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November 2013



Warm bodies


Ok. I’ll admit it. There is one thing that I like about winter…mmmm maybe two. The first is joomps.

A good joomp can go a long way. Remember here when I told you I’d found my comfy chic? Well a lot of that has to do with my top half. Having a lower body that is certainly not lacking in body fat but a top half that will often resemble a sparrow I always feel the cold and can’t stand a whipping wind  finding it’s way down my top and chilling my bones. I want a joomp that covers all bases and keeps me waarrrrrrm.

Having had a love affair with cashmere for a while now I would highly recommend it but I do hear what you’re saying my Shoelets. I do. I hear the same thing every time I head to a wardrobe detox. Yes, they can bobble and yes, caring for a delicate piece of knitwear is time consuming and frustrating. But….fear not I have advice.

Head on over HERE and take a peak at what I was harping on about many moons ago…Sage advice my friends. Sage advice.

Oh, and the second thing I like about Christmas is stollen….niiiiccceeeee….


{j crew joomp {last seen here}, club monaco trews, beau coup booties, vintage bag, m& s sunnies}  


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November 2013



The crew is coming


As is well documented HERE, I have a deep seated, but relatively new, pure lusty, dirty love for the brand J Crew. In my mind if I could dress like a J crew girl every day I would be happy. There’s something about the mixology, the colours, the opposites attracting that ~ to me ~ just make each outfit look so god damn cool! I envy all those American lass’ who can {as I did last year} simply pop into a J crew boutique and get a proper look and feel and try on of their latest collections. It always makes such a difference. Looking on t’internet sometimes just doesn’t cut the mustard…..

WELL….We have waited patiently, My Shoelets, and we are finally being rewarded because J crew is COMING TO LONDON TOMORROW!!!!!!

Yes. Friday 8th November at 10am the doors to J Crew’s Regent street store are opening to us Brits and we get to BUY WITHOUT SHIPPING COSTS! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

j crew 2013

It’s not going to be cheap, I can tell you that now, but it will be worth the investment and I strongly suggest you all head on over to the new flagship store and take a gander. Take in that gorgeous cashmere,  try on their all too cool for school high heeled pumps and be inspired by their styling and sheer sexiness.

Maybe I’ll see you there…or on here showcasing a few new gems.

Ps. This post is in no way endorsed by J crew but I bloody wish it were!

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March 2013



New Look {not the shop}

DSC01805Oh HALLO! I’m back!

RSNK has had a little makeover, a little sprucing and a tiny bit of tweaking and I hope you like our new look? Yes, I’m back BUT it’s still freezing?! What is going on? Well as I said over on my FB page I am tired of complaining about the weather and am going to simply get on with things. I invested in some more thermals {you know I love a thermal} this time from Uniqlo. I plumped for a pair of long johns and long sleeved heat tech combopopped on the last of my J crew goodies that I picked up in NYC & snuggled into The Gorilla. 


{vintage coat, lulu guiness bag, j crew cashmere joomp, sara berman skirt {part of a suit}, tights, gifted hudson booties}



Winter blues? They ain’t got nothing on me! Hope you’re keeping WARRRRRRMMMM!

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February 2013



Tartan army


When this plaid party from Michael Kors came down the runway for AW 12/13 {in laymans terms for Christmas just gone and the first half of 2013} I knew I was in love. Especially with the outfit on the left. A wool dress, hardcore wool boots and a tartan coat? HELL YEAH!!!! You had me at tart. This sartorial love of tartan seems to be carrying on and what is walking itself down the runway’s in Nemo’s NYFW this weekend is more tartan. It’s here to stay and I am ready….

{timo weiland aw13}

{victoria beckham aw13}

Welll…I say I’m ready. I have two tartan kilts which I love but I always seem to struggle with. My first kilt I found in a bargain bin on the streets of NYC and was $1. Yes, one frikkin’ dollar! The second is one of my favourite ‘clothes’ stories ~of which I have many!! I was on holiday visiting the fabulous Ms. Kass in Sydney and had a dream one night about wearing a long, to the floor, length tartan skirt. A Vivienne Westwoodesque style kilt. I told KiKi about my dream {yawn! Oh what a bore!} but knew I would never find one. When you have such a precise idea in your head of an outfit it very often ends in disappointment. Well, freaky Mccreaky things happened and as we stepped into a second hand market there, before my very fuzzy eyes, was not one but two floor length tartan skirts! I couldn’t believe it! I nabbed the one that looked least like a school skirt and headed back across the waters clutching my precious wares.

Unfortunately I struggled with it’s length {as I did with this long skirt} so after a few years chopped her up and made her my favourite length ~ just below the knee ~ I don’t like to disappoint my calves too much. As shit luck would have it I struggled with my kiltage STILL! What was I doing wrong? The problem is they can’t be worn with knits, cream silk blouses, lace up shoes, wooly joomps, shirts and cardiganos ~ ERRRRRRRR…Hallo my wardrobe!? ~ due to you ending up looking like a Hettie McDougal from Glanfirshire who is a guide leader and crochets a lot. What’s a girl to do?

Fast forward to Spain of 2012 when I popped to Europe for my birthday and I found the below picture in a Spanish magazine that I was flicking through for picture use only:

Something clicked into place as I clocked what this cutie Patootie was doing ~ heels and denim. I heard her loud and clear and while I couldn’t do the heels last week I went for a double denim layer and finally felt like I’d grabbed my tartan skirt by her balls and showed her who’s boss!

{d.i.m.d.i denim waistcoat & vintage skirt, j crew denim shirt, monsoon tee, tabio tights, beau coops booties}

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December 2012





November 2012



Jeffery and the flannel shirt

Technically Jeffery and I should not be friends.

