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October 2019



Change needs to come

                                                                                                                      {Stylist magazine fashion feature. Oct 2019}

As a month of fashion weeks came to an end, at the beginning of October, for the first time in a long time I felt a little empty. I have always enjoyed New York, London, Milan and Paris’ extravagant showcasing of the future fashion trends. Much enjoyment is derived from working out what I’ll adopt into my wardrobe for the following season. I especially love seeing the street style peacocking of show goers entering the spotlight.

This year, however, it felt like no one involved got the memo. The memo that was sent out, quite some time ago now, was that the fashion industry is ‘pretty bad’ for the environment. So bad in fact it’s up there with cows….and we all know how unpopular cows are at the moment. Watching the relentless stream of catwalk shows, come directly into my phone, felt ignorant. Ignorant to the fact that everyone else appears to be on board with the problems facing the environment except the fashion industry. We’ve all been on board for some time now. The messages came through loud and clear and we’re all attempting to do our bit.

We’re VERY aware plastic straws are now a big no no. Viral footage has shown they’re going to end up the nostrils of a poor turtle.

We’re also aware of how we must recycle, cut down on single use plastic, reduce our air travel, put more plants in our bedrooms {very on trend at the moment}. We, the average Joes and Joannas of the world, know the lasting damage of our carbon footprints. Why doesn’t the fashion industry? Why are we still rolling out the red carpet, multiple times a year, for a month long party of 5-7 minute shows? Firstly the production involved in these shows alone cost an insane amount of money. But most importantly the continuation of supplying these clothes to the public ‘contribute to 10% of the global greenhouse gasses due to it’s long supply chains and energy intensive production’

According to the UN climate change organisation the fashion industry consumes more energy than the aviation and shipping industry combined. I mean that’s hardcore. That would give me nightmares. In the case of former Suno designer, Erin Beatty, it did ~

In 2016, everything changed. I was out of a job, 8 months pregnant with my second child, and deeply concerned for my country’s future. Something had shifted and I no longer believed in the way I knew how to work: designing, making and selling clothes. I knew there had to be a better way. Rentrayage {her new upcycling clothing label} is my effort to create something new, without the waste and heavy footprint that haunts me.

While a handful are attempting to change their ways ~ becoming more sustainable, promoting buying less and of a better quality ~ the majority seem to still be turning a blind eye to the memo. The blindness appeared especially prevalent on Monday 23rd September. As Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna sent their brand clad models down the catwalk Greta Thunberg gave her emotional speech at the UN climate change summit. Regardless of what you think about her speech {anyone want to discuss?} the message was loud and clear. ‘Time is running out. Pull your fingers out and stop spouting empty promises.’ Words to that effect.

CEO of luxury monolith LVMH, Bernard Arnault’s, response to Thunberg’s speech was disappointing. He said she was “indulging in an absolute catastrophism about the evolution of the world.” He also added “If we don’t want to go backwards, we still need growth.” An inevitable response coming from the second richest man in the world.

Does change ever come from the top though? Looking to those who have the furtherest to fall, for the drastic change we so desperately need, is like looking to the British Government to make a decision. {BURN!} The loudest voices over the past few years have come from the ground up. From the everyday people shouting passionately above everyone else. They’ve come from one girl who was shot in the head. One girl who survived when her classmates were gunned down. And one girl who decided to strike from school. From these young people large movements towards better education, freedom of speech, gun control laws and environmental activism have arisen.

In the early teens {Do we call 2010-2013 that yet?} the way the public consumed fashion week started to change. Much to the utter annoyance of the more established members of the fashion industry bloggers were beginning to take up the front rows of the catwalk shows. They would photograph every part of the show then run home and upload a blog post to thousands of their followers. No longer was there a days wait to find out what the upcoming trends were going to be. As technology advanced these bloggers and social media stars would live stream the shows to their now millions of followers. The mainstream media was being cut out of the equation and we had all the information we needed immediately.

