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October 2012



Rise to the occasion: Hidden treasures

This new season has seen firstly a soft porn focused blur on my camera lense ~ apologies, I think I’ve fixed it ~ and secondly a desire to head for the trusted pencil.  Pencil skirt that is.  I’m really into their silouhette and feel it’s a stylish, grown up without looking ancient, slightly smart way of dressing.  With my two new pairs of flat boots {here and here} I’m thinking opposites along with one of my many cut up tees.  Opposites attract my Shoelets…..Remember that rule.

{grandma wyn’s burberry trench, self designed velvet jacket, gifted tee, chazzer shazzer skirt, m&s stockings & suspender belt, new kid booties, vintage bag from paris}

What with heading to the theatre that evening the velvet jacket added a much needed nod of respect to the actors on stage…and my stockings added a much needed surprise for anyone who might have caught a glimpse when I was scratching my arse crossing my legs…..What a treat hidden treasures are eh?

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August 2012



Mini Matador

I showcased this makeshift suit back in January when I first bought the wee velvet shorts.  Now they’re back in a whole other styling.  I’ve been wanting to wear this mini matador outfit ever since I came back from Spain and was influenced by the bull fighters outfits.  Their cropped bolero jackets and their tight bottoms…Oooo hallo!

What with a theatre date coming up with girls who don’t do skirts or dresses {remember them from last summer? See here} I knew this velvet two piece with my birthday heels would go down a treat.

{vintage velvet jacket from nyc, vintage velvet shorts from reign, reworked gifted cotton top, m&s sunnies and heels, kimchi bag}

Of course the most beneficial part of this whole ensemble is the lunge-ability.  When you can lunge in an outfit I don’t really think anything else matters. Photographic evidence of a double lunge for you below.  Don’t say I don’t ever give you anything!

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July 2012



Rise to the occasion: Decked in Marks

While this photo does indeed look like I am wiping some dog shit off my foot,  I am in fact getting ready to go to the theatre.  I know it’s deceiving and I apologise but at the same time as showcasing you my outfit I wanted to show you the excellence of Le shoe I am wiping on the curb.

If you’re new to RSNK {welcome} then you might not know this but if you’re a hardcore stalwart of the Red shoes news page you will have probably guessed that these shoes are from M&S.  That’s right.  Marks and Spencer.  The department store where elasticated jeans – size 36 , a Mexican bean wrap and a coconut body lotion can all be bought in one sitting.

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it my Shoelets!  It may have the ‘mum’ tag but it’s got some right old hidden treasures and I’m not just talking about chocolate covered brazil nuts!   It’s affordable, logoless, classic and attempting to make as little environmental impact as they – a massive retail outlet – can.  I would highly recommend it for underwear, footwear {see here, here, here and here} sunglasses {see here, here, here and here} jackets {bought for this occasion} and cashmere {see here and here}

{m&s jacket and heels, gifted grey vest and sequinned belt, reworked pink vest, may custom made skirt, crochet bag from cyprus}

As Anna Chacellor said to Tim and I, as we were in her dressing room, {Oh you better believe I just name dropped!!}

‘Going to a the theatre is a treat and it’s respectful to the actors if you dress up’.

I replied

‘Anna, you old broad! I’ve been saying that for years!  Why don’t you check out this and see what I’m sayin!’

Sister With Massive Laugh and I showed big respect and love to Ms. Walters at the National.  Queen Julie was on top form.

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June 2012



Rise to the occasion: West end date

Day time denim and a flat leopard print shoe…

…turned into a matching suit jacket and a killer heel.

There are rules remember, my Shoelets, and those rules need to be adhered to.

{reworked gifted denim jacket, american apparel t, sara berman skirt, m&s sunnies}

{sara berman jacket, revlon ‘charming’ nailpolish}

{hobbs leopard print flats, chazzer shazzer leather bag}

{new m&s heels}

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March 2012



Piling it on…

I think we all know about my love affair with dressing up for the theatre by now. {if not see here}

It’s a must, a neccessity!!  No jeans allowed when accompanying yours truly to The National.  I had front row seats to see Ms. Maggie Service in ‘Collaborators’ and I needed an outfit that would see me through a full day at work, a ride on my bike in this beautiful weather and was good enough for the theatre.

