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August 2013



…even hotter Spanish nights

vogue mallWithout the close proximity of clear, blue water to dip into or a light breeze from across the seas to cool the skin the nights in Pollenca, Mallorca seemed even hotter than their delish, lazy days.  Having made the mistake, many moons ago I might add, of taking heels, fitted clothing and high~waisted anything  for the evenings of a warm European holiday I learnt from those mistakes. My evenings were for loose, drappy clothing that skimmed the body and created it’s own breeze, damp clean hair tucked away and a faithful and trusty flat ~ black and tan is all I took. Went with everything. The heel was not invited.



{cos dress, gap flip flops, oasis clutch}




{cos dress, gap flip flops, oasis clutch}



For more #rednixtrips to Spain check out last summer’s HOLIDAY HIATUS

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July 2013





June 2012



Rise to the occasion: West end date

Day time denim and a flat leopard print shoe…

…turned into a matching suit jacket and a killer heel.

There are rules remember, my Shoelets, and those rules need to be adhered to.

{reworked gifted denim jacket, american apparel t, sara berman skirt, m&s sunnies}

{sara berman jacket, revlon ‘charming’ nailpolish}

{hobbs leopard print flats, chazzer shazzer leather bag}

{new m&s heels}

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January 2012



Two Thousand Twelve

My mind is racing as to what my wardrobe is going to consist of this year and what exciting adventures we’re going to go on together.  I’ve decided this winter will be more about a looser silouette, cleaner lines, brighter colours and more shoes.

I’ve strayed away from my beloved orange due to the barnet being of a ginger hue but when I saw the most beautiful dress, in Rokit, in three of the above factors I knew I had to have it.  Who cares if I’ve gone oj overboard the dress was £12! Happy New year to me!!!

{vintage velvet jacket, dress from rokit, fornarina heels}

Christmas money and an area discount lead me to the two beauties below that I have had my eye on for a long time. Remember my little dreams here.

{hooded top from american apparel}

{grey sweater from american apparel}

I’m going to mix them with sequins, brocade, gold and tarten.  The simple and the opulent, the clean and the downright dirty.

Welcome 2012!!…..I have lots in store for you….I’ve haven’t even mentioned the shoe situation!!!

What are your wardrobe plans for the New year?….

Tell all my darling Shoelets, I’ve missed you.

Anyone up for a Wardrobe detox? You know where to find us…..

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December 2011



Only by the night – Party piece

Sometimes I love an outfit so much that I want to wear it to every party I’m ever invited to.  A small, christmas house party was the setting for revealing {again} my favourite ‘go to’ party collaboration.

It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Add one pair of high-waisted jeans, an M&S body, a reworked ANCIENT lace top {gotta love that lace especially at Christmas!!}, a killer pair of heels and a monstrous fur….Good to go my Shoelets

{vintage fur, chazzer shazzer clutch, reworked lace top, m&s body, supre high-waisted jeans, office leopard print heels}

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December 2011



NYC nakedness

{leather jacket from pop boutique, gifted scarf and grey hoodie, reworked waistcoat {last seen here}, vintage dolce and gabanna skirt, gap mittens and socks, belstaff boots, orla kiely bag}

Women in NYC don’t wear tights. Period.

Ok…so not ALL women don’t wear tights and not NEVER do they not wear tights but I read an article in Vogue once that I found so fancinating and it was that women in NYC, when dressing up to go out, simply don’t wear tights!

 What?  How can that be? 

But it’s true….Look at this picture of the The Glamourai {here} all dressed up for a night out in December and her legs be bare.  Also The Man Repeller and her buddies {here} all naked! It reminds me of when SJP was getting Carrie ready for Sex and the City and she said she will never wear foundation as NYC women simply don’t! The fact that mani/pedi’s and taxi’s are much cheaper over there are obviously big factors.

When I read the article I found it extrodinary as I couldn’t imagine a world without my beloved opaques but this year my love of le tight is waning.  I find them to jar with certain outfits and I’m not into my crazy colours as I once was. Although, I won’t be giving them up completely because if I’m not on le BMX then I’m waiting for a bus at the end of a night and a bare leg with a 30 minute wait outside the Maccy D’s on The Strand will freeze the ass off even the most warm blooded of mofos.

On a date with the theatre though I decided to roadtest this New York madness and you know what?…It wasn’t so bad!  My top half was so layered up and snuggly that it didn’t matter that my legs were flying solo.

