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August 2011



Boy made girly

Hey! Why you so far away?  Come nearer…

That’s better.

When the lovely Franki asked for my advice on Twitter about how to stand out without looking obvious for a do she was attending, I gave my favourite tip.  Shorts. 

‘What the bejesus is she parping on about?’ I hear you muse

Bear with me.  I love a short in the summer because they allow maximum pin exposure to the sun and easy knicker hiding on le BMX.  And they’re different!  You know.  You’ve got your legs out like a skirt but you’re comfortable enough to spread ’em.  Hee hee. Now, one of my favourite tasks is to make those boy shorts feminine and smart.

These are men’s shorts from Carhartt but the trick is to have everything else you’re wearing girly:

  • White cotton blouse from Orla Kiely
  • Vintage pink heels
  • Accesorise pink corsage
  • Vintage suede handbag

I was off out for dinner with a male friend and so wanted to wear the shorts as my masculine side but then still show that I be a laddddeee….who likes to sit with her legs apart!

Oooppss…Didn’t notice until I got my photos up on the computer that the sleeve on my top was folded over the whole time…Dohhhh!

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