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November 2018



What to do with all our stuff

Last weekend I went to Somerset to help my parents oldest friends clear out ninety three years worth of someone’s precious belongings.

Attached to the side of Terry & Judy’s beautiful cottage, in a hamlet near Yeovil, is an annexe where Terry’s mum Joy lived. She recently passed away and I was heading down to firstly play with the dogs and secondly to help decide what should be done with a lifetimes worth of stuff.

And Boy was there some stuff. Joy had lived and travelled in the far East for a large portion of her life so there were ornaments and artefacts from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand. There was a whole flat full of furniture, so much crockery, cutlery, glassware. Photo albums, books, clothing, accessories, jewellery, paintings….The list went on and the clear out felt endless.

My job was in the bedroom where my wardrobe detoxing eye went straight into work mode. I immediately put aside what I knew would sell on Ebay. The tartan trousers, the houndstooth skirt, the mink coat, the Burberry Mac. The rest I suggested be sold at a car boot. Yes, I know it’s a hassle and things tend to sell for just 50p at the end of the day but something’s better than nothing, right? Waste not want not and all that? One persons trash is anothers treasure?

Terry and Judy had been sorting and distributing and organising for the past few weeks and were starting to feel the fatigue. They wanted the stuff gone. They wanted the flat clear so they could rent it out and they wanted to move on. Sifting through a family members belongings and revisiting old memories is hard and it’s sad and it can be exhausting. They didn’t have the time or the inclination to stand at a car boot and haggle over whether Joy’s Peacock mixed polyester blouse should be sold for £2 or £2.50.

Once family and friends have taken what they want. When they’ve left with what they deem to be useful or memorable what happens to the rest of the stuff? Where do we put it all? Stacey Dooley’s recent BBC programme ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’ revealed that in the UK alone we dump 300, 000 tons of clothing in landfill every year. Charity shops see a sharp increase of donations in January when we offload 73 000 tons worth of clothing. And that’s just clothing. That doesn’t include the rest of our stuff.

Oh God, STUFF! What are we doing with all this stuff? Why do we need it? If last weekend showed me anything it showed that we’re holding onto things so that someone else can be exasperated by having to wade through it all once we’re gone. Don’t get me wrong. I have stuff. I have boxes of photo albums, no doubt far too many clothes, old letters that I’ve read, books that I haven’t. I have a suitcase full of my teenage stuff still in my parents attic that, much to my Father’s dismay, I am choosing to ignore for the time being. The amount of stuff I alone have is overwhelming. And I’m just about to obtain more stuff this Christmas. A list has gone out to my siblings of things I want. More things I, of course, don’t need but do think I would benefit from because YES, a spoon rest for when I’m cooking is important in my kitchen at the moment. {See Middle Class Mockery}

I’m not immune to the allure of surrounding ourselves with items that bring us joy, are aesthetically pleasing or that comfort us. I’m also not disillusioned into thinking I’ll never buy anything new ever again. None of us are and it would be silly to suggest otherwise. But there are ways we can do it without contributing to more landfill and collating more stuff for others to deal with when we’re gone.

Tried and tested tactics include ~ One in one out. Bought a new coat/dress/pair of shoes? Lose something from your current wardrobe. Your wardrobe stays manageable and you start to become more aware of what you’re purchasing.

EbayEtsy, second hand shops, auction houses are where plenty of previously owned bargains can be found. Don’t like the idea of ‘vintage or antique’? That’s fine. New items or only lightly used items can still be found on the net. It takes time to find them but I know you can do it.

Freecycle! What a beautiful idea. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and neighbourhoods. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.

Resell, recycle, regift ~ Have you exhausted every possibility of all that stuff you no longer want? Would a friend benefit from it? Can you rework it and make it into something else? Can you sell it and make money from it? YES! Just think about that. Cold hard cash in the palm of your bank account to spend on…..well, probably more stuff but you get my point!

Landfill is full. Charity shops can only sell so much. Recycling is happening but not as fast as we’re consuming. Your children/sibling/cousin/a stranger does not really want to wade through your wares so let’s start to rethink shall we? Let’s start to reduce, reuse, recycle, resell, regift….

I’m off to trawl through Ebay.

