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July 2012



Loving your ladies

Dear Italy,

You may or may not know this but I have had a very large crush on your good self for quite some time.

As with all my crushes, I’m never quite sure exactly when it started and I’ve only been to see you once but that was all I needed.  My preconceived ideas about what food you’d serve, what your countryside looked like and what your men were like were all confirmed and then heightened.  You were awesome….Impressionante!

I decided long ago that whenever my honeymoon would be it would include a month {or two} travelling around your great parts with my young, olympic swimming lover.  We would sniff out your knooks and crannies and get a real feel for who you really are.

Having said that I need to firstly get married and secondly find someone to marry me….who swims.  In the meantime, however, I will have to be content with tales from a far and gorgeous images via The Satorialist.

Your women are literally killing me at the moment!

I’m ashamed to say that I normally favour the edgier dress New York gals or the quirky English birds to your Italian beauties.  Perhaps I feel like they’re a little too grown up for me, a little TOO polished and put together. Well, something inside of me has changed recently and the lasses that catch my eye are yours.

Simple, classy and effortless.

Who doesn’t think they’re the bollocks? or ‘bollocks’ as you like to say {we’re so alike – it’s why we get on so well}

Thank you for providing such fabulous eye candy and for making me search harder for a husband so that I can come and play in you and all you have to offer.

Ringgrazio il mio tesoro

Love always

RSNK xxxx

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May 2012



I found love…

…and not in a hopeless place.

WARNING: This weeks posts will constist mainly of  these boots!!!!!

 I didn’t know it at the time but heading over to the little sale in Poste Mistress and scoring these badboys filled a very big hole in my wardrobe.  They make a difference to every outfit I put on, they’re comfy and I love them.  We don’t need 35 pairs of shoes…sometimes just the one will do!

All hail Beau Coops booties…ALLLRrrriiiiggghhhttt!!!!!!!!!

{vintage leather gillet, handbag and skirt, gifted military jacket, american apparel t, hobbs cardi, found socks, beau coops booties}

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May 2012



For me, for you, for someone else…

When I was in Zimbabwe {see here} every morning, Bestie From Africa, would come into my room to show me her outfit.  I’d squeal at her fabulous choices of mixing  African prints and edgy accesories.  She was dressing for me and I loved it.

On Thursdays I think a little more carefully about my outfit as I head to work to show Tim what I’ve thought up and to see what she’s come up with – it’s always a sweet treat. An ankle boot here, a playsuit there, high waisted trousers, silken blouses and a never ending array of coats.

Dressing for other people – especially sartorially minded ladies – and rising to the occasion is one of my favourite things to do.  I, of course, always want to feel happy with what I’m wearing for myself but as far as seeing someone’s face light up when you walk into a room….nothing beats it.  Rachel’s organic coconut yoghurt comes close but stays in second.

As I have mentioned before {see here} I have been dressing for this lady ever since I met her many moons ago.

You can not help but get excited about dressing up and having fun with clothes when you’re around Ms. Kass and I think this gorgeous shoot of her and her sassy daughter, Paloma, proves it.  There’s always a story from a far off land {check out her travel blog here} and her home and attire are filled with colour, print, accesories, matching outfits, hats, jewellery….So much to look at and so much to get inspired by.

The next time you go and have a night out with the girls, meet your lover for a date, head off on an adventure or simply take your little one to the park think about what would make your friends squeal with delight….it’s a  great feeling…trust me.

For more ridiculously gorgeous pictures of the fabulous Ms. Kass and Paloma pie head on over here for a gander.

Who are you getting dressed for today?

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December 2011



Miu Miu my love

Dearest Miu Miu Shoe Shoe,

I’m sorry but I’m going to be honest here and say I can’t stop thinking about you.

I hope that’s not too full on seeing as we haven’t known each other for that long but I just have to say that you are truly divine. 

Just look at yourself!!! 

I can’t remember where I first laid eyes on you, I think it was in a magazine somewhere, but it was love at first sight my friend.  True love.  You are pink. You are suede and you are GLITTER!!!!!  YOU FREAKING ROCK!!

Damn you for being so bloody expensive! Prick tease!  I KNOW there are hundreds of rip offs out there but I want the real deal and that is youse.  I’ve seen your other colourways and while they are nice they are, in the words of a bald headed Irish woman, nothing compared to you.

When I went to Paris I even had a manicure in honour of you…that’s how much I love you!

If you were mine I would wear simple, one colour, classy, hyper cool outfits and make you the main focus.  What more does a shoe want!!!

I hope that one day you manage to find it in your glittery heart to find your way to me.  I am waiting.  You know we’d be so great together.  Don’t deny it….you’ll be missing it.  My feet are stunners, admittedly they’re big {mansize, like my hands!} but I have regular pedicures and you’ll love ’em!

Yours faithfully

Red shoes no knickers


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November 2011



Past times Prada

{image via here}

This is my idea of pure beauty.

Yes, I know…You can’t see it…or can you?  A wrinkled granny sock with a chunky ‘sensible’ shoe?…Are you with me as well? OH BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!!  When Prada bought these out last autumn/winter I knew I wanted to copy and love.  It’s taken me a year!  What can I say…sometimes getting a look together takes time. {see here}

{grandma wyn’s burberry trench, american apparel sweat, vintage skirt and brooch, hobbs socks, office heeled loafers, gifted bag from pareeee}

Shoes purchased: Autumn/winter 2009

Socks purchased: Autumn/winter 2010

Look completed: Autumn/winter 2011

Also, I have been thinking about this look I’m sporting for a while and I think it’s something I’m going to adopt all winter….A pencil skirt or a smart/full skirt and a jersy sweatshirt on top.  Love it!  The smart with the casual, the rough with the smooth, the stripe with the leopard.  Have been looking at this and this in American apparel and those precious Christmas pennies might just be spent on those beauties.

What fabulous seasonal look is everyone else excited about adopting this winter?  Tell me?  Do it!! Do it!!!  I wanna know…..

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June 2011



Love your Lover

Dear Christopher Kane Dress (and Kristen Wiig),Thank you for both greeting me on the tube yesterday morning at 7.30am and for making me smile for my whole journey even though my face was pressed into the armpit of a stranger and someone something, I don’t know what, was touching my leg.  I first saw you in the flesh in Liberty, on Monday, and you were reduced in the sale to £812 (CK dress not Kristen) There was only one of you and you were in my size.  Unfortunately you were £800 too expensive for me but I honestly did, for a split second, calculate how much money was available on my Mastercard. Alas not enough for even a Pret lunch and so not enough for you to grace my wardrobe.   Then I see you two days later hanging off the shoulders of the beautiful Ms Wiig on the front cover of my favourite weekly, free magazine.

You are beautiful (fact) and I want to be the talented and funny and intelligent Kristen Wiig (dream) which can only mean one thing…. and that is that I love you both.  Very much.  Like the children I don’t own, I couldn’t pick a favourite (although if pushed I probably could) my love for you both is equal, pure and I think might make me slightly desperate.

Your lace, your neon-ness, your shape, her humour, her big blockbuster movie, her teeth….You were made for each other and you were made for the front cover of Stylist and all that combined means you were made for me.  If I could put you in a sandwich with avacado and bacon and eat you whilst sitting outside a sunny Sydney-side cafe, my life would be perfection.

Stay true to your gorgeousness and both come find me one day.

Love (lace) always and always

Ms. D


Ps. Title courtesey of another fabulous lady, The beautiful Louise and the pins.

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