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July 2012



Breast power

See the light and dark of this photo?  Well it represents the good side and the bad side of what I am wearing.  The ying and the yang, the Ant and the Dec.

The good side {Dec} to this is that I loved my outfit – I had a bit of mixology going on, got my waist in, comfy outfit all day at work that went seamlessly into going out at night.

The bad side {Ant} was that it put a heavily pregnant woman into hospital.  I shit you not!*

These badboys were the culprits.  My breasticles.

Admittedly they don’t look much in this picture but believe me these puppies were selling A LOT of  jewellery by day and inducing babies by night.  They were admired, commented on, laughed at and stroked by Tim.  What’s my secret?  Oh thanks for asking kids.  Well the answer is the element of surprise.  I don’t get my tiny titties out often because, let’s be open and honest here, there ain’t much to get out! But with the right apparatus and the right accompaniments you can pop these iddy bitties out and make a newborn a cancer instead of a leo.

{gifted military jacket and mint bag, m&s sunnies and wedges, only hearts top, vintage skirt from hk}

Hit them where they’re not expecting it my Shoelets.  If you get your tits out all the time – give them a well earned break and cover them up. Why not show off your back fat, your legs, PUT THAT CARDIGAN DOWN!!!!! {a permanent detoxing gripe I like to bark} and get your arms out for a bit of much needed sun.  Always in flats?  Break out a heel, Always got your hair up?  Shave it off. HA! I’m kidding, I know the 90’s is back but no…simply let it down.

Surprise, along with cumin, is the spice of life.  It makes us sit up and notice…and is also a very hard stain to remove.

Tim started wearing purple for the first time since 1979 – She’s never looked so damn fine.

*She’s fine but, as a fellow titless wonder, she did say my boobs looked amazing and it was the shock of them that made her need to lie down for the next two weeks.

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