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June 2013



Bobbi’s wedding


I loved my outfit for Bobbi’s wedding so much.

As I’ve said before {see here} the 60’s are not a decade in which I generally seek out it’s clothing and accessories but….times change my Shoelets, times change. With an ever~expanding~non~decreasing~30~something~ year~old~pot ~belly and a reading to do at the ceremony I headed straight for the gym. I side stepped the gym and jumped into the pool with both feet ~ YEAH!  I had 2 weeks and I worked hard on those legs. With a touch of sun on them from the beautiful weather we had last week I was ready to release these bad boys into the world in a sexy, sweet 60’s shift dress. As I explained here, I love getting my legs out when it’s warm and if I don’t do it now I’m certainly not going to be doing it in 5, 10 years time!


{vintage dress from blackout, barrett’s heels that are 15 years old,chazzer shazzer clutch} 


With big plans to make a fabulous floral head band I was sorely disappointed when I simply couldn’t get my hands on any decent black flowers. ANYWHERE! Everything looked too tacky and cheap so I went with a simple black ribbon around a high bun which in the end was better for the weather and the wild dancing. I was fine with my choice of bunnage until on the Friday night someone asked me what hat I would be wearing as ‘you always do a good hat’ GUTTED! I’m always up for an occasion when something on the top of your hat doesn’t make you look like a plum {see here and here}


What I learnt from this wedding:

1. Make sure what you wear is right for the temperatures of the day. I was really pleased with my dress as it had sheer sleeves ~ perfect for a warm/cool in the shade day. NO jacket required and DEFINITELY NO CARDI! No cardi’s at wedding’s please people! Always a jacket if you have to have a cover up.

2. A double lathering of moisturizer on the legs goes a long way. Slap it on. Slap it on again 20 minutes later. Legs as smooth as a babies bum!

3. WEAR AN SPF! Due to a very early arrival at the venue, an outside ceremony and then a long wait in the sun their were a lot of red faces come Sunday morning.

4. Your handbag needs to contain the following items:

* Make~up ~ Later on a top up or even a revamp is always needed.

*Deodrant ~ I failed on this account but Bestie From The TV came up trumps with a bottle of perfume that I sprayed directly onto my dress. problem solved.

* Tissues ~ didn’t take nearly enough for the amount of crying I did.

* Paracetamol ~ enough for at least 4 people who will undoubtedly ask you for something to kill a headache.

* Gum or a tooth brush ~ a lot of champagne/cigarettes/hog roast baps and 4 hours of dancing leads to bad times in the mouth.

5. Your shoes are the one big thing that you need to get right. Even if your hair is a disaster, your dress creases, you get sereve pits or your hat leaves a mark on your forehead ~ if your shoes are comfortable and can last you for 12 hours then nothing else matters. Up close my 15 year old heels are painful and battered, from a far and on a dance floor they’re priceless.


GO forth and enjoy your summer weddings my Shoelets ~ You’re armed with all you need to know.

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June 2013



Bobbi’s wedding: Travelling gal


{vintage leather handbag from bondi beach market, ancient overnight bag i’ve had for 19 years}

I learnt a few things this weekend my Shoelets and I thought there was nothing I needed to know about planning and packing for a 3 day weekend away.  This particular weekend away happened to be up in the Cotswolds for the much anticipated wedding of my good friend Bobbi.

Of course the wedding day outfit itself is thought of months beforehand. Shoes, hair and handbag for this occasion were pre~planned and discussed in length but the Friday and the Sunday outfits also needed just as much thought.  With the weather app for Bourton~on~the~water on my iphone saying sunshine mit a tiny bit of cloud I knew my outfits had to be summery, adaptable and comfortable.



{vintage jacket from nyc, white cotton top from singapore, self designed skirt, m&s wedges}



{laura lee star diamond stud, hexagonal silver ring and triple diamond ring, large silver earring from spain, triple silver band ring from india}


What I learnt from my 3 day jaunt was this:

1. Getting a wax/mani/pedi/haircut/hairdye and what ever else it is that makes you feel a little more pulled together is SO worth it. I had all of those things done and they made me feel great.

2. Make sure the luggage you take is easily transportable. I had to go from bus to tube to train to bus…my faithful weekend bag and over the shoulder handbag served me well and was easy to carry. NICE. Especially if you have a heel. Nothing worse than tottering along with too big luggage. Been there. Done that. Got the bad back.

3. Going to a three day affair normally means there’s going to be an evening do on the Friday night. Take another outfit. I wasn’t actually bothered that I didn’t have anything to get changed into as it meant I could just carry on drinking in the bar but it would have been nice to freshen up and pop on something a little warmer for the evening.

