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November 2013



Kilt krazy


Plaid ass.

That’s what I’ve named this picture. Plaid ass & plaid pits.


{grandma wyn’s burberry trench, j crew denim shirt, vintage kilt from nyc, officine creative boots, orla kiely bag}


I don’t know whether it was the kilt, the denim or the NEW {WOWZERSSSS!!!} Officine Creative boots, that I spurgled out on and per~chased from Poste Mistress, but something made me a little cray here. I loved this outfit so much. It was comfortable, warm and felt exciting…does that make sense? I felt like me but with an edge. Interstingly it is an oufit that is pretty much made up entirely of classic staples ~ killer boots, plaid print & denim. I walked all over London in my costume de jour meeting friends, running errands, heading to work and feeling fab ~ there’s not much more to ask for from an outfit.



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October 2013



Tartan army {part two}


Remember this?

Well, as I unearthed my kilts the other day and wondered when I would be able to wear them, what with this warm October, I realised I would finally be able to fulfill a life long dream sartorial dream. A kilt with bare legs. Doesn’t it just make sense though? Opposites attract & all that shaboozle!!! To avoid my kilts being old & fusty & dated I teamed her with an, albeit very pale now, bare leg, a heel & a denim jacket. BOOM! I’m FINALLY getting to grips with this kilt lark.


{d.i.m.d.i denim jacket, ms selfridge shirt, vintage kilt, kg heels, orla kiely bag, m&s sunnies}


How do you all feel about the kilt? 

Too much? Too traditional? Too trendy?

DO let me know ~ please feel free to post on RSNK’s FB ~  if you find others wearing kilts and killing it.

Always want to be inspired.


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September 2013



Falling forward

As New York fashion week kicks off the crazy domino effect of fashion weeks around the world I can’t help but not be interested. I mean of course I want to know what everyone’s wearing to & from the shows ~ you know I love a good people watch! ~ but with regards to seeing what we’re all going to be seeing in the shops & on the streets come Spring 2014? Meh….I ain’t so bothered.

I can literally pinpoint Autumns arrival to last Friday. There was a chill in the air come 6pm and for the first time in ages I had to put a scarf in my bag for ‘later’. Why I’ve put my later in inverted commas I’ve no idea but what I meant was that those shoulders and sweet decollatage could not have been bare and bracing themselves against the cool winds of September come 11pm ~ Later. It’s cardi in the house time, socks on in the evening and perhaps a transitional coat or two time.

I’m sad. I’m always sad when summer leaves us and heads of somewhere else to have fun and flanter but I’m slowly but surely coming round to thinking about my autumn winter wardrobe. THERE! I’ve said it. I’m on the turn. If you can remember back to earlier in the year when we were bombarded with Autumn/Winter 13/14 images of what the catwalk produced then lucky you. If not here be a list of favourites that I shall be championing this coming season:

~ Think pink ~ 

pink coat

The pink coat is THE coat for this season. It’ll be thrown in our faces like a big pink blancmange and come February we’ll be sick of the sight of them. For now though I am embracing the trend as I am already the proud owner of a beautiful angel delight coloured winter pinky coat from NYC

pink coat1

~ Plus size ~

If you are going to go for rose hued outer garment then make sure it ~ and all your other coats {you know how I feel about coats} ~ are oversized. You want them to swamp you so much that should another person need to get in there with you, you can accomadate.


Again, I have already been channeling the ‘could be wearing your plus 6’4″ boyfriends coat’ look and love it. You can wear anything underneath and still get your coat over the top of it! Just make sure that your pins poking out the bottom are sleek ~tights, fitted trews ~ and your hair is up, scraped, under a fitted hat to avoid the Hagrid look.


~ Kilt crazy ~ 

Sometimes I am just too ahead of the game and often looked at like I’m all out of wack {this happens quite often} but then certain trends catch up with my trailblazing ass and I am suddenly seen as forward thinking and innovative {yeah this doesn’t happen that often} I am of course talking about tartan and THE KILT that will {like the blancmange coat} be so saturated by next spring no one will want to see one for love nor money. If you can wear the print without looking too try hard DO IT. If it’s out of character and would simply look odd on you ~ STEER CLEAR.