If a bunch of self taught writers and photographers can so drastically change the way we consume an industry maybe we need to look to them? To start at the bottom when attempting to change the damage we’re so rapidly doing to our environment? Or maybe we can start here. With a monthly newsletter that’s sent out to 60 people…

Let’s take our inspiration from the catwalks and then go source what we want in a less harmful way. We need to buy less. That’s a given. Let’s ask ourselves whether we really need an item. Then, if it is a necessity, can it be borrowed, bought second hand or upcycled? Is the cheapest option available to us the best option? The environment is one issue being discussed here. Slave labour and human rights also need to come into play when thinking about buying fast fashion. Let’s start investing in quality over quantity and let’s carry on the conversation with a friend. We can be the change we want to see in the world.

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September 2018



Same old, Same Old

{Top L-R ~ Walk of shame Moscow, Rennes, JacquesMus, Caron Callahan. Bottom L-R ~ Simone Rocha, Caron Carahan, Rejina Pyo, Rachel Comey}

I recently executed an enormous Instagram cull and un followed about 400 people.

Big news I know but this needs to be discussed.  Like the majority of the world I found I was spending far too much time on my phone and it needed to stop. Mainly to regain the hours I lost and redirect them to watching TV instead but also because I didn’t want a really big thumb. I hear that’s a thing and I don’t need a big thumb as well as big ears.

What I came to realise is that what I was actually looking at, as I scrolled through hundreds of strangers images for hours on end, was essentially a variation of the same thing.  I obviously chose to follow similar brands as I have a certain style I like, right? Sure, That part I’m fine with. That’s simply personal taste. I like looking at houses full of plants and beautiful clothing that doesn’t look out of place on the set of Godless. I also like Streetstyle,bloggers I used to follow back in the naughties and Celine Dion {follow her and you’ll see why} The trouble is that following just one of these brands/people/pages is great to look at every once in a while. When you start to follow three or four of a similar ilk they all start to blend into one. They all seem to be influenced by each other and all seem, to me anyway, to just be posting the same thing.

Well, I’m over it. I need to see something new and something unique. I’m so bored of the monotony of these pages and their ‘same old same old’ images. I’m bored of straw hats, velvet hair ribbons, muted pastels and billowing white, cotton dresses. Of high waisted, wide legged pants and millenial pink walls. Of clay pottery, images of the ocean and gingham ruffles. Of pretty much my entire feed going to the ballet in Copenhagen all invited by and wearing the fashion brand Ganni. Don’t get me wrong I love these things. I really do but when I see them over and over again on page after page I think ‘Who started this and who’s copying who?’ ‘Why are we all posting the same thing?’ ‘Can we not think of something else?’ I understand that this life and fashion style is on trend with some people ~ Cotton workwear, white denim, black and white gingham, low heeled mules, oversized dresses, lilac, ruffles…. and if you follow Rejina PyoRennesRachel ComeySimone RochaWalk of shame MoscowCaron Callahan you’ll see all these images simply blurred into one.  But…but…How many times do I really NEED TO SEE THE SAME IMAGES!

I have followed the humerus fashion blog Manrepeller ever since it launched, back in 2010. It was started by Leandra Medine, a journalist major who, along with a team of writers, delivers good quality journalism on predominantly fashion based subjects. I like to read the debates some pieces provoke, in the comments sections, and often enjoy waying in with my say. My latest comment however made me extremely aware of my disdain for a life spent online….which, at it’s core, means that at 39 I’m just not getting it.

Leandra wrote a piece entitled ‘How to get more Instagram likes: A theory‘ Displeased with my intrigue I clicked on it and read an article about posting selfies, which gained more likes, as opposed to posting professional pictures, which didn’t. My reply to this useless piece of information came mid my aforementioned Instagram following cull and was as follows ~

Red shoes No knickers  7 days ago

For me I’d already seen and liked the first photo in my feed so when pretty much the same image comes up I didn’t need to like it again. It wasn’t a case of one looked better than the other it’s a case of what are we actually clicking and liking pictures for? For the sake of it or because we genuinely like it? Why would you need to do that twice?

