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September 2013



Faded fall fashion


For some reason these ancient ~ and by ancient I mean ohhhhh 15 years old! ~ heels always seem to make an appearance come the end of the summer. As I steer clear of the bright, bold and beautiful colours that make up my favourite season I head towards more autumnal colours and see my wardrobe with a different eye. A more muted palette appears, less skin is on show {much to my disappointment}, & perhaps a more fitted form arises as we head into the last few months of the year. I always have a back to school feeling come September. There is a renewed work ethic and a higher level of concentration {due to less sunbathing time}. It’s time to get down and get on with business!

I’m booking up fast for detoxes as it’s that time of year. If you need me to come help you blow away the cobwebs and unearth a new you then you know where I am:




{gifted wicker bag from zimbabwe, gifted men’s m&s shirt, hobbs pencil skirt, ancient heels from cyprus {see also here}


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July 2012



Alternative tie

This has been one of my favourite outfits I’ve worn for ages!

{gifted m&s men’s shirt and diamante brooch, orla kiley culottes, beau coops booties}

I think it’s because of my alternative tie as I called it {see here} and my ever faithful, totally versatile, oversized shirt.  I simply saw them in a different light – See the many other lights I have danced in with shirt fantstico here.

Legs – a lot of legs! –  were out which means????

Everything else needs to be covered.  I hope I have taught you well my Shoelets and you worked that out on your own?  If not fear not.  Help is at hand in the form of a Wardrobe Detox.

You know where to find me.

No!….Not there! The other place.

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December 2011



The culmination of my inspiration

Like I said yesterday I was so inspired by Ms. Lau’s outfits {see here} that I had a layering session of my own and came up with a comfortable and quirky outfit that I loved wearing.

{vintage rokit coat, self designed scarf, american apparel cardi, gifted antique brooch, m&s brown shirt, h&m green shirt, orla kiely belt, gifted tights, anthropoligie boots, vintage skirt and bag}

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October 2011




As I said before I am in total pants mode at the moment and I am still there! I don’t know why I am STILL resisting Le tight but I am and it means I’m getting loads of  wear out of all my, normally ignored, trews.  Throughout last week I was posting, over on faceshizal,  little snippets of the looks I felt like I was channeling – Puerto Rican prisoner, Ranch handler from Nashville Tennesse….that sort of thing….you know the norm.

With this look I felt like I was channeling Picasso…You feel me?  I felt like a painter in France in the early 19th century! 

Wasist pulled in with a belt and buttoned up to the neck.

The surrealist movement within art aside aside I managed to find ANOTHER way to wear this shirt that is both flattering and comfortable.  The others being here: 

Open neck and cinched in with a belt.

and here:

Open neck, rolled up sleeves, tucked in.

Talk about a versatile piece of clothing! I think I have at least another couple of ways to wear it to come as well! I need to find myself more clothes like this…

{chazzer shazzer coat, gifted scarf, m&s sunnies, shirt and shoes, gap socks, vintage belt, reworked sara berman cords}

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October 2011



Rolling, rolling, rolling…

{m&s shirt, vintage sequinned belt and pants, hobbs wedges}

Knowing your good points is all part of dressing well. Whether you’ve got a cracking pair of legs, a high tight ass or a fabulous rack, drawing attention to those samokin parts of your body is what will draw our eye away from where you don’t want us to look. 

My best feature is my waist.  It’s always in…GET IT IN!! {see here, here and here} and more often than not I will tuck all my t-shirts, blouses and shirts into my skirts and pants. {american style pants not my nix…}

Sometimes though, a simple tucking in just doesn’t work and I need to think of other ways to way my clothes.  I wasn’t feeling my best when getting ready for the work the other morning.  However I needed to have an outfit that looked good enough for work but was also comfortable enough to keep me going for the next 12 hours….

 {look at my tiny hand!}

This shirt is a men’s one from M&S that my old flatmate bought for fancy dress at her work….Mary Poppins theme, I think she went as a chimney sweep! I thought about customising it for such a long time – taking it in, chopping it up – but am so glad that I kept it as is as it’s made it so versatile.  Cinching the shirt in with a sequinned belt, showing that decollatage and rolling up the sleeves makes all the difference….

Rolling the bottom of my pants up too shows off other small parts of my body – ankles and wrists.  A small trick but it works my darlings, for the majority of us…get rolling and see the difference.

Adding a heel, tops the look off….

A comfortable oufit that still looks stylish…With the leopard print wedges and my colour blocking khaki clothing I felt like a dressed up safari guide in Africa…that and I called myself Indianna Donovan….

{searching for impala}


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September 2011



Happy in my Hawaiian

Ohhhhh…I do seem to be having a hawaiian moment!  Well, I mean I have on a hawaiian skirt here and I wore a hawaiian dress here so if that’s a moment then so be it!

I am a very lucky gal in this world becasue, as I have mentioned quite a few times, I happen to know the beautiful Ms. Kaspia Calpso.  If you are not familliar with her fabulousness then I strongly urge you to check out my post  about her here and her travel scribbles here.  For her honeymoon her, and her petite famille, jetted off to Hawaii for a month and I was very privelleged to recieve a package in the post all the way from far across the waters housing this amazing skirt.

It came in it’s own cotton bag! How cool is that?  I hung it on my wardrobe door though and all summer long it’s been looking at me saying

‘I need to be worn Mother F***er!!!’

WHOA THERE HAWAIIAN!!!  Language…She’s so rude!  But she gets away with it because she’s so bootiful!!  Wouldn’t you agree?

{m&s shirt, sunnies and shoes, gifted skirt from hawaii}

What with it being late September I couldn’t go balls out summer summer with her ass so teamed her with an oversized autumnal shirt, a closed toe shoe and a bad ass arm party…Eh Voila!! Me be very happy in my hawaiian.

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