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June 2013



Wild weather wear


As demonstrated on Tuesday this weather is driving me crazy. One minute I’m wiping my sweaty top lip the next I’m reaching for my umbrella. Finding outfits to look good in when the weather seems to be having a major PMT strop is difficult to say the least and I don’t know what to tell you my Shoelets! There seem to be no wise words of sartorial advice I can depart from these sweet, cherry flavoured lips.

I myself plumped for a jumpsuit ~ light, comfortable and fresh.



{orla kiely jacket, vintage jumpsuit and belt, office flats}




{zelda cave engraved necklace, laura lee ‘tim’ necklace}

What are you throwing together to try and stay cool/dry/warm these days?

Spread the love and let us know.


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May 2013



Rise to the occasion: Princess layer


When a free trip to the theatre {went to see Book of Mormon kids ~ GO SEE!!!} has been on the cards for a while but the weather of Great Britain is sticking a big two fingers in your face there’s only one thing to do:

Emigrate Layer up!

I couldn’t put tights on because I’d told my good self that I wasn’t going to wear tights again until Autumn so the leggage had to be out but the sweet, sweet body was layered up my Shoelets, layered up! Thermal vest, petticoat, dress, cardiganos, kimono, coat, scarf…this weather ain’t got shit on ma style! Don’t let  it get you down either.



{chazzer shazzer coat, gifted scarf & kimono, american apparel yellow cardi, vinatge dress & heels, orla kiely bag}


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April 2013



Back in the hood


Hey guys look! The grey drain pipe is back.


I dropped off my dry~cleaning and couldn’t help but pop back to my old neighbourhood and snap a couple of outfit pics. Oh it was so good to be back, my Shoelets. The wall, my small turned in foot and that timid smile. I was back in the hood….and speaking of hoods {seamless. simply seamless} here’s my new one that I am in love with. I regaled you all with her birth journey into my wardrobe here and I have been wearing her beaucoup guys, BEAUCOUP. She’s a great layer to wear under my spring coats and you know that the more orange I can pile on the better I feel. Let’s crack open an orange and all feel the rush of that sweet Vit. C.


{chazzer shazzer coat, uniqlo puffer, vinatge dress {last seen here}, m&s tights, gifted scarf, hobbs flats, kimchi bag}


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April 2013



Simple 60’s style


Last week I put half my winter coats into storage and the other half on the dining room table where they will stay until I can be bothered to head 9 minutes up the road to the dry cleaners or they get stolen. Once that is done, they too will be put away into storage {lessons on how to store hardcore are here} Due to the ridiculously low temperatures that we are still experiencing you might think that I am being a god damn fool for putting my Winter warmers into hibernation. NEVER. Never my Shoelets.

I will always like cashmere and thermal vests which means I can happily, willingly and warmly move onto my collection of Spring coats. The jackets I have covered {see here, here and here} but the coats I own surmount to a mere three. I know guys, it’s not many, but it’s all I need and they do me just fine. The first is my beloved Grandma Wyn’s trench that I chopped up and took in that get’s a LOT of wear {here, here & here} The second is my Apricot Chazzer Shazzer find that I love {see here and here} but the third I have not shown your sweet peepers and it’s about time I did.

Step forward my 60’s style Simpleton. I per~chased this beauty nearly 10 years ago now from a vintage store in New York. It is so classic and simple which are not words you would initially think of to describe my style but…I love it and it always get’s compliments. Actually this time I wore it I didn’t get any compliments but I can only assume that was because everyone’s heads were facing down due to bastard rain.


{vintage coat & brogues, m&s cashmere joomp, chazzer shazzer skirt, tights, kimchi bag, d.i.m.d.i scarf}



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September 2012



D.I.M.D.I ~ Dip dye scarf

My D.I.M.D.I pile lay unloved for most of this past summer as I was out and about tripping in the sunshine, wearing short shorts and buying flipflops.  When it became overloaded with dresses I needed to stitch, tops I needed to crop and cardigans I needed to dye it was time to get on with reworking my goodies.  This pale blue cotton scarf lay dormant for such a long time because I felt like the colour was a little draining.  With the mane event a permanent shade of orange these days I thought a Dylon dye of navy for my scarf would compliment it perfectly.  Not wanting to turn it into a solid colour again I experimented with a little two tone dip dying….