I’ve started a Tartan Army album over on RSNK’s FB page where I shall be hopefully adding more inspiration this winter.

~Sweater suit~

You know I LOVE a skirt suit and I couldn’t be happier that the evolution of the skirt suit has morphed into something that I want to wear EVERY SINGLE DAY! Essentially it’s just a joomp and a skirt put together so not really the most forward thinking of trends and I’m sure everyone’s been ahead of this game at some point in their lives but still. I’m in love. Same prints/patterns/colours are a defo must and above all this is going to be a trend that will be so comfy I will have no trouble daytime napping in it. heading from day into night with it.


joomp 2

~ MaN uP~

Is it bad that I feel like I want to dress like Louis from One Direction at the moment?


For those of you unfamiliar with this wee whippersnappers who are taking over the world ~ Louis’ the one in the middle and I would have absolutely no qualms in wearing his entire outfit. Having been a tomboy until the age of 25 I often hark back to my masculine days of jeans, trainers and short hair. I then dismiss those thoughts and remember that I’m not at University in the 90’s anymore. But on occasion I so wish my WO~man hips were a little slimmer and the legs a little longer so that I could look like a member of a boyband.

It’s going to be a masculine winter and I am looking forward to the challenge ~ as I’ve done before ~ of making m a little more fem.




{all images via the web}

SO it’s now over to you my Shoelets ~

I’ve told you what I’ll be wearing for the shorter days and the colder nights?

What trends are you getting excited about and which ones are you leaving at the door? 

Who’s going for the punk look?

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February 2013



Tartan army


When this plaid party from Michael Kors came down the runway for AW 12/13 {in laymans terms for Christmas just gone and the first half of 2013} I knew I was in love. Especially with the outfit on the left. A wool dress, hardcore wool boots and a tartan coat? HELL YEAH!!!! You had me at tart. This sartorial love of tartan seems to be carrying on and what is walking itself down the runway’s in Nemo’s NYFW this weekend is more tartan. It’s here to stay and I am ready….

{timo weiland aw13}

{victoria beckham aw13}

Welll…I say I’m ready. I have two tartan kilts which I love but I always seem to struggle with. My first kilt I found in a bargain bin on the streets of NYC and was $1. Yes, one frikkin’ dollar! The second is one of my favourite ‘clothes’ stories ~of which I have many!! I was on holiday visiting the fabulous Ms. Kass in Sydney and had a dream one night about wearing a long, to the floor, length tartan skirt. A Vivienne Westwoodesque style kilt. I told KiKi about my dream {yawn! Oh what a bore!} but knew I would never find one. When you have such a precise idea in your head of an outfit it very often ends in disappointment. Well, freaky Mccreaky things happened and as we stepped into a second hand market there, before my very fuzzy eyes, was not one but two floor length tartan skirts! I couldn’t believe it! I nabbed the one that looked least like a school skirt and headed back across the waters clutching my precious wares.

Unfortunately I struggled with it’s length {as I did with this long skirt} so after a few years chopped her up and made her my favourite length ~ just below the knee ~ I don’t like to disappoint my calves too much. As shit luck would have it I struggled with my kiltage STILL! What was I doing wrong? The problem is they can’t be worn with knits, cream silk blouses, lace up shoes, wooly joomps, shirts and cardiganos ~ ERRRRRRRR…Hallo my wardrobe!? ~ due to you ending up looking like a Hettie McDougal from Glanfirshire who is a guide leader and crochets a lot. What’s a girl to do?

Fast forward to Spain of 2012 when I popped to Europe for my birthday and I found the below picture in a Spanish magazine that I was flicking through for picture use only:

Something clicked into place as I clocked what this cutie Patootie was doing ~ heels and denim. I heard her loud and clear and while I couldn’t do the heels last week I went for a double denim layer and finally felt like I’d grabbed my tartan skirt by her balls and showed her who’s boss!

{d.i.m.d.i denim waistcoat & vintage skirt, j crew denim shirt, monsoon tee, tabio tights, beau coops booties}

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