Another Christmas date with old friends at Wild Honey this week is going to involve a bare leg… well as a see through skirt….You know me my darling Shoelets…always like to shock…

Still not decided what you want to wear for upcoming parties, Christmas day or New Years eve? Treat yourselves to a Sweet discount…..

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December 2011



Only by the night

{vintage fur coat from nyc, vintage sequin jacket from sydney, supre playsuit, m&s glitter tights and shoeboots}

When your work Christmas party is at Bloomsbury bowling lanes, the best  ONLY outfit to wear is a playsuit no?  

I bought this cute, but very tiny, piece of cloth many moons ago in Sydney when I was a bit smaller and a little more ambitious.  Age and weight have kept me from wearing it tightless for quite a few years but by adding a staement vintage fur, sequins and opaque glitter tights I was good to go! 

Festive P.A.R.T.Y outfit? DONE!

OOOOhhhhh cheeky….First Christmas party season outfit was a hit with my ladies…Watch this space for more beauties to come!!

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November 2011



Dressing for the girls

When a night out with the girls was in the offing, to see the fabulous ‘Louise and the Pins’, my outfit needed to be GIRL GORGEOUS!!

I was dressing for my ladies and no one else!  An old favourite came out to play….

{vintage dress and coat, h&m thin knit, gifted scarf, orla kiely bag, m&s stockings, chie mihara heels}

I found this beautiful original Austrian dirndal dress in a small vintage shop at the Clingancourt markets in Paris when I worked there back in 2007.  However, back then it was tiny.  That was alright though because I was tiny. A few years later I was NOT so tiny and those seams were let out, my friends!!! They were let out.  I needed to breath when I was wearing it so it was a necessity!


All I need now is some frothy pints of beer, a big rack and I’ll be a fully blown Austrian!! Eye!!

Wish I had taken a riding boot full of beer to accessorize with…Would have been the icing!

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October 2011



Happy Halloweeeeen

The final wedding of my year {well, just a reception really} fell on saturday when the world and his wife seemed to be donning Freddie masks, applying fake blood and decking themselves out head to toe in black….I didn’t want to miss out on all the shenanigans now did I???

{chazzer shazzer navy jacket, lace dress and sequinned belt from my mother, fornarina heels, vintage clutch and spider diamante brooch in hair}


…and now a treat…

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October 2011



Theatre costume

There is a rule between my friends and I I have a rule that I like to implement amongst my friends and it’s to do with the theatre.  When I was younger I lived abroad but we came back every summer and christmas and our biggest treat was always going to the theatre in London’s West end.   I am a self confessed musical whore and thank my parents for instilling in me a love of cheesy love songs, over acting and jazz hands galore…..Hey! and that’s just Les Mis!

Because it was a big deal {eg. V. EXPENSIVE!} taking 5 people to the theatre we always wore our best clothes {I think my Dad used to wear a suit!} and felt extremely lucky to be there.  Actually, come to think about it I remember everyone used to get really dressed up.  Going to the theatre meant your best clothes came out of storage and were on display.

All these years later I still feel so lucky to be able to go to the theatre and never forget what a priviledge it is.  If I could I’d go once a week!!  Now, if you ever get to come and see anything with me you need to know that the rule is there will not be a sloppy outfit in sight!!  NEVER!! Not if you want to sit near me and share my pick and mix anyway.

There are so few occassions to get really dressed up these days that they should, in my book, be celebrated. Sister With Massive Laugh’s Boy is in Warhorse and she was very generous last night in treating myself and Bro Dude to tickets to see it.  An extrememly fabulosity outfit was definately in order for this sweet treat.

{gifted military jacket and scarf, m&s sunnies and cashmere socks, may black shrug, vintage giraffe print blouse and dolce and gabbana felt skirt, gifted lace top and mint bag, ancient barrett’s heels}

The poupée came out to model my Dolce and Gabanna felt skirt that I got for $15 from Balmain market in Sydo!  It’s so big that when I went to sit down Sister With Massive Laugh had to stuff it down the sides of my seat for me!

As if going to the theatre itself wasn’t great enough, we got to go backstage afterwards and meet Joey…If you haven’t seen Warhorse yet I strongly suggest you do so…oh and take some tissues with you….and of course dress up…

{joey and I swaping hair colour tips}

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