It got six likes which was interesting but it also got the following comment ~

M Rae Red shoes No knickers  7 days ago

but this brings up an interesting point about the individual like-algorithms we all house in our own heads regarding what/why we are communicating via likes…is it purely selfish (i want more of this in my feed from the content creator and similar content on my discover page) or is it support (ill like anything leandra (sic) or MR post because i want her and the brand to grow forever and ever) or is it social (i want my followers to be able to see i already liked these) etc etc….

I agree with the majority of M Rae’s statement about algorithms and why are we communicating via likes but reading ‘I’ll like anything Leandra or MR post because I want her and the brand to grow forever and ever‘ prompted me to cull even more from my Instagram page. Liking images and content that people post just for the sake of it surely isn’t helping the brand evolve? How will that brand or person learn what works and what doesn’t? If everyone is clicking like after like on the same variations of the same big sleeved white dress simply because they want the brand to succeed how will that brand know if the work they’re producing is actually good/thoughtful/sellable? Also, if you’ve seen similar images elsewhere are you still enjoying looking at it or are needing a different visual stimulation?

For me it all boils down to the following questions…other than the four questions I just posted above. What can I say, I’m confused and I need some answers. Is the problem the people/brands I’m following? Is it what they’re posting? Or how often they’re posting? Or is the real problem how often I’m looking at Instagram?

I think I know the answer and it’s the same as what it is for everything at this moment in time. It’s to put my phone down and lift my gaze. To Engage, Listen, Dream and Think. I’m tired of looking at the same old things….I’m on the hunt for something new.

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October 2013



What are you saying?


On Friday I had a very interesting conversation with a male customer about the clothes we choose to wear and how they represent us. It got me thinking about a piece I had written recently about Miley Cyrus and her considerable lack of clothes {see HERE} and asked myself the question:

What do your clothes say about you?

We are a race that doesn’t walk around naked and so what we wear is a reflection of who we are or who we want to be. Obviously when you get to know somebody better you might realise that that isn’t always the case but on the surface and with the small amount of interaction we have with certain people on a daily basis it is. I work part time in a jewellery shop and when customers are coming in to buy £1000 rings then I like to portray an image of someone who respects that and knows what they’re talking about. The customer doesn’t know me but I can imagine would feel better handing over their hard earned cash to someone who looks smart and presentable as opposed to someone who looks like they’ve just thrown on what’s nearby and hasn’t washed their clothes in a while. Going to work, Job interviews, Meeting in~laws, Birthday parties, Heading off on a date ~ everyday situations need us to think about what we’re wearing and what we’re saying about ourselves.

Rhianna’s new video for her latest single came out this week and between her and Miley I think they could probably just about stitch an outfit together. A small outfit. What is this saying about them and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, as people in the public eye, what is this saying to their fans and the young girls who look up to them?

You KNOW I love to flash a bit of flesh in the summer ~ Skin on show is often  infectious and can be sexy and liberating. Ass out, tits out, legs out and beaver out ain’t so sexy. Am I being prudish? Have I reached an age where I need to cover up more? NO. I don’t think so, I just think that we need to choose our exposure of skin and our lack of clothing wisely. Think about who we’re affecting  when we dress provocatively and what we’re saying about ourselves. Unfortunately what I believe RiRi and Miley are saying about themselves is nothing positive. If you want to have your art taken seriously then dress to impress and highlight your work ~ don’t take all your clothes off so that’s all we end up talking about. Like wise ~ If you want a promotion/new job/lover/mortgage start dressing like you already own those things. Rise to the occasion, dress to impress with the emphasis heavily on the dress part instead of undress.