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November 2013



Longer legs

It has been said that a nude shoe elongates the legs and makes them appear longer. It’s been said and it’s true. I 100% agree. Trouble is I’m not a fan of a nude shoe and think they’re incredibly boring. With all the fabulous and colorful footwear on offer out there why would I choose a shoe that blends into my skin? I’m not ruling it out forever but it’s just not for me now.

The leg lengthening aspect, however, is for me now and is something I’m very much in favour of. Double trouble is when it comes to  winter and the dreaded tight comes into action it’s hard. Especially if ~ like me ~ you have an abundance of  coloured tights. I used to be all about the coloured tights but in later years, and last year in particular, I tended to head for the more muted colours ~ Black, navy, grey. I felt there was always too much going on with my outfit when a coloured tight was involved and ultimately, when putting a shoe on, always ended up cutting off my legs and making me look dumpy.

My solution? Match your tights to your shoes. Easy. I’ve got enough shoes to be able to match my tights and that way I’m making the most of what I already own. Waste not want not my Shoelets….simply shopping my own wardrobe. Try it. Feels so 1 (2)

{from L to R ~ vintage brogues, tights. vintage patent heels, m&s tights. m&s heeled brouges, tights}

photo 2 (2)

{from L to R ~ vintage peeptoe heels, tights. anthropologie shoeboots}

photo 4

{from L to R ~ all tights from tabio. beau coup flat shoe boots. hobbs leopard print mary janes. belstaff heeled shoeboots}

photo 3

{from L to R ~ tabio tights, melissa plastic heels. falke tights, chie mihara heeled brogues. tabio tights, vintage heeled brogues}

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October 2013



Get that coat right

coat med1Dear Shoelets,

Firstly we all need to calm down. It’s not the end of the world…although, were you to have been in Southern UK on Sunday night it might have felt it at 3am. WHOOAAAA!!!! Everyone ok? I did go out to review the wreckage the next morning and only found a few branches down but still…We don’t need this shit WORLD!!!! Ok, I digress. Apologies. So, Why I’ve bombarded you with multiple images of me doing essentially the same pose {God, I’m dull} is not to show you that I can easily shift my weight from left leg to right leg or how great my hair can look when I make an effort but to talk about the winter coat.

All I am hearing these days from friends is

‘Talk to me about coats’

‘Where can I get my winter coat?’

‘Do these coats on Ebay suit me?’

I know it’s tough going into a season where you HAVE to have a particular item to be able to survive but we all need to calm down. While I can’t physically go coat shopping with each and everyone of you I can try and impart some words of wisdom here on the RSNK news page. Read on and don’t weep My Shoelets….

1. Go shopping ~ 

I know. Sounds so stupid but it’s the truth and it seems you CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!! Like most items of clothing, trying a coat on is so much better. Shopping online is not to be sniffed at but I would say with coats, underwear, swimwear and footwear ~ Go try that shit on! I know we don’t have a lot of time these days what with attempting to have it all, look the part and conquer the world but we need to schedule in a little trying on session. Even if it’s a couple of coats per lunch break. Find out what suits your shape, what’s right for your needs and what you’re going to get the most wear out of. Take your time and only buy when you’re sure.

black coat

2. Suit you, sir ~ 

Petite peeps ~ Stay away from pieces that drown you. Life jackets are not available. A coat that’s too long in the body and sleeves will simply make you look like you’re wearing your Mum’s coat…..& you’re 7 years old. Also stay away from large prints, an excess of buckles/zips/buttons/lapels/ties ~ all will make you swim in your coat.

Longtime Lovers ~ You beautiful tall, larger, long legged women need a long, powerful statement coat. Make it good quality, make it speak for itself. Pea coats need not apply.

Curves are us ~ Stay away from anything double breasted. We don’t want to add bulk to your bossom. Try and make your coat finish either just above the knee or ~ if you’re brave ~ just above the ankle. Deep V’s & waist ties are your NBF’s.

Sports Directors ~ Head for the double breasted. Add bulk to that bossom. Make your coat finish on the hip. Embrace the embellishments.

3. Start classic ~ 

Yes. I have posted myself wearing 7 winter coats. But I have built up these coats over many years and the most important {read functional} ones are the plain, classic, ‘Go with everything’ ones. They need to start as your base. If all you can afford is one coat then start with grey, navy or black ~ You’ll get some much wear out of it and once you have that in place ~ then you can have fun ~ Colour, print, shape, fur….go wild!