{sara berman jacket, gifted zara shirt and polka dot skirt (skirt from ms. service herself), tabio tights, forever 21 elastic belt, m&s boots and sunnies}

 Check, floral, polka, stripes and lace ~ I’m piling it on! Pass me a sombrero and I’ll be done.

Mixology to the extreme!

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December 2011



NYC nakedness

{leather jacket from pop boutique, gifted scarf and grey hoodie, reworked waistcoat {last seen here}, vintage dolce and gabanna skirt, gap mittens and socks, belstaff boots, orla kiely bag}

Women in NYC don’t wear tights. Period.

Ok…so not ALL women don’t wear tights and not NEVER do they not wear tights but I read an article in Vogue once that I found so fancinating and it was that women in NYC, when dressing up to go out, simply don’t wear tights!

 What?  How can that be? 

But it’s true….Look at this picture of the The Glamourai {here} all dressed up for a night out in December and her legs be bare.  Also The Man Repeller and her buddies {here} all naked! It reminds me of when SJP was getting Carrie ready for Sex and the City and she said she will never wear foundation as NYC women simply don’t! The fact that mani/pedi’s and taxi’s are much cheaper over there are obviously big factors.

When I read the article I found it extrodinary as I couldn’t imagine a world without my beloved opaques but this year my love of le tight is waning.  I find them to jar with certain outfits and I’m not into my crazy colours as I once was. Although, I won’t be giving them up completely because if I’m not on le BMX then I’m waiting for a bus at the end of a night and a bare leg with a 30 minute wait outside the Maccy D’s on The Strand will freeze the ass off even the most warm blooded of mofos.

On a date with the theatre though I decided to roadtest this New York madness and you know what?…It wasn’t so bad!  My top half was so layered up and snuggly that it didn’t matter that my legs were flying solo.

Another Christmas date with old friends at Wild Honey this week is going to involve a bare leg… well as a see through skirt….You know me my darling Shoelets…always like to shock…

Still not decided what you want to wear for upcoming parties, Christmas day or New Years eve? Treat yourselves to a Sweet discount…..

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October 2011



Theatre costume

There is a rule between my friends and I I have a rule that I like to implement amongst my friends and it’s to do with the theatre.  When I was younger I lived abroad but we came back every summer and christmas and our biggest treat was always going to the theatre in London’s West end.   I am a self confessed musical whore and thank my parents for instilling in me a love of cheesy love songs, over acting and jazz hands galore…..Hey! and that’s just Les Mis!

Because it was a big deal {eg. V. EXPENSIVE!} taking 5 people to the theatre we always wore our best clothes {I think my Dad used to wear a suit!} and felt extremely lucky to be there.  Actually, come to think about it I remember everyone used to get really dressed up.  Going to the theatre meant your best clothes came out of storage and were on display.

All these years later I still feel so lucky to be able to go to the theatre and never forget what a priviledge it is.  If I could I’d go once a week!!  Now, if you ever get to come and see anything with me you need to know that the rule is there will not be a sloppy outfit in sight!!  NEVER!! Not if you want to sit near me and share my pick and mix anyway.

There are so few occassions to get really dressed up these days that they should, in my book, be celebrated. Sister With Massive Laugh’s Boy is in Warhorse and she was very generous last night in treating myself and Bro Dude to tickets to see it.  An extrememly fabulosity outfit was definately in order for this sweet treat.

{gifted military jacket and scarf, m&s sunnies and cashmere socks, may black shrug, vintage giraffe print blouse and dolce and gabbana felt skirt, gifted lace top and mint bag, ancient barrett’s heels}

The poupée came out to model my Dolce and Gabanna felt skirt that I got for $15 from Balmain market in Sydo!  It’s so big that when I went to sit down Sister With Massive Laugh had to stuff it down the sides of my seat for me!

As if going to the theatre itself wasn’t great enough, we got to go backstage afterwards and meet Joey…If you haven’t seen Warhorse yet I strongly suggest you do so…oh and take some tissues with you….and of course dress up…

{joey and I swaping hair colour tips}

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