I believe you should respect your body, protect it from being taken for granted,look after it and clothe it in a way that reflects who you are and what you want to say about yourself. I hope that what you want to say will be the same as what I try and say which is ~

I am an independent, strong woman who has a brain, a personality, rights and choices.

I am woman. Hear me ROAR….

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September 2013



Falling forward

As New York fashion week kicks off the crazy domino effect of fashion weeks around the world I can’t help but not be interested. I mean of course I want to know what everyone’s wearing to & from the shows ~ you know I love a good people watch! ~ but with regards to seeing what we’re all going to be seeing in the shops & on the streets come Spring 2014? Meh….I ain’t so bothered.

I can literally pinpoint Autumns arrival to last Friday. There was a chill in the air come 6pm and for the first time in ages I had to put a scarf in my bag for ‘later’. Why I’ve put my later in inverted commas I’ve no idea but what I meant was that those shoulders and sweet decollatage could not have been bare and bracing themselves against the cool winds of September come 11pm ~ Later. It’s cardi in the house time, socks on in the evening and perhaps a transitional coat or two time.

I’m sad. I’m always sad when summer leaves us and heads of somewhere else to have fun and flanter but I’m slowly but surely coming round to thinking about my autumn winter wardrobe. THERE! I’ve said it. I’m on the turn. If you can remember back to earlier in the year when we were bombarded with Autumn/Winter 13/14 images of what the catwalk produced then lucky you. If not here be a list of favourites that I shall be championing this coming season:

~ Think pink ~ 

pink coat

The pink coat is THE coat for this season. It’ll be thrown in our faces like a big pink blancmange and come February we’ll be sick of the sight of them. For now though I am embracing the trend as I am already the proud owner of a beautiful angel delight coloured winter pinky coat from NYC

pink coat1

~ Plus size ~

If you are going to go for rose hued outer garment then make sure it ~ and all your other coats {you know how I feel about coats} ~ are oversized. You want them to swamp you so much that should another person need to get in there with you, you can accomadate.


Again, I have already been channeling the ‘could be wearing your plus 6’4″ boyfriends coat’ look and love it. You can wear anything underneath and still get your coat over the top of it! Just make sure that your pins poking out the bottom are sleek ~tights, fitted trews ~ and your hair is up, scraped, under a fitted hat to avoid the Hagrid look.


~ Kilt crazy ~ 

Sometimes I am just too ahead of the game and often looked at like I’m all out of wack {this happens quite often} but then certain trends catch up with my trailblazing ass and I am suddenly seen as forward thinking and innovative {yeah this doesn’t happen that often} I am of course talking about tartan and THE KILT that will {like the blancmange coat} be so saturated by next spring no one will want to see one for love nor money. If you can wear the print without looking too try hard DO IT. If it’s out of character and would simply look odd on you ~ STEER CLEAR.


I’ve started a Tartan Army album over on RSNK’s FB page where I shall be hopefully adding more inspiration this winter.

~Sweater suit~

You know I LOVE a skirt suit and I couldn’t be happier that the evolution of the skirt suit has morphed into something that I want to wear EVERY SINGLE DAY! Essentially it’s just a joomp and a skirt put together so not really the most forward thinking of trends and I’m sure everyone’s been ahead of this game at some point in their lives but still. I’m in love. Same prints/patterns/colours are a defo must and above all this is going to be a trend that will be so comfy I will have no trouble daytime napping in it. heading from day into night with it.


joomp 2

~ MaN uP~

Is it bad that I feel like I want to dress like Louis from One Direction at the moment?


For those of you unfamiliar with this wee whippersnappers who are taking over the world ~ Louis’ the one in the middle and I would have absolutely no qualms in wearing his entire outfit. Having been a tomboy until the age of 25 I often hark back to my masculine days of jeans, trainers and short hair. I then dismiss those thoughts and remember that I’m not at University in the 90’s anymore. But on occasion I so wish my WO~man hips were a little slimmer and the legs a little longer so that I could look like a member of a boyband.