4. Who got the money? ~ 

Buying coats can be an expensive hobby. Fear not My Shoelets ~ I’m here to help. Read on. 

A coat is for life not just for Christmas.

coat med

And here in concludes the Coat lesson of 2013 as told to you by RSNK’s.

Should you have any more questions about what, where, why & how to buy….Feel free to ask….you know I love a discussion…

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September 2013



More clean lines



Now these little badboys don’t look like much ~ granted ~ but were this ‘puter screen touchy feely {not doubt apple have something in the pipeline!} you would reach out with your tiny paw and find that these are in fact velvet hangers and they are a wardrobe’s best friend. I’m constantly going through my clients closets chucking out wire hangers from the dry cleaners, plastic hangers left over from Uni, wooden jacket hangers from god knows where and then trying to make some semblance of the mismatch chaos that’s left. I’m not blaming you my Shoelets, I’m just as much to blame.

Back in June I was in this wardrobe state too ~




I’m so ashamed to show you my Shoelets ~ the wood, the plastic, the wire, the mayhem! This is not how our beloved garments should be stored, seen or showcased. That is why I finally had enough and I made my way over to Amazon and treated myself to these and these.

Oh Sweet Jesus how things have changed. Gone is the mayhem and in comes the magic ~ symmetry, clean lines {you know that’s my obsession this week}, level playing fields. What more does a girl need for her wardrobe? No more doubling up of items {actually tripling up in some cases!}, no more inappropriate hangers for desperate dresses. My wardrobe is date ready and the date she is getting ready for is my goodself.




I honestly believe it’s a worthy investment. Make sure you go for velvet, thin hangers that have a grove at each end. They prevent pieces slipping off, are thin enough to fill a small space with lots of treats and not be too heavy. Plus they’re affordable. You can’t say fairer than that can you? Go do it!!! You’ll learn to love that wardrobe of yours all over again.

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September 2013



So long….Farewell


I’m culling.

Having moved two new flatmates into my place  this past week {therefore moving two out} things have been up in the air and, as if carried on the wind, the changes they are acoming. Due to this turn around of flatties I have taken it upon myself to have a deep clean of my own stuff, a move around and a chuck out. That’s what comes with the shifting of seasons but also I think the presence of Fashion week has spurred on this need to cleanse too. I’m looking at my wardrobe and my accessories thinking ‘BOOOORREEEE~RINNNGGG’ and that can only mean one thing ~ some things have to go.

I’m actually sad to see all these shoes go but I had to be ruthless. I HAD TO!

It’s what I say to my clients when I root around in their closets and start getting personal:

‘Do you still wear it/them?’

‘When did you last wear it/them?’

‘This look shabby as held!’l gurl ~ get rid’

My zebra mules ~ which you might remember from HERE ~ had to go due to the fact that they were so old and falling apart that I was actually keeping them together on the inside with plasters! Not a classy look when you remove said shoe at, say, a rooftop cinema.

It was a very tough decision to bin my red flats {last seen HERE} as they have been a constant, classic staple for many a year now but, they too, have seen better days & basically made me look like a scruffy student when I turned up in them. Not a good look in your 30’s….well, late 20’s 😉

My maroon wedges from m&s were just not worn enough and I feel like I’ve grown away from a wedge {THESE badboys will never leave me though} so the same goes for the Hobbs one’s too. You’re getting rid of a shoe with a leopard print cow hide on the side??????? Yeah I know but whenever I looked down all I saw was a round toe, black, suede pump ~ Ebay time.

It’s hard to let go of pieces that often have sentimental value or you know you can wear well with certain pieces but don’t really know why you don’t wear them more often. We all need to move on and I promise you that something just as fabulous, if not even better, will come along and fill it’s place sooner or later. No shoe is irreplaceable. Trust me.

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September 2013



All out of love

DSC03007I don’t know when it exactly happened but I know that it has.

My love for the belt has gone.

It’s disappeared. Vanished. Vamoosed out of my life and I’m not sure whether it will ever come back. There was a time when a day didn’t go by without a tightening in of the waist. A nod towards the accessory that most people seem to own but never quite know what to do with. I know that what comes with age is knowledge, peace & an ever increasing belly that does NOT look good when accentuated by a wide elastic belt and I also know that those first two listed are bullshit and what simply comes with age is the belly. I don’t mind a thin belt now and then. A tiny nod to my once~small~but~now~only~medium~sized waist but I guess I just don’t feel like reaching for this once loved accessory.

