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September 2011



Loose those arms

This sleeveless jacket is one of my favourite reworks and I’m gutted that I made it before I started Red shoes… and so didn’t document it’s transformation! Doh!  No before piccies I’m afraid.

I bought it in a Chazzer Shazzer as a costume for a small man who I used to ‘do comedy with’.  It was always a ladieee’s jacket but I simply took the faux gold buttons off and he wore it, whilst playing Kenton Bainbridge of Bainbridge Hall, for a good couple of years.  When the time eventually came for the small man to leave the world of comedy and train as a teacher he returned the jacket to yours truly.  I had no clue as to what I wanted to do with it then and there but I kept it for when a jolt of inspiration would hit me.

A year later it arrived….

(reworked chazzer shazzer sleeveless jacket, reworked m&s pink vest, may skirt, orla kiely belt, m&s zebra mules and sunnies, sample sale rucksack from hk)

The sleeveless jacket my friends….A pointless piece of clothing really but…(everyone together now) WE DON’T LIKE WASTE…

I needed patience for this job because I had to unpick the sleeves, take them off and then sew it all up again.  Tough job but I stuck The Wire on and made friends with my stitch picker.  I changed the buttons, took it in and VOILA! A new tweed, sleeveless jacket.

Now, I do have to be careful when I wear it because with tweed (as well as tarten, corduroy, wool) you don’t want to end up looking like Bibi Bainbridge, lady of the house.

You need to juxtapose (Ohhhhh…big word!) your ‘old fashionedness’ with the polar opposite. Do you know what I mean?  I couldn’t wear jeans because I would have looked like I was off to the stables and I couldn’t have worn a similar coloured ‘nice cotton skirt’ because I would have looked like I was taking Tabitha and Mungo up to the village to pick up Mummy. 

I opted for a black version of this May skirt, a leather rucksack, some neon pink nail varnish and a zebra print mule…

And this is where we start the fun my darling Shoelets because it’s quiz time!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! I can hear Tim whooping away!

Look after your clothes (and shoes) and you will have those beauties for years to come so…your question today is:

For which party were these zebra print mools per-chased:

1) March 1998: Party took place in 1a St. Pauls road, Whithington, Manchester.  Most of the performing arts course at Salford were invited – only my group of people turned up.  That would be 10 people.  I had short cropped hair and Bestie From The TV fell down the stairs.

2) July 1999: Party took place at Furness road, Fallowfield , Manchester and had an 80’s theme.  I went as a Grange Hill girl and Bobbi went as Michael Flatley.  We started off in the pub and then, thankfully, more than 10 people came back to the house.

3) November 1999: Party took place at Daisy Bank road, Victoria park, Manchester.  Sister With Massive Laugh and Bro Dude came up from London for it.  The small man, who initially owned the tweed jacket, spent most of the party trying to break into a car (someone had left their keys in it) and then had to break up a fight between two women who towered above him.

What say you? 

Answers will be announced on Friday….haven’t decided what the prize is going to be yet but it’ll be another good one.

Ps. Foot modelling took place at Laura Lee Jewellery in Covent Garden.  Only professionals do it so do not try at home.

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August 2011



Where to begin….

One of my favourite ‘clothes games’ (I don’t get out much!) is to decide on one item that I want to wear – a top, a pair of shoes – normally something I haven’t worn in ages, and work my outfit around that.  On Saturday night I was meeting Katsy and Bestie From The TV for a night of fun and frolics.  Having known both ladies for 15 years I knew a skirt or dress would be nowhere to be seen.

I started this outfit with my Sandra D capri pants.

I wanted to dress up, like I said I don’t get out much, but I also wanted to be super comfy and these Sandy D’s give me excellent flexibility – a lunge is never far away when wearing them.

Smaller, one legged lunges are also available.

(charity shop jacket, m&s thermal vest, reworked white t, capri pants from cyprus, fornarina heels, gifted bag from tim)

With the jacket and my hair I felt like I was channelling the new dragon, Hilary Devey, on Dragon’s Den

Now as a small treat I have decided to give you all a little pop quiz this Tersday morn and the prize will be that you get to see my other ear.  I know that it is something you’re all looking forward to.  My right ear is above…my left one will be showcased when a winner is announced.

How old are my Sandra D, highly malleable, possible camel hoof showing (need to be careful) capri pants?

8, 13 or 15 years old?

What say you?

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July 2011



Every cloud…

…seems to have found it’s way to London recently and no one is happy…NO ONE!!!

Come on…let’s try and be positive, let’s see if we can find a silver lining.   I’ve managed to find two postives from this negative we seem to have found ourselves in this July.  One is my hair and the other is my skirt situation.  When the weather is nice and dry I am constantly on le BMX and she is an unforgiving beast.  Hair needs to be down to fit under an extremely unflattering helmet and pencil skirts are a no no.

(charity shop jacket form zimbabwe, found wool mint top, second hand skirt form hk, orla kiely bag, m&s wedges and sunnies)

Lunch with Sister With Massive Laugh and Big Bro for his b’day was an excuse to get that hair piled high and to don a much loved and very flattering pencil skirt.

Although it looks like a gorgeous bright african print on my skirt I did in fact get it in Honkers at the end of last year.  When I asked Mrs. Kwan whether there were any secondhand/vintage stores on the tiny island she inhabits she informed me there were nada.  Apparently the chinese believe that the soul stays on in clothing and possessions after someone has died and so a lot of clothes are burnt with the body. (NOOOOOOO….Think of all those little cotton chinese suits we could be wearing right now!)  After lunch, in Centra,l with my friend Ms. Kwok she pointed me in the direction of The lanes (Li Yuen streets).  While browsing a rail outside one shop a familiar smell met my nostrils.  The ball of the moth….I turned to look in the shop properly…

‘Could it be?’ I said wandering in. ‘What the……I’ve only gone and done it!!! I’ve found the only second hand shop in HK!!!!’ 