It’s going to be a masculine winter and I am looking forward to the challenge ~ as I’ve done before ~ of making m a little more fem.




{all images via the web}

SO it’s now over to you my Shoelets ~

I’ve told you what I’ll be wearing for the shorter days and the colder nights?

What trends are you getting excited about and which ones are you leaving at the door? 

Who’s going for the punk look?

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June 2013



Marant pour H&M

And we’re back here again.

The latest collaboration of top dog designer and high street label was announced last week:

Isabel Marant x H&M

I first heard about Marant about 6 years ago in Italy. I asked a friend where she’d got her t~shirt from and she asked me not to judge her

‘What? Why would I ….Oh… is it from Primarni?’ I asked

‘NO! It’s Isabel Marant.’ She replied ‘Cost me £65’

Say WHAT!?! £65 for a t~shirt. What was it made of? Gold thread? From then on her name locked into my head as a label I would NEVER be able to afford. NEVER. I admired her from a far though and then she bought out the wedge sneaker ~ a personal favourite of  Tim’s ~ and I lost interest. They reminded me of Reebok pumps that I longed for but sadly, at the time, never owned when I was 15. Having said that ~ Were I a customer of Marant today I wouldn’t be too pleased to know that what I worked hard to buy from her label will now be seen traipsing the streets of …well, everywhere. Her clothes are cutting edge and elegant, she has always been a fierce opponent to the high street copying high brand labels so why now is she associating yourself with a brand that has pretty much duplicated her designs, doesn’t have the greatest respect for quality over quantity and means she could very well loose her key customer who doesn’t want to see her clothes on a teenager?

Maybe it’s a case of if you can’t beat ’em join ’em?

What say you?

Will you be queuing in November to get your hands on a Marant x H&M piece?

Or couldn’t you care less what the label is it’s all about the cut and quality?

As always, a great discussion on the subject over here

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May 2013



Man repelling shoes


I will not be wearing these shoes to Bobbi’s wedding. I’ve come to that conclusion this weekend.

Why not? I hear you think. Good question my Shoelets. Good freaking question. I’m not sure I am able to explain it. I love men {I’ve been writing about them over here this week} and I like to feel on a level playing field in every aspect when I’m socialising with them. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t wear a dress, I’m definitely going to be wearing a dress to the ceremony, but if I had a choice I would probably don El panto to hang out with them. It’s not that I don’t want to feel feminine around them, on the contrary, I love the differences between men and women, but for some reason I don’t want to be seen as girly. Do you get me?

Bobbi’s wedding is coming up at the beginning of June and it’s a weekend affair. On being told that on the Friday there was clay pigeon shooting for the men and a trip into town for some pampering for the girls I balked and spat out my dummy. I told Bobbi in no uncertain times {read: I demanded} that I would also be coming clay pigeon shooting and ~ having done it before in the Untied states of Awesome ~ once I work out which eye to close I am really good at it. All women are now invited to the clay pigeon shooting thanks to my demands.

As if the pressure of finding a wedding outfit wasn’t bad enough I now have to think about what to wear for shooting. What does one wear for such an occasion?  Ironically these shoes would be perfect. Their height {I’ll be nearer the pigeons}, great stability and no thin heels sinking into the grass. But these are Man repelling shoes and as much as I love them I know that I am going to be looked at like a fool by most of the men standing around holding fire arms.


Why should it matter? I’m gutted that I’m bothered but I am. I don’t want to be seen as a silly and frivolous and have the fact that I’m going to shoot just as many fake pigeons as they are overlooked because I’m going to totter up in ridiculous shoes. And let’s be honest….these shoes are frikkin’ massive, clowny, clompy and totally ridiculous. I’m not expecting to get laid in them {although that would be highly amusing} but I’d just like to not get judged on my huge shoes.