4. DEFINITELY take a different outfit for the morning of the wedding. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even thought about it! The wedding wasn’t until 3pm so I had to go down to breakfast in my Sunday outfit…and with bare feet! GUTTED!

5……take some more shoes! I had my ever faithful m&s wedges but to put on a heel to go down to breakfast was a little ott!

6. Always pop in a warm layer. Even though the forecast said sunshine and high temps I took my new favourite {see here} and was so grateful I did for 5am on the Sunday morning and for a weary train journey home where we had to stand.


Lessons  learnt for the day of the wedding coming tomorrow……

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June 2013



Lace and Legs

I was in a big dilemma.

A fashion dilemma which never bodes well with me. I like to know where I am and what’s occurin’ when it comes to special occasions. I have been known to plan an outfit up to a year in advanced. I can’t help it. I like to be organised.

Bobbi’s wedding is coming up this weekend. I’m doing a reading. I’m really bloated at the moment. Like REALLY. I had visions of black lace {see here} and had visions of reworking {stitching in a strapless bra to hold it up and taking out the sides to accommodate my expanding derriere} this little lace number I own below.


It’s 20’s inspired, is a nice length but low and behold does it hug and like to show off the bloat belly or what?? I wasn’t happy…I was making do and I didn’t want to be making DO! I wanted to be DO DO DOING in my wedding clobber!

Then I saw this on my beloved Ann Street Studio blog:



A poorly fitted, uncomfortable mediocre~outfit~for~this~occasion would not do. I wanted there to be swathes of gorgeous lace and I needed an injection of sex as opposed to bad digestion.

I went shopping.

I went 60’s…..




{vintage dress from black out}

The bow sleeves are going, much to Tim’s disagreement, and a big high heel is needed due to the large amount of leg that will be on show but I like it. I feel comfortable in it. There’s nothing restricting my waist {a common problem for me at wedding’s. See here} so I am happy to eat, drink and dance the day away…what else are wedding’s for?!

Headgear still to be sorted but I’m on the case… this space

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May 2013





May 2013



Man repelling shoes


I will not be wearing these shoes to Bobbi’s wedding. I’ve come to that conclusion this weekend.

Why not? I hear you think. Good question my Shoelets. Good freaking question. I’m not sure I am able to explain it. I love men {I’ve been writing about them over here this week} and I like to feel on a level playing field in every aspect when I’m socialising with them. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t wear a dress, I’m definitely going to be wearing a dress to the ceremony, but if I had a choice I would probably don El panto to hang out with them. It’s not that I don’t want to feel feminine around them, on the contrary, I love the differences between men and women, but for some reason I don’t want to be seen as girly. Do you get me?

Bobbi’s wedding is coming up at the beginning of June and it’s a weekend affair. On being told that on the Friday there was clay pigeon shooting for the men and a trip into town for some pampering for the girls I balked and spat out my dummy. I told Bobbi in no uncertain times {read: I demanded} that I would also be coming clay pigeon shooting and ~ having done it before in the Untied states of Awesome ~ once I work out which eye to close I am really good at it. All women are now invited to the clay pigeon shooting thanks to my demands.

As if the pressure of finding a wedding outfit wasn’t bad enough I now have to think about what to wear for shooting. What does one wear for such an occasion?  Ironically these shoes would be perfect. Their height {I’ll be nearer the pigeons}, great stability and no thin heels sinking into the grass. But these are Man repelling shoes and as much as I love them I know that I am going to be looked at like a fool by most of the men standing around holding fire arms.


Why should it matter? I’m gutted that I’m bothered but I am. I don’t want to be seen as a silly and frivolous and have the fact that I’m going to shoot just as many fake pigeons as they are overlooked because I’m going to totter up in ridiculous shoes. And let’s be honest….these shoes are frikkin’ massive, clowny, clompy and totally ridiculous. I’m not expecting to get laid in them {although that would be highly amusing} but I’d just like to not get judged on my huge shoes.

Am I pre~judging the judges?

Am I being foolish?

Can I wear tweed to go shooting in or is that too much when out of London and somewhere that might not know what an Urban outfitters is?


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April 2013



Inspire me


What with Bobbi’s wedding in 6 weeks time I am hunting for a dress that will be comfortable, stylish and in my new favourite fabric ~ Lace. I’m going to attempt to make a headdress of some sort but in the mean time I need to decide what type of dress I want……Can I wear black? Why am I asking? I’m gonna wear black. Sue me.


For my last adventures in lace wedding wear check out my tale here.

blk lace 2

{images via the tinterweb}

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February 2013




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