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May 2013



Rise to the occasion: My love ~ Paris


My love of Paris has been well documented here at Red Shoes No Knickers. There has been the birthday day trip, the fashion week work expedition, the jolly with a friend from down under, the sweet treat for a client and now another day trip for Bestie From Africa’s birthday.

Paris, for me, needs to be shown respect, elegance and a certain old fashioned nod to dressing up. A pulled together look that acknowledges the beautiful and stylish city that it so very much is.

For more of last week’s adventure across the lake, head on over here.

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April 2013



Inspire me

jamie in paris


With a day trip to Paris, for Bestie From Africa‘s birthday, coming up in a couple of weeks I was delighted to see my favourite photographer Jamie Beck showcase her weekend away in Paris. I was surprised though when this little selfie popped up amongst the streets of my lover. I’ve always admired her style but the bottom half of her outfit ~ the khaki pants and the flat patent shoes ~ is what really caught my eye. She managed to dress appropriately for wandering around a city all day but still  showed respect and elegant love to the beautiful city of Paris. Girl after my own heart.

You might see my own interpretation of this outfit pop up very soon….

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November 2012



Business in Paris

What started off this whole detoxing business for me was the idea of shopping your wardrobe.  I simply love the idea of finding a fabulous outfit, pieces that you wouldn’t have necessarily put together before, from clothes that you already own.  Knowing my former Flatmate’s wardrobe like the back of my hand I was super excited to go and give her a Sweet treat and find two outfits for business meetings she had in Paris.  Having a list of guidelines to adhere to narrowed down the choices I could pick for her but is always when I’m at my best:

* Travelling by Eurostar on both days I need a comfortable outfit to sit in and lug my bag around in

* I’ll be on the go all day, going from meeting to meeting, so will need good footwear that doesn’t make my feet ache

* I need to be warm but also smart, especially for the meetings I have on Thursday

* I don’t want to be carrying too much stuff with me

I was in my element!  As you know I have documented well my love of Paris and dressing for her {see here and here} and knew exactly the type of things Flattie would look good in.  Unfortunately I had to deal with the below state of her clothes:

You can tell she hasn’t been living with me for a while!

Regardless of the jumble sale style of her wardrobe rail I ventured on and the first outfit I found for her involved cool, chic winter whites, sleek greys and a killer boot

 A cozy knit dress to travel in, a sheer pussy bow blouse as a nod to Paris, a smart cream jacket plus faux fur gillet, a floral print scarf to accesorize with, classic boots and leather bag to hold her ipad, travel guide, cd’s for her client, phone and wallet. PERFECT!

Day two required a smarter outfit but still needed that warmth, comfort, smartness and a little competition for the Parisian woman.

This involved a stretchy pencil skirt, a thin knit, a Westwood~esque jacket {dyed by Tim~gifted to me~passed on to Flattie}, cute and comfortable Mary~Jane’s and the ultimate accessory for France ~ the black silk scarf.

Her underwear was matching, her nightwear sexy, her hair and make-up immaculate and her luggage classic.

Paris you’d better watch out…someone’s coming to show you how it’s done and they mean business.

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August 2012



Pretty Paris

What? What do you want from me?

Yes, my dear Otis, those were my thoughts exactly when I had to decide what to wear when visiting my lover across the seas aka Gai Pareeeeeeee. My mind was filled with bretton stripes, Parisian chic and a comfortable flat to traipse around the sizzling city in.

{gifted shirt from tim, topshop denim skirt, rae jones shoes, m&s sunnies, kimchi bag}

{otis, matt and lisa taylor. lisa wears antropologie jumpsuit, funkis clogs}

My city companions for my two day jolly in France’s capital where the fabulous Taylors all the way from Australia.  I’ve known Lisa {see the little beauty here} since 2003 when her sister Kass {see another little beauty here} lived in London and Lili lived across the pond in Paris.

Taking a 5 month sabbatical and a world trip with her family I couldn’t resist hopping on the Eurostar for a catch up, a class or 12 of wine and a wander around the beautiful, cobbled, graffeti ladened streets of Paris.