Am I pre~judging the judges?

Am I being foolish?

Can I wear tweed to go shooting in or is that too much when out of London and somewhere that might not know what an Urban outfitters is?


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April 2013



Baddie Bey’s bikinis

So what do we all think of this?

I am a big lover of Queen B’s but I can’t help thinking REALLY?!?! H&M?

Beyonce’s summer range for the brand H&M launched yesterday and I don’t mind saying I feel a little disappointed. Her crown slipped slightly with her selling out to Pepsi {GUUURL! Whatcho doin’ promoting sugary drinks to an overweight generation!!!!??} but with H&M I can’t help feeling it’s, like the brand, all a bit cheap. It’s no secret that I’m a clothes snob when it comes to quality over quantity and haven’t stepped foot into a branch of H&M for years now so I’m not that keen on the shop for starters. But by bringing in ‘celebrity designers’ ~ and I use that term in the loosest context that I possibly can ~ I can see what they’re trying to do. It works. Well, it worked. The day a big name dropped off their collection the queue was round the block. Pieces sold out and everyone loved owning an item of clothing designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Madonna {?!} I’m not sure the latter collections have had as much attention though ~ Anyone own a Anna Dello Russo piece? Or one from Maison Martin Margiela?

But are we really blinded by celebrity these days that simply because someone we love and admire, in their own field, glances at the outline of a bikini or ticks a box to say which colourway she likes means we all rush out and buy it? Are we immune to the fact that, regardless of whether Beyonce was paid an obscene amount of money to put her name to it and has no doubt never worn a piece of H&M clothing in her life, it’s still going to be the same old, poor quality, cheap labour H&M tat?

Am I missing the point?

What do you have to say about it?

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April 2013



Style changer

me paree

I read a very interesting article via twitter on The Huffington Post a few weeks ago that has been stuck in my head for a while now. The title of the piece wasDo style rules change once you turn 35?’ Well, my Shoelets, that big old scary number of 35 is fast approaching yours truly and I need to know ~ like the article explores ~ can I still wear a mini skirt when I’m 35?

My job as a Wardrobe Detoxer {Gave myself the title, thanks} is to help women declutter their wardrobes and find their style. In our 20’s we can wear what we want, experiment, follow trends and make mistakes but by the time we hit our 30’s it’s expected of us to know how to dress and, in a way, to settle down. We should have done our trialing and testing and should be confident and knowledgeable in what to wear. NEWS FLASH! This is bullshit. Our metabolism slows down in our thirties, babies start appearing, responsibilities become greater and while there is a certain confidence that comes with age there is definitely an insecurity that comes with getting older.  No one likes the mutton dressed as lamb look but surely there are ways to still dress ourselves youthfully without appearing to look like we’re afraid of our advancing years?


I love getting my legs out. They’re not the best in the world, actually far from it. They’re short. Like really short. I’m tall with a long body and short legs. They could be more toned and I have varicose & broken veins on my thighs but I love a brown leg. Like I preached to the masses on Monday. If I didn’t get them out they wouldn’t go brown. The two photos I’ve included are both from last year when I was 34. I can’t see much changing for this summer. If I’m confident with getting my legs out then it shows. If I was embarrassed and highly conscious then it simply brings unnecessary attention to my wobbly pins. Besides who doesn’t love a bit of imperfection? Perfect doesn’t exist and we should stop trying to achieve it. My legs ain’t perfect and that’s just the way I like it.

Personally I think rules are there for a reason but they’re also meant to be broken. Children are growing up faster these days and people are living longer. If I gave up wearing miniskirts at 35 I could have another 50 of not getting my legs out! Where’s the fun in that?

So, tell me. What are your thoughts/fears on our style changing after 35? 

Would love to discuss it with you all….

