Red shoes, No knickers



January 2013



Beckerman’s bundled up

{rana beckerman}

Many moons ago I discovered the Beckerman sister’s blog and spent many an hour looking through their daily posts. While I don’t always think every outfit is great and sometimes things do get a little wild I was originally impressed with the fact that they were very good at Rising to the occasion. Living in Canada their snow fall is decidedly more impressive than ours and although the snowΒ sleet that graced our doorsteps on Monday has all gone apparently we’re getting the real deal come Saturday! YAY!

Former Flattie tweeted me in the week asking

@catmusicMgt: How are we supposed to dress for this weather n not look like the #michelinman ?! Help!

While I always advocate the use of proper words as opposed to simply just letters I thought it wasn’t the right time to get into a language lesson and so gently told her ~ like I’ve said before ~ that it’s about layering and quality over quantity.

Those things are of course bible true {I said them so why wouldn’t they be?!} however we don’t need to look like we work for an outdoor orienteering company. The Beckerman twins and their mother showed me that with a little extra thought you can still look cool, stylish and girly as well as the most important factor of all ~ WARM!

{callianne beckerman}

{samantha beckerman}

Stay warm my Shoelets but more importantly stylish….and dosed up on vin rouge to warm those cockles!

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