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November 2013



Warm bodies


Ok. I’ll admit it. There is one thing that I like about winter…mmmm maybe two. The first is joomps.

A good joomp can go a long way. Remember here when I told you I’d found my comfy chic? Well a lot of that has to do with my top half. Having a lower body that is certainly not lacking in body fat but a top half that will often resemble a sparrow I always feel the cold and can’t stand a whipping wind  finding it’s way down my top and chilling my bones. I want a joomp that covers all bases and keeps me waarrrrrrm.

Having had a love affair with cashmere for a while now I would highly recommend it but I do hear what you’re saying my Shoelets. I do. I hear the same thing every time I head to a wardrobe detox. Yes, they can bobble and yes, caring for a delicate piece of knitwear is time consuming and frustrating. But….fear not I have advice.

Head on over HERE and take a peak at what I was harping on about many moons ago…Sage advice my friends. Sage advice.

Oh, and the second thing I like about Christmas is stollen….niiiiccceeeee….


{j crew joomp {last seen here}, club monaco trews, beau coup booties, vintage bag, m& s sunnies}  


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November 2013



Kilt krazy


Plaid ass.

That’s what I’ve named this picture. Plaid ass & plaid pits.


{grandma wyn’s burberry trench, j crew denim shirt, vintage kilt from nyc, officine creative boots, orla kiely bag}


I don’t know whether it was the kilt, the denim or the NEW {WOWZERSSSS!!!} Officine Creative boots, that I spurgled out on and per~chased from Poste Mistress, but something made me a little cray here. I loved this outfit so much. It was comfortable, warm and felt exciting…does that make sense? I felt like me but with an edge. Interstingly it is an oufit that is pretty much made up entirely of classic staples ~ killer boots, plaid print & denim. I walked all over London in my costume de jour meeting friends, running errands, heading to work and feeling fab ~ there’s not much more to ask for from an outfit.



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October 2013



Tartan army {part two}


Remember this?

Well, as I unearthed my kilts the other day and wondered when I would be able to wear them, what with this warm October, I realised I would finally be able to fulfill a life long dream sartorial dream. A kilt with bare legs. Doesn’t it just make sense though? Opposites attract & all that shaboozle!!! To avoid my kilts being old & fusty & dated I teamed her with an, albeit very pale now, bare leg, a heel & a denim jacket. BOOM! I’m FINALLY getting to grips with this kilt lark.


{d.i.m.d.i denim jacket, ms selfridge shirt, vintage kilt, kg heels, orla kiely bag, m&s sunnies}


How do you all feel about the kilt? 

Too much? Too traditional? Too trendy?

DO let me know ~ please feel free to post on RSNK’s FB ~  if you find others wearing kilts and killing it.

Always want to be inspired.


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October 2013



Rise to the occasion ~ Cocktail week


It’s been a while since I’ve had to Rise to the Occasion ~ HA! Who am I kidding! Every Wednesday is dress up day for me!! No but seriously, I mean an actual occasion when other people might dress up with me. London cocktail week seemed like the perfect opportunity as we had a personally selected liquor  for our store and served Elderflower and Prosecco cocktails for a couple of days. In my head I merged cocktails and couture as I headed to my closet.


{grandma wyn’s burberry trench coat, hobbs cardi, #diditmyselfdidnti may dress, gifted belt and net skirt, m&s petticoat & sunnies, kg heels, reworked leather bag from rokit {remember her from here?}}


I’d been wanting to wear this Did It Myself, Didn’t I dress, by May, all summer but there just never seemed the right occasion. It’s racer back, tight and short. Had I taken her to old Sunny Spain she might have got an airing but alas she didn’t make the cut. Teaming her with not one but two skirts {you know I love a double skirt action HERE, HERE& HERE} I added a slip and a gifted net skirt to make my outfit wearable, comfortable and cocktail ready.


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October 2013



Close encounters


‘It’s really close’ Papa D said as we stood on the platform looking down the line towards….well, towards nothing. There was no train in sight.

‘Ehhh?’ I said looking back down the line. What was he on about? ‘The train’s not here yet?’

‘I mean the weather! It’s really close.’ He replied

Oh DADDD! What a Mum thing to say. He was right though. The train wasn’t close but this God Damn freakish weather is.

When a mild October creeps up on us like she’s currently doing I look back  to that magnificent year that was 2011 and reference my wardrobe when we were sweltering in 25 degrees but kicking conkers along the ground.

