed/in the downstairs cupboard is a common complaint I see on my Wardrobe Detox travels.  My belief is that they should be seen and most definitely heard.  If you can’t see what you own then you tend to forget and if you start to forget then what’s the point in in having all those gems?

The Glamourai has a beautifully organised wardrobe and her bag trick is basic stationary from Rymans.  Metal book ends for storing folders separate her clutches from her sac magiques.

If you have the space in your wardrobe I would highly recommend this method of storage.  If however, like me, you have space on your walls and you want to see all your gorgeous purchases then another great way is to hang them on your wall.  I’ve done this for years in a couple of houses I’ve lived in but this wall needed a little rejigging.



For my clutches and box bags I do a ‘shop display trick’ and store them in a vintage suitcase I found in a chazzer shazzer for £8.  A favourite of mine when sorting out a client’s wardrobe. {see here and here}

Where do you store your bags my Shoelets?  Any secret display tricks you can share with me?  Tell me I wanna know…..

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