Mrs. Kwan came running and after finding cute little bits on the ground floor we ventured upstairs in the shop….Whoooaaaaa!!! YEAH! …We found a camdenesque cave of treasures with no one else shopping there!  3 hours later we staggered out with many a saweeeeet treat under our arm- leather skirts, long sleeved dresses, printed shirts….We were in heavan and all for ridiculous prices.  I couldn’t work out the excahnge rate half the time or actually I don’t think I believed Mr. Kwan when she told me how much things were.  Which leads me to your next quiz my darling Shoelets….

How much did the HK pencil skirt cost when converted back into Great British pounds:

8p, 16p, 24p, £1.59 or £3.98?

Hee Heeee..Love a quiz….Answers for you all tomorrow…Go on!!!….What do you think?

Ps.  Doesn’t that padlock look as if I have a huge nipple ring!?

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June 2011



Chazzer shazzer chic: The results

And the winner of the Chazzer Shazzer chic competition is…

…Drum roll please…





and I quote:

Kimball says: All three dearest? x

Yeah!  Was I nasty my darlings?  I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it.  I was trying to show you something….Yes, I wanted to show you that you can’t judge a cheap Chazzer Shazzer bargain by it’s snazzy cover.  They are indeed ALL  from Chazzer Shazzers and only one wee lassy – Ms. Kimball Groves – guessed it correctly.  Well done to you! Bravo! your beady eye knew what it was doing…My love and respect is winging it’s way to you right now.  And to your beautiful dog…and sister…also beautiful.

DRESS. No. 1:

Purr-chased in 2004 in a small charity shop in Carlisle (and not in Oz as Tim thought!) after I had been to see Great Auntie Joan up in Cumbria.  I was on my way to the train and thought I’d pop into the chazzer shazzer opposite the station.  All dresses were half price and so the bargianous price for this beauty was



A recent buy, last year, from my favourite chazzer shazzer on Clapham high street.  Saw it on the way to brunch with a friend.  It is actually a size 16 so I took the beauty in.  Very comfy and easy to wear.  Have worn it to a birthday party (Grandad’s 91st…I was rocking out with Dot and Graham) as well as out for dinner…LOVE THE PRINT!!!  Fabulous price of



One of my favourite chazzer stories.  Bought in the summer of 2006 in a thrift store (Not sure what the difference is or why Maman called it that but she did) on an army base in Cyprus.  It used to have huge 80’s puff sleeves which I cut off but on somedays wish I hadn’t.  Have worn on a date and to work and was the ridiculous price of


(That’s Cyprus cents which don’t even exsist anymore but was about 15p)

YEAHHHHHH!!!  Now come on my lovelies…We can do this.  Go forth and scour those Chazzer Shazzers. There are hats, coats, dresses, shoes (If you don’t have big old canoe feet like yours truly), chinos and skirts just waiting to be found.  They have someone elses name written in them your name written all over them.  If you want to post your precious finds on our facebook page. DO IT!!  I wanna see them.  So does Tim…She loves that kinda shizal. 

I have popped a few luscious ladies in their Chazzer bargains up here.  Make me proud and save those pennies so that you can spend them on alcohol on a Fritag eve and then splash out on taxi’s home because you’re too wasted from the alcohol you bought!

It’s been fun working with you my Shoelets…Let’s do it again soon.  The weekend is now officially OPEN! GO!

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June 2011



Chazzer Shazzer Chic

I’m good at it but could do better.  Schmemmers is very good at it and extremely lucky. 

Tim is the queen.

I am, of course, talking about Charity shop buying…(What were you thinking!?) or as we like to call it: Chazzer Shazzer shopping.

Like I posted here, this week I have a small challenge for you all my little shoelets and it’s to help introduce you to the delights and awesome deals that can be found when bargain hunting in Charity shops.  I know it daunts a lot of you and it is something that can be very hit and miss but I can assure that there are many a sweet treat to be found out there.  Good quality clothing that shall not grace another as it’s a one off….YIPPPEEE!!

Now, there will no doubt be a charity shop or two near you on a high street and there are but a few rules that need to be adhered to:

  • Never go looking for a specific thing.  You won’t find it.  Chazzer Shazzer shopping is about find the unexpected.
  • Go regularly.  Chazzers get deliveries every day and you never know what or when hidden treasures will arise
  • Don’t be seduced by cheaper than chips prices.  Things may be dirt cheap but there’s still a lot of crap out there!
  • Actually look through the rails.  Pull pieces out and try things on.  You’ll see items a whole lot better than just browsing with those peepers.
  • Out of town Chazzers are the BEST!  Go see your Great Auntie Joan out in Wigton, Cumbria…Prices are cheaper and the good pieces haven’t all been nabbed by like minded sazzy souls. 

And now to your challenge.  I want you to guess which one of the three dresses below I bought from a Chazzer Shazzer.  And I mean an actual charity shop, not a vintage store or a secondhand place but an actual Save the Children, Mind, Barnados, Cancer Research, Pets (That’s one of my favourite’s near me!) etc….

So. Dress No.1.

(cotton navy and white floral dress)  

Dress no.2.

(multi-coloured floral dress)

Dress no.3.

(navy and white tulle 80’s dress)

What do you think my darlings? Which was a ridiculously bargionous dress from a Chazzer Shazzer?

I shall post the winner on Friday who will win…Well, I don’t actually have anything to offer other than my love and respect…Is that enough?!?

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