I seem to favour a sleeker line, a looser fit and a less fussy get up. I feel bad for my beloved belts but, as I say to my clients, I’ll still keep them around. I’ll cull a few but will keep the majority as you never know…one day the waist made need a little cinching in and a trusty small belt at hand will save the day*

*As long as it’s not an occasion where I need to eat or sit down for a longtime…or drink lots or am on my period. Belts don’t seem to work for these occasions anymore. 

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August 2013



Staple classics


After a lovely and very rewarding wardrobe detox this week I found the all too familiar words about neutral classics falling from my mouth and wondered whether I had imparted these pearls of wisdom to my dear Shoelets?  I know you’ve had the do and do NOT’s of proportions and the rules of mixology but the world of staples and those which go with everything are nuggets of advice that every woman needs. My outfit on this sunny Saturday afternoon holds many a tale to tell.


{gifted bretton top from tim, reworked ancient shorts, funkis clogs, diesel sunnies, 29 year old gift coca cola bag}


~ My general rule, which doesn’t always apply, is that when putting an outfit together you should stick to a maximum of three different colours ~

~ Colours of the same hue are classed as one eg. navy, cobalt & cornflower blue are all classed as one ~ 

~ Some very powerful pieces of clothing over rule all of this and can simply be worn with everything ~

~ bretton stripes ~

~ denim ~ 

~ animal print ~ 

~ khaki {thick trench coat ~ 

~ pillar box red ~

~ soft, dove grey ~ 

~ polka dots ~ 

~tan {not brown, big difference. HUGE} accessories ~ 

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer as to why this is the case or actually how I know this but it’s true. I promise you. I wouldn’t lie to you My Shoelets…well, I would about my age but that is the only thing! I would, on occasion, add white to that list but when cream or off white are involved I cross her off the list and leave her till another time.

Try it.

Mix any of the above with any outfit and I promise they’ll work. If they don’t you have my permission to come back and sue me.


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July 2013



Shorts week ~ Long low rise


Day two of ‘Shorts week’ ~ this thing is really taking off! I’ve seen loads of people wearing shorts. I’ve given them that knowing wink and we’ve shared a moment of ‘yes, we’re both participating in National ‘Shorts Week” ~ saw me don the complete opposite of yesterday’s treats. I went for low rise, longline, thin cord and a customary heel that makes m a little more fem. Loose fits and breezy times for long, hot summer days…happy days…..


{gifted vest, bcbg cord shorts, vintage heels, m&s sunnies, orla kiely bag}




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July 2013



Shorts week ~ High waisters

DSC02695When the weather decides to finally answer my prayers and grant me with a succession of weeks that firstly make everyone so God DAMN happy and secondly allow me to wear all my ‘summer summer’ clothes then I thank it’s pretty ass and make the most of this precious time.  As with Pants week {I’m sure you’ll all remember those good old days} I laid out all my shorts on my bed and each day made sure they got the showcasing that they so rightly deserved. A brown leg and a heel was all these high~waisted D.I.M.D.I shorts needed. I ran around town all day in this comfy, chic outfit. CHIC???? Gurrrrrrrrlllll…YES! I know they’re cut offs but with a sleeve, a heel and a high waist I made these badboys work for central London.




{forever 21 top, d.i.m.d.i shorts, melissa plastic heels, green wooden beads from bondi beach market, gifted promise2morrow paper beads, orla kiely}



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July 2013



Hidden gems


{gifted & then reworked zimbabwean dress from bestie from africa, vintage pink dress from sydney, vintage birds of paradise dress from san francisco}

I’ve done my homework that I set myself yesterday and have been hunting and discovering and loving finding my summer specials. They’re out, they’re going to be worn and their accompaniment will be a big fat smile on my face.


{black and beige flip flops from gap, only hearts cotton vest top}


{gifted supre dress from ms. kass, orla kiely clutch}


{£1 hat from cyprus}


{dimdi dress}


{dimdi grey shorts, self designed playsuit, vintage leather visor, ancient cut off jeans, gifted accesorise sunhat}


{vintage top from nyc}

What have you been unearthing my Shoelets?

Any hidden gems that you’d forgotten about?

Tell all…

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