This summer gone he decided to eat my favourite black m&s wedges and a few stern words were said I can tell you that.  Time apart and having super silky hair {him not me} have mellowed me and we are now friends again.

Along with this showcasing of Jeffery comes the first outing of my penultimate J Crew/NYC/Sandy per-chase.  My new favourite checked shirt. She is a winner and will be worn A LOT.  She’s a lovely soft flannel, is classic in her colours and will go with so many outfits. I can’t wait to get her out more, in fact, I have her pencilled in for a party along with high waisted wool trousers and leopard print heels…

{orla kiely coat, gifted pink jacket & spotty vest, j crew checked shirt, vintage skirt {part of a suit}, tights, folk brogues} 

Action shot…we’re so agile together…

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November 2012



Only if Ryan’s asking…

Noo bag. Noo {ish} boots and….

Noo J crew shirt!

I’d really like to say that this is it’s first outing but at this point I had actually worn the shirt for three days in a row {evening, day, hangover} and when Sandy was keeping us hostage in the US of A it was a welcome clean piece of clothing that I wore again for three days in a row.

{vintage coat per-chased here, new vintage bag here, gifted hudson boots from tim, j crew denim shirt, orla kiely skirt, tights}

As Sister With Massive Laugh reminded me I did once own a denim shirt my Uncle gave to me that had been his in the 70’s. I wore that thing until it was so threadbare that I think it ended up being a duster.  Well, since I’ve got my new mother of pearl poppered, perfectly fitting, thick denim shirt I didn’t realise how much I missed it and just how useful it is! Having worn it as double denim on Friday night and then in a similar incarnation on Saturday {casual with the denim, smart with the tailored bottom} I would recommend every one getting one.  I never like to say there are certain items that you should have in your wardrobe: One should always own a pair of black trousers, two t~shirts, one LBD… Oh please! BUT if my arm were twisted and Ryan Gosling with no top on was asking then I’d say a denim shirt should defo be in the mix.

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November 2012



Cashmere comfort {#1}

This may look like an outfit post showcasing a) the largeness of my mane and/or b) How much orange is too much orange? but sadly those things will not be touched upon because they are things that simply need to be accepted as big/NEVER ENOUGH.  No, I am, of course!, showcasing my first new per~chase from J crew! Yippeeeee!

Yesterday saw the modelling of Dream colour block elbow sweater {I have not made that title up I promise you} that I own in Grey/Orange as well as Oatmeal/Aubergine:

I decided against pairing with a sequin skirt ~ for now, that is so going to happen soon! ~ and opted for a comfy combo of gifted jeans and new booties. I loved it. First nothing beats the feel of cashmere and secondly the small details of the buttons on the collar and the elbow patches make me very happy.Comfy, stylish and most importantly at the moment warm.

Winner, winner, J Crew’s a chicken dinner!

 {orla kiely coat, j crew sweater, ancient ms. selfridge shirt, gifted topshop jeans, beau coops beauties, vintage handbag}

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November 2012



A new crew

Hurricane Sandy may have kept me across the pond for a little while longer than expected {all fine and safe thanks kids!} but a small amount of goodness came out of my extended stay.

I discovered my winter style.

Ever since I had to, extremely reluctantly, pack away my enormous and widely unused array of summer greatness I took out all my {felt like 4} winter pieces.  I didn’t like any of them. All my clothes felt old and tired and just not me anymore.  I was basically in need of  a Wardrobe Detox from someone but seeing as I’m the only person I know who does them I was stuck.  I painstakingly packed up a few items for NYC and then had to wear all 4 outfits for a week! We were hand washing nix in the sink & turning tops inside out.  I’ve never given up on fashion so wholeheartedly and not been bothered about it.

Then I discovered J Crew.

Oh be still my beating heart.  I fell head over heels in love with the place.  I basically found a shop that housed everything I wanted to buy and everything I want to wear this winter.

I’d read about the shop before, seen blog posts about the new collection coming & popped in last time I was in the States but nothing caught my eye.  This time my eye was caught and I was a goner ~ hook, line & credit card sinker.  It is the perfect mix of masculine & feminine of classic & quirky.  There is bright colour everywhere but it’s not outrageous & a leopard print accessory is a staple.  NEED I SAY MORE!  The term ‘preppy’ was always banded around in association with the brand but as a non American I don’t think I fully understand what the word actually means!?

All I know is that opposites attract, it’s what I constantly tell my customers & now J crew has simply brought it home even more for me.

Yes! I do want to wear my sequined pencil skirt with a chunky knit.  

Yes! I will wear my new M&S tapered navy trews with a silk blouse & my new reworked military jacket.

Heels & cropped trews = WINNER!

Stripes, animal print & brocade ~ You had me at J.  

I’m heading upstairs right now {actually once the useless builders sorting out my bathroom have gone} & getting rid of a lot of my current clothes.  It’s not going to be pretty but a serious cull needs to happen so that I can step into winter looking & feeling like me….& not me 2 years ago.

I went into J crew 3 times ~ I’ll share my goodies with you bit by bit ~ and when googling them back in the UK I found their website with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND RETURNS!!!!! Oh I can’t believe it!  Dangerous times ahead.  But dangerous with J Crew simply feels exciting…..a bit like hanging of Daniel Craig’s arm whilst parachuting down the side of the Empire state building. Know what I mean?

It’s good to be back my Shoelets…I hope you’re all looking fabulous, sexy, stylish & awes-balls.  What am I talking about…..I know you are.

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