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February 2013



Do the bartman

{image via google}

I have been holding my tongue for such a long time as I feared that what I had to say about the above would make me appear old and past it. Not at all like the young, fun loving hipster I know you all think I am {Jk. I know you know I love a granny chic nightie} However, I can no longer keep silent as I need to know WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Seriously? I’m not judging {unusual for me} or saying it’s wrong {even more unusual for me} I simply need to know what the hell is going on with Bart Simpson?

Yes, I’m late and Jeremy Scott debuted his wares last February but they only came to the streets ~ not that I’ve personally seen them here in Clapham but you get my drift ~ this winter and I just can’t get my head around it. I understand that being of a certain age I won’t  touch Bart Simpson like my Mother wouldn’t a pair of bell bottoms. They’re associated with our youth and can come across a little Mutton dressed as Bart. I DISTINCTLY remember when ‘Do the Bartman’ came out when I was 12 and I certainly did do the Bartman and knew all the words to his rap. As I did to ‘The fresh prince of Bel Air’ & Vanilla Ice which, BTW, everyone should know. I get it. I was young. The 90’s are back. You can’t go there if you lived through it the first time. I do get that bit.

My problem is with the shelf life of a cartoon character suit. I’m not sure how many times Ms. Delevingne has worn this ensemble {to be fair I have seen two different outfits when she has incorporated the Bartman} but surely once you’ve worn this 3 times people have seen it? When something is this recognisable and obvious will she still be wanting to wear it in a year?

I try and tell my customers that when shopping think about what will blend in with what you already own in your wardrobe. If you’re looking at a jacket will it go with at least a couple of skirts, some pants and just a bra top or 3?  Invest your cash and get the most out of your clothes. On the other hand, and what with wanting to be individual and unique,  we should also buy at least one item that is so spectacular it can only be worn once every two years but needs to remain in your wardrobe. Mine is a gold lace dress….actually I made it and it has previously been 2 other style gold lace dresses but it’s staying put and only comes out for wild ‘yes my dress is see-thru and I have no underwear on underneath’ times.

This Jumper alone was £354 and I want to know is Cara getting her money’s worth?

Am I being a crochety old fart? Do our parents look at us wearing Mickey Mouse sweats and think the same thing? Why is Mickey, for me, far cooler and much more acceptable than Bart? Does anyone like this Bart Simpson print?

What say you my Shoelets?

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September 2012



Ginger rules

Some people say that when it comes to fashion there are no rules.  Unfortunately this is bullshit guys because believe me you do not want to see me in low rise flared pants.  There are, of course, rules when it comes to looking good and dressing your body type – Check them out here if  you need to get up to scratch with the do’s and don’ts of putting on clothes – but sometimes those rules are meant to be broken. Right? RIGHT.

‘Blue and green should never been seen’ is an old fashioned saying that needs a heavy emphasis on the old.  I don’t mind a splash of navy and a dash of forest but I know that we all have our little ‘no no’s’, our own rules that we find hard to get over.  Up until 2 years ago you would not have seen me dead with black and navy in the same outfit.  The flood of navy teamed with noir that came our way, due to Lanvin, suddenly made this punishable crime wearable and I finally found it acceptable in my sartorial heart to team these two tones.  Another fashion faux pas for many of you will probably be the entire outfit I am wearing above:

~Ginger mane ~ La peche blouse which is borderline orange ~ Tomato red skirt~Fleshy pink sunglasses~

 As a wannabe gingembre I am not the real deal and therefore the rule book has been thrown out of the car window whilst driving at 120mph.  Pinks, scarlets, oranges, bright reds and burnt gingers are colours that I love and that are going to adorn this body for a long time…..and there ain’t no one who can tell me no different.

 {vintage leather gillet and ralph lauren shirt, d.i.m.d.i shell brooch, hobbs pencil skirt, russell and bromley brogues, gifted satchel, m&s sunnies}

What are your fashion rules?  

Can you wear brown and black together? {I can’t and don’t think I ever will}

Does everything have to match?

How many colours can you take at any given time?


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