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October 2013



Get that coat right

coat med1Dear Shoelets,

Firstly we all need to calm down. It’s not the end of the world…although, were you to have been in Southern UK on Sunday night it might have felt it at 3am. WHOOAAAA!!!! Everyone ok? I did go out to review the wreckage the next morning and only found a few branches down but still…We don’t need this shit WORLD!!!! Ok, I digress. Apologies. So, Why I’ve bombarded you with multiple images of me doing essentially the same pose {God, I’m dull} is not to show you that I can easily shift my weight from left leg to right leg or how great my hair can look when I make an effort but to talk about the winter coat.

All I am hearing these days from friends is

‘Talk to me about coats’

‘Where can I get my winter coat?’

‘Do these coats on Ebay suit me?’

I know it’s tough going into a season where you HAVE to have a particular item to be able to survive but we all need to calm down. While I can’t physically go coat shopping with each and everyone of you I can try and impart some words of wisdom here on the RSNK news page. Read on and don’t weep My Shoelets….

1. Go shopping ~ 

I know. Sounds so stupid but it’s the truth and it seems you CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!! Like most items of clothing, trying a coat on is so much better. Shopping online is not to be sniffed at but I would say with coats, underwear, swimwear and footwear ~ Go try that shit on! I know we don’t have a lot of time these days what with attempting to have it all, look the part and conquer the world but we need to schedule in a little trying on session. Even if it’s a couple of coats per lunch break. Find out what suits your shape, what’s right for your needs and what you’re going to get the most wear out of. Take your time and only buy when you’re sure.

black coat

2. Suit you, sir ~ 

Petite peeps ~ Stay away from pieces that drown you. Life jackets are not available. A coat that’s too long in the body and sleeves will simply make you look like you’re wearing your Mum’s coat…..& you’re 7 years old. Also stay away from large prints, an excess of buckles/zips/buttons/lapels/ties ~ all will make you swim in your coat.

Longtime Lovers ~ You beautiful tall, larger, long legged women need a long, powerful statement coat. Make it good quality, make it speak for itself. Pea coats need not apply.

Curves are us ~ Stay away from anything double breasted. We don’t want to add bulk to your bossom. Try and make your coat finish either just above the knee or ~ if you’re brave ~ just above the ankle. Deep V’s & waist ties are your NBF’s.

Sports Directors ~ Head for the double breasted. Add bulk to that bossom. Make your coat finish on the hip. Embrace the embellishments.

3. Start classic ~ 

Yes. I have posted myself wearing 7 winter coats. But I have built up these coats over many years and the most important {read functional} ones are the plain, classic, ‘Go with everything’ ones. They need to start as your base. If all you can afford is one coat then start with grey, navy or black ~ You’ll get some much wear out of it and once you have that in place ~ then you can have fun ~ Colour, print, shape, fur….go wild!

4. Who got the money? ~ 

Buying coats can be an expensive hobby. Fear not My Shoelets ~ I’m here to help. Read on. 

A coat is for life not just for Christmas.

coat med

And here in concludes the Coat lesson of 2013 as told to you by RSNK’s.

Should you have any more questions about what, where, why & how to buy….Feel free to ask….you know I love a discussion…

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April 2013



Back in the hood


Hey guys look! The grey drain pipe is back.


I dropped off my dry~cleaning and couldn’t help but pop back to my old neighbourhood and snap a couple of outfit pics. Oh it was so good to be back, my Shoelets. The wall, my small turned in foot and that timid smile. I was back in the hood….and speaking of hoods {seamless. simply seamless} here’s my new one that I am in love with. I regaled you all with her birth journey into my wardrobe here and I have been wearing her beaucoup guys, BEAUCOUP. She’s a great layer to wear under my spring coats and you know that the more orange I can pile on the better I feel. Let’s crack open an orange and all feel the rush of that sweet Vit. C.


{chazzer shazzer coat, uniqlo puffer, vinatge dress {last seen here}, m&s tights, gifted scarf, hobbs flats, kimchi bag}


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April 2013



Simple 60’s style


Last week I put half my winter coats into storage and the other half on the dining room table where they will stay until I can be bothered to head 9 minutes up the road to the dry cleaners or they get stolen. Once that is done, they too will be put away into storage {lessons on how to store hardcore are here} Due to the ridiculously low temperatures that we are still experiencing you might think that I am being a god damn fool for putting my Winter warmers into hibernation. NEVER. Never my Shoelets.

I will always like cashmere and thermal vests which means I can happily, willingly and warmly move onto my collection of Spring coats. The jackets I have covered {see here, here and here} but the coats I own surmount to a mere three. I know guys, it’s not many, but it’s all I need and they do me just fine. The first is my beloved Grandma Wyn’s trench that I chopped up and took in that get’s a LOT of wear {here, here & here} The second is my Apricot Chazzer Shazzer find that I love {see here and here} but the third I have not shown your sweet peepers and it’s about time I did.

Step forward my 60’s style Simpleton. I per~chased this beauty nearly 10 years ago now from a vintage store in New York. It is so classic and simple which are not words you would initially think of to describe my style but…I love it and it always get’s compliments. Actually this time I wore it I didn’t get any compliments but I can only assume that was because everyone’s heads were facing down due to bastard rain.


{vintage coat & brogues, m&s cashmere joomp, chazzer shazzer skirt, tights, kimchi bag, d.i.m.d.i scarf}



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March 2013



New Look {not the shop}

DSC01805Oh HALLO! I’m back!