{a tired old cashmere cardi made it into the mix too}

{easy peasy hand dye – See here for more d.i.m.d.i dying}

{reworked grandma wyn’s burberry trench, scarf and white tee, ginka skirt, beau coops booties, kimchi leather bag, m&s umbrella}

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July 2012



Pro Proenza

This post was supposed to be about bags.

I want a new bag.  I found a bag. Bag is expensive. Still like to ogle the bag. Blah, blah, bag.

It was The Man Repellers fault.  She done a post.  I looked at the post, found the bags and started dreaming.  Then I came across the above picture and now I am head over heels with my plaits tickling my ass.  Besides the gormless expression on the lasses face above I love this whole photo with all my heart, breasts and loins.

a) It’s a skirt suit.  OBSESSED with them already. Last count I had 6. SIX SKIRT SUITS!

2)IT’S PRACTICAL!!!!!!!!

Look closely my Shoelets.  That shirt is waterproof…well…water resistant….actually its probably only shower proof but if you threw water on it, it would surely bounce right back at ya. Right? The next layer is either a mac or part scuba costume.  I have died and to shitsummer heavan.  This is my ultimate outfit that I want to wear from now until I am styling my grey hair into some kind of high ponytail. This is exactly the type of get up we have been needing in this monsoon we like to call‘ The Summer of 20 shit’  You KNOW I love to look cappa cappa cool when it’s raining and have struggled with it in the past.  Now I need never struggle no more becasue all I need is $5, 000 {a guess and no doubt too low} and the beauty above is all mine.

I found lady luck first and then I found this beauty below

Not wanting to give too much away but there is an outfit coming – a Did It Myself Didn’t I outfit – that is very similar to this.  Actually, sorry it’s not but it is waterproof and layered and cool and I have been concocting it in my little brain for a while now and can’t wait to show you all.  Watch this space.  I am off to cut cagoule…YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Both outfits from Proenza Schouler pre collection 2012 – of which I would wear every single outfit.

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June 2012



The joy of June

{vintage leather jacket and chinos, sample sale black leather rucksack, found blk joomp, m&s socks, beau coops booties}

I’m off and moving to Greece….they need help with their economy don’t they?

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June 2012



Stepping up a gear

When the chips are down eg. summer’s no show to the party being thrown in honor of summer – something has to be pulled out of the bag.  Things need to be stepped up a gear.  Hair needs to be done, make up applied with a trowel and a midriff needs to be shown – OUCH!! HAWT!

Remember the rule though Shoelets – The belly button must be covered.  I know the 90’s are making a comeback but some things need to be left where they were discarded.

{chazzer shazzer coat, vintage cropped blouse and polka dot petticoat, gifted black lace skirt and pink jacket, beau coops booties, orla kiely bag}

Having great and thoughtful friends is always a bonus for good times and the supplying of alcohol but when those thoughtful friends buy you great birthday presents like this super cute little knitted jacket from Ebay then they need a mention

Tesscat – TANKS A MILL! I Loves it I do.

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May 2012





April 2012



Printing in the rain

As I looked out of the window last week and couldn’t see due to the rain being hurled in my face I heaved a sigh and wondered to myself

‘Will I ever meet Michael Fassbender?’

I then thought

‘What the fuck is going on with April?? SERIOUSLY! I’m not amused!’

Oh Lordy! I am losing my holiday calmness, as well as my tan, at a rate of knots here and my flatmate has just told me that this pissing weather is carrying on well into next month.  There’s nothing I can do to change it though {the farmers need it!!} so I turned away from that window, picked up my bagel, dropped what was on my bagel onto the floor, picked up what had been on my bagel, ate it and caught up on blog reading that I missed when I’d been away.

HALLELUJAH! Now, you know I like to get inspired by people {see here and here} and so when I came across Susie Bubble rocking some serious prints, EVEN in this stinking gale we’ve found oursleves in, I knew I had to follow suit.

 {grandma wyn’s burberry trench, cardi from a shop in oz, bretton top from south of france, vintage dress, brogues and bag, m&s stripy socks, diesal sunnies}

Print and pattern is going to be everywhere this spring/summer, EVERYWHERE! {Look, I tweeted it to you all here!} They’re going to be inviting themselves round for tea, hanging out, making you feel good about yourselves and you are not gonna wanna say no to them.  Believe me!

Don’t get overwhelmed by them, learn to love them and learn to mix them.

The rules are here and I say simply DO IT!!

PS. No pants but still no tights.  In this game I’m playing against myself I’m still winning.  I told myself so…you know…It’s true dat.

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