{reworked denim jacket, orla kiely blouse and skirt, rae jones shoes, m&s sunnies, kimchi bag}

{lili wears skirt made in india, nyc sandals. my ginka bag}

For more adventures in Pareeee see here

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August 2012





October 2011



Six choses

{my walk home on the first day}

Normally I love a Tree tings…To be sure! A list of funny, beautiful, inspiring things that have caught my eye thoughout the week.  As with the last time I went to France though {here} there were far too many pictures to choose from…and so you get six choses!! As I say goodbye to summer, once and for all, this weekend I look forward, finally, to Autumn and am ready for what she has in store for me…Bring it on!

{summer in october made us all happy}

{waiting for lunch}

{dominique’s dress}

{a shop window}

{the end of a long night, dancing and flirting and drinking …in paris!!}

Have a great weekend y’all….See you bright and early on Monday morning!

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October 2011



Paris…Je t’aime

Amidst the heat and shows, in the Jardin de Tuileries, along the boulevards and by the Seine I wandered and dreamt. I ate cheese, smoked le cigarettes and wore sequins, brocade and tulle…all whilst speaking  french {obviously not with my mouth full though!}

Paris, I do indeed adore you…

{chazzer shazzer black clutch, gifted vest, vintage skirt from nyc}

{m&s wedges and sunnies, vest and sunnies, vintage pencil skirt from hk, american apparel clutch}

{reworked denim waistcoat, american apparel vest, vintage brocade skirt, zoomp mules}

{vintage gifted kimono, h&m white top, top shop dress, gifted tulle skirt, vintage handbag}

{gifted army jacket, vintage dress and sunnies, kimchi belt and attachable bag, orla kiely clutch}

{vintage sequinned jacket, french bretton top, may leopard print skirt, m&s wedges, gifted premiere classe bag}

Au Revoir Pareeeee…Until next time…xxx

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September 2011



PFW plans

Paris Fashion Week is heading my way fast and for those of you who know of my Red Shoes… adventures you’ll know that I do love a bit of Pareeee action. {Here} Over the weekend I devised outfits in my head, dug deep in my drawers for tulle, brocade and leather and laid out accessories that I could mix and match with an assortment of various vetements.

I’ve been checking out the fabulous Satorialist with his street styling shots and have been influenced by green military jackets as a cover up…

Love this cute look with the socks and wedges {Regardless of what others say!! See here}

Also I LOVE the idea of dressing down an evening skirt with a casual t and flat shoes….Mmmm…Tick…Defo on my list of outfits for Pareeeeee.

And if I had the money, and the status to be able to obtain them, I would be wearing these S/S 2012 Fendi yellow heels…Be still my beating heart…

Having said all of that I’ve looked at the weather forecast and we’re up to 27 degrees for the end of this week in French France!!??  WHAT?  I have ankle boots and long sleeved silk blouses in my outfit plan….Sweaty top lips and pits don’t feature within those plans!  Boooo…Rethink needed!!

{all photos via the satorialist}

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May 2011



Rise to the occassion: Gai Pareeeee!!

As an unashamed lover of Ms. Bradshaw I will often wonder what she would wear in certain situations.  Always wanting to rise to the occassion and knowing that she once strutted her stuff down the boulevards of the capital of France made me channel that hotty!

Just like Carrie, Paris, for me, undoubtly calls for bretton stripes, chic jackets, beaucoup de tulle, noir sleekness and always a heel….



(orla kiely jacket, gap stripey top, gifted tulle skirt, forever 21 belt, marks and spencer wedges and sunglasses, kimchi bag)

Totally by coincidence my friend and I dressed in similar colours, great minds think alike eh?

Lemon crush tartness, as black as the night and le bleu lines….


What would you wear for a day trip to Paris?  Let me know! I’d love to know your influeneces and who you’d be channelling…Coco Chanel? Vanessa Paradis? Carla Bruni? Amelie Poulain? Gerard Depardieu?!??

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