Check out HERE HERE & HERE for my, what I like to call, Global warming dressing

The legs can still be free but the colours simply need to be more season appropriate. I bought this vintage dress in San Fransisco many, many moons ago but always seem to bypass it in the summer. I guess I feel it’s perhaps too dull or muted for a bright sunny day in July which makes it perfect for times like this. Close, October times…


{m&s red cashmere cardi, vintage leather gillet, vintage dress from san fransisco, beaucoops booties}


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September 2013



Not so blurred lines


Sometimes an outfit is so easy to wear, has such clean lines, smooth cuts & feels just right that nothing else needs to be added. I normally don’t leave the house without at least a couple of necklaces, some earrings and a ring or two but for some reason it didn’t suit this ensemble. It felt like it would all become too cluttered and with a million and one things on my mind at the moment and my house in a state of chaos I could at least bring some order and calmness to my clobber. Horizontal lines on top, straight vertical lines leading down ~ I like these lines, there ain’t no messing.


{american apparel joomp, gap cord skirt, m&s wedges}



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September 2013



Faded fall fashion


For some reason these ancient ~ and by ancient I mean ohhhhh 15 years old! ~ heels always seem to make an appearance come the end of the summer. As I steer clear of the bright, bold and beautiful colours that make up my favourite season I head towards more autumnal colours and see my wardrobe with a different eye. A more muted palette appears, less skin is on show {much to my disappointment}, & perhaps a more fitted form arises as we head into the last few months of the year. I always have a back to school feeling come September. There is a renewed work ethic and a higher level of concentration {due to less sunbathing time}. It’s time to get down and get on with business!

I’m booking up fast for detoxes as it’s that time of year. If you need me to come help you blow away the cobwebs and unearth a new you then you know where I am:




{gifted wicker bag from zimbabwe, gifted men’s m&s shirt, hobbs pencil skirt, ancient heels from cyprus {see also here}


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September 2013



Summer breakers


Much to Tim’s disdain, who loves a tight and a coat {STAY AWAY!!!}, the heat of summer is here once again..YIPPPEEEE!!! An Indian summer has graced our shores and although it seems inappropriate to still be wearing bright, printed, strapless dresses with white and gold flip flops ~ I DONE IT! I layered my neck in paper beads, jumped into my d.i.m.d.i dress {see HERE} &, although you can’t see it, crayoned my eyes with a purple eyeliner.

I’ve never seen the film but for some reason I feel like I’m a Springbreaker! {minus the violence!}


{rember2morrow paper beads, gifted yellow vest, d.i.m.d.i dress, gifted flips from cyprus}


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August 2013



Morning light


The town was glad with morning light; places that had shown ugly and distrustful all night long, now wore a smile; and sparkling sunbeams dancing on chamber windows, and twinkling through blind and curtain before sleepers’ eyes, shed light even into dreams, and chased away the shadows of the night. 

~ Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop ~

Having been a sun worshipper, a summer lover and a heat seeker all my life I thought I was down at the beginning of the year because it was cold for SOOOOO long. Because my limbs were bound tightly in coats and layers and boots. Because my summer wardrobe was lying dormant in an outhouse crying out to be worn and loved. Then the weather got a little warmer but the skies stayed a deep shade of grey and I realised that what I needed was light. I craved the sun, not necessarily for its warmth {although that certainly doesn’t hurt} but for it’s brightness, it’s brilliant light and to feel it’s rays on my saweeeet body.

The light of a great days morning is what I love the most. It’s a time to dream, to prepare and to hope for a fabulous day ahead.

Stay with me summer….don’t ever leave…


{self designed skirt, reworked velvet boobtube from a karen millen dress, m&s heels, vintage sunnies}


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August 2013



…even hotter Spanish nights

vogue mallWithout the close proximity of clear, blue water to dip into or a light breeze from across the seas to cool the skin the nights in Pollenca, Mallorca seemed even hotter than their delish, lazy days.  Having made the mistake, many moons ago I might add, of taking heels, fitted clothing and high~waisted anything  for the evenings of a warm European holiday I learnt from those mistakes. My evenings were for loose, drappy clothing that skimmed the body and created it’s own breeze, damp clean hair tucked away and a faithful and trusty flat ~ black and tan is all I took. Went with everything. The heel was not invited.



{cos dress, gap flip flops, oasis clutch}




{cos dress, gap flip flops, oasis clutch}



For more #rednixtrips to Spain check out last summer’s HOLIDAY HIATUS

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