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October 2013



Inspire me

yasmIt’s not the skirt over the pants that inspires me here {although I wouldn’t rule that out} No…it’s that tiny bit of frayed jeans poking out sitting above a stonking high heel…MMmmmmm Me likey. A couple of summers ago I saw Ms De Bruyn with a chopped off ankle on her straight leg black jeans. Then I saw The Man Repeller inspired by Yasmin Sewell above and my mind started a thinking….

Necessary items ~ 1. A pair of straight leg jeans. 2. A pair of scissors.

{photo from here}

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October 2013



Zelda Cave


“She quietly expected great things to happen to her, and no doubt that’s one of the reasons why they did.” 

~ Zelda Fitzgerald ~

As many of you know, besides detoxing and re~styling your wardrobes, I also work part time at the Laura Lee Jewellery shop in Covent Garden. I like to have a variety of strings to my bow so that life doesn’t get boring & predictable. One day I’m selling diamond necklaces the next I’m on the floor dusting the bottom of a wardrobe. It’s all about meeting new people and working with {mostly} woman to empower, encourage, celebrate and spoil them. Variety is the spiced Chai Latte of my life and no more so is their an ecelectic mix than in our workshop where each piece of LLJ is lovingly handmade by three jewellers ~ Kerry, Hannah & Zelda.

I’ve told you about Hannah De Bruyn before {see HERE} and with her new website up and running, aswell as her pieces being sold in Poste Mistress, her dreamy mix of delicate corals, turquoises, lapis lazuli and 9ct gold are slowly but surely seeping their way through London’s stylish senoritas.

Kerry Huff’s label, The Crop, is really in it’s infancy but with a strong collection of 9ct & 18ct gold pieces sporting her signature knot design & a collection of treats being sold in West London’s jewllery boutique, Sweetpea, she is definitely one to watch.



Last but by no means least is Zelda Cave ~ If my arm was twisted & I simply had to ~ I would say her designs are my favourite. I am almost certainly biased due to the fact that all three lovely ladies, plus equally lovely others, chipped in for my birthday & treated me to one of her necklaces.



With Zelda’s illustrations etched onto bone & as a truly unique, one of a kind piece I have rarely taken this beauty off since I got her. I’d been wanting to write about Zelda’s jewellery for a while and it seemed only fitting to do it now as she needs our help.

As with all three girls, and my good self!, I understand how difficult it is to start up &, more importantly, sustain a small business in this economy especially doing something creative. Wanting to make your day job something that you truly love doing is hard work & can almost seem like a constant up hill struggle. A large helping hand of cash is nothing to be taken lightly. With an opportunity to win £10,000 towards her business and with mentoring from Stylist magazine and Triumph Lingerie she needs our help!

Zelda has been accepted through the first stage of this amazing competition, but now needs to collect some votes.

It takes 2 minutes & only needs an email address

~ Head on over HERE ~

~ Look out for this image below ~


~ Register that vote ~

As with anything made from pure love, tirelessly hand crafted & highly unique ~ when you see these beauties in the flesh & up close they are even better. As if her jewellery wasn’t gorgeous enough as it is Zelda is possibly one of my favourite people in the world. Beautiful, kind, funny, talented & selfless she’s a frikkin’ corker.

Seeing good people do well is something I am queuing up to vote for….Are you?

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May 2011



The fruits of her labour…


As I mentioned here I went to little Ms. De Bruyn‘s jewellery party this evening and it was a roaring success.  I made sure I dressed for the occassion.

Silk blouse, pencil skirt, heels, mismatched nails….


(Hobbs silk blouse, Orla Kiely pencil skirt, M & S socks, Belstaff boots, G-shock watch)

So much fun and very successful for H de B as she sold lots of her gorgeous gems…



We drunk gin mixed with sweet lemon and sugar poured out of old fashioned teapots and served into morrocan stained glass cups. We ate blonde brownies stuffed with dates and apricots…

Little Ms. De B is one to watch my friends…Remember…from small acorns big oak trees will grow…

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April 2011



Little Ms.De Bruyn

Part of my reworking, recycling and rediscovering mantra is discovering and supporting the little people.  This is my friend Hannah De Bruyn (pronounced Brown, I’m sure she’s just trying to be posh. Dutch I think!) who is one of the little people. 

Ms. De Bruyn makes gorgeous jewellery under the excellenty titled name of ‘Hannah De Bruyn Jewellery’.  She has a small blog and I say she is very little because her business is simply her on her own creating one off handmade pieces of jewellery and she’s only really just starting to get her gorgeous goods out there.  ‘And about time too’ I hear someone cry at the back….

‘Hey! Pipe down love…She’s here now!’ I say back to you.

She certainly is here now as she has a little sale coming up!  Yippee!  It’s on Wednesday 3rd May and she will be selling her beauties at a wee gathering from 7pm – 9pm.  They’ll be cocktails and juicy jewellery to drool over and I’ll be there in a great outfit.  (I shall of course Rise to the occassion)

Ms. DB likes to work with beautiful coral – my favourite – as well as turquoise and pearls and always works with 9ct gold.

I have only shown you all the coral pieces here because I think I’m slightly obsessed with the colour at the moment.  I can’t get enough of it!  It’s going to be everywhere once the weather warms up again and a light dusting of a tan starts gracing our bodies.

Little pieces of Ms. De Bruyn’s jewellery would compliment any of these tasty treats.  They also make great gifts for loved ones and of course for your goodselves.  Nothing like an early christmas present eh?

Her sale is at a private house so if you are interested in coming and want to get your hands on some of these sweeeeeeeet treats you can contact Hannah and check out her lovely little blog here.

Support the little people because we all know what they say don’t we? Eh?  What do we know?

Well…we all know that from tiny acorns big oak trees will grow.

Let’s help Ms. DB branch out shall we?*


*I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.  I love a play on words.

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