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Highlighting Twenty Twelve

My first post of 2012 stated that when it came to my outfits for the forthcoming year I wanted

‘a looser silouette, cleaner lines, brighter colours and more shoes.’

Well, I feel I’ve done what my optimistic, start of a brand new year self intended. I do always think it’s a little wanky when people {myself included} say their style has matured but… style has definitely matured.  A more grown up approach arose when it came to picking my attire each morning. Where as before I would have accesorised to the hilt I found myself stripping back and heading for a simpler approach to my sartorial wears. I CERTAINLY did buy a shoe or two and my most exciting discovery of the year was lipstick.  Oh how it revitalised this steadily aging boat race. In the tweet speak of James Arthur #LOVE.

Here be a few personal highlights from the year that just was.

There were definitely highs: {SUIT YOU}

And some summer time lows: {THE JOYS OF JUNE}

I was so lucky to travel far and wide with a suitcase full of costumes.

Firstly, above,  to my beloved Africa: {AFRICAN ADVENTURE}

Then I skipped over to Spain for my birthday: {HOLIDAY HIATUS ~ EL FIN}

And ended the summer with a couple of days in Paris: {PRETTY PARIS} 

I stayed true to my mixology roots: {A LITTLE NECK DECORATION}

but found I liked a simpler form just as much: {NEON PEACH}

And of course there were plenty of opportunities to Rise to the occasion: {SOFT ROSE & SWEET ORANGE}





The best thing about 2012 though has been the fabulous Wardrobe Detoxes I’ve done for your good selves and the exciting Sweet Treats I’ve had the pleasure in making happen. Thank you if you booked the services of Red shoes No knickers this year, if you commented on this very news page, contributed to a discussion about ankle socks or how much print is too much print or simply read silently and perhaps told a friend or two.

You can catch me at any of these technilogical pasttimes:

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Or you can book in your New Years Detox by contacting me Here

Here’s to 2013 being just as fabulous and maybe even a little better…Bonne Annee Mes Amies…..



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