RSNK has had a little makeover, a little sprucing and a tiny bit of tweaking and I hope you like our new look? Yes, I’m back BUT it’s still freezing?! What is going on? Well as I said over on my FB page I am tired of complaining about the weather and am going to simply get on with things. I invested in some more thermals {you know I love a thermal} this time from Uniqlo. I plumped for a pair of long johns and long sleeved heat tech combopopped on the last of my J crew goodies that I picked up in NYC & snuggled into The Gorilla. 


{vintage coat, lulu guiness bag, j crew cashmere joomp, sara berman skirt {part of a suit}, tights, gifted hudson booties}



Winter blues? They ain’t got nothing on me! Hope you’re keeping WARRRRRRMMMM!

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March 2013



Look at me

As a little over a month of fashion weeks around the globe ~ NYC, London, Milan, Paris ~ come to an end in a few days my interest in what has been going on down the runway, as well as out on the streets, has been…well, let’s just say my mind was working over time.  With New York fashion week kicking the whole shebacle off I become addicted to what was going on over the pond. I checked my Instagram constantly and read numerous blogs to keep up to date with what was going on.  As I’ve said before {see here} I am always more interested with what’s going on outside of the shows, the street styling and how everyone is rising to the occasion.

One afternoon I was skimming through twitter and came across this article ‘The circus of fashion’ by Suzy Menkes. While the piece goes on to talk about the relationship that brands have with bloggers the initial emphasis was on the ‘freak’ show outside of the catwalk shows. She talks about the ever increasing peacocking that occurs these days and how people seem to be dressing, not for style sake or perhaps because they believe in what they’re wearing, but simply to get noticed by the mob like papperazzi that loiter outside.

I love street styling and have always said that my inspiration comes from people on the street and not from what’s in the shops but I couldn’t decide whether or not I saw this ‘LOOK AT ME’ tidal wave that is engulfing us as a good or bad thing. As an avid reader and follower of the extremely well written {and very funny} Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller I particularly enjoyed her response to Menkes’ piece. {see here and I really think you should as it is a great piece of journalism}

At the time of reading all this I was getting ready to head off to London Fashion week myself and of course ~ ER! HALLO! It’s ME! ~ was deciding what to wear. Both pieces made me stop and think and wonder whether I was dressing to try and get papped myself. Everyone likes to get noticed but did I need a photograph on the internet to tell me that my outfit was great? Did I need the attention of  a crowd of people I didn’t know to look at my clothes, to comment, to photograph and to judge?

I’ve said before that I like to dress for other people but I dress for MY people. I wear headgear Kass, good knitwear for Tim, stacked jewellery for Bestie from Africa, PANTS for My Husband & Katsy, printed dresses for my Mother.  And while I dress for the occasion, I ultimately dress to feel good, amuse and wow myself in the occasion.

 {m&s sunnies, coat from paris, gifted scarf, vintage bag, d.i.m.d.i leather skirt, tights, beau coops boots}

My outfit for LFW was perfect and so me ~ comfortable & cool. As I strode past the peacoking at Somerset house ~ The backless sequinned dresses {‘where’s your coat love? It’s 2 degrees!!’}, the terry towelling knickers {TRUE STORY} and the unwalkable shoes ~ I felt safe in the knowledge that I was dressing for all the right people. My people.

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February 2013



Keeping it real {warm}

Do we all remember my new crush Ms. Miroslava Duma yeah? Pop on over here if not. Well in carrying on the theme of the week, which I’m not actually sure I told you what it was? it’s ‘Warm yet werking it girlfriend’ btw, I found some perfect examples of Mira & some other ladies werking and warming to demonstrate my wise words. Now each outfit that Ms. Duma is wearing is just pure perfection for me but no doubt, very much like me, you do not have her budget of £freeclothesgiventomebecauseimsomone. Therefore we are merely looking at examples here and shall hence forth go to our own wardrobes and recreate each look with what we already own. Far more satisfying I say.

~ The first five pictures are to do with the {no so} humble hat. NEVER underestimate the power of a hat people. 40 – 45% {just googled it} of body heat is lost through the head and so by simply popping on a fur, fedora, fez hat you’re already a winner ~

~ No hat around? Try a headscarf. Remember when I liked this little beauty all those months ago? Well little did I know it was Ms. Mira my {soon to be} muse. Remember the opposites though. To avoid looking like Babuska Kopkava when wearing a headscarf keep the rest of your outfit sharp, simple & edgy {and/or with a big fur button under your chin} ~

~Next: Cover all surfaces. Yes she’s essentially wearing a short sleeved crop top with no coat but I can not see any skin exposed. Besides her leather slee~gloves and long boots she’s got shit loads of M&s thermals on underneath. Guaranteed ~

~Do it like a brother, do it like a dude…Why should the boys always get all the warmth? Steal a boys identity & make it your own {a little m into fm} ~

~Warm socks and sensible shoes. Yo Mama was always right ~

~ Make a puffa cool. While I’m not the biggest fan of them I do admit that they’re toasty. Instead of wearing with no make~up, white reebok classics and with poobags hanging out of the pockets {you know who you are!!} why not layer, style, stick on a red lip and rock~

~If in doubt pile on a blanket. Best to de~dog hair first ~

~At last but by no means least, do as Grandma Wyn would have done in the war. A chunky woollen poloneck {were they around then?}, a classic wool coat, a hat to protect the hair, a slick of lippy and a sensible boot. If she’d done her bag up properly and everything inside was OCD ordered I might have thought this was me ~

GO forth my Shoelets and shop your wardrobes. Take inspiration from these ladies that I found over here or from my own winter warming wares but whatever you do, stay warm. Blue hues around one’s lips are never a good look.

Ps. …while I, of course, don’t recommend these ladies oufits below {Er..did someone forget their pants?!} I do recommend that your own personal glass of wine on the street is another great winter warmer.

Stay safe and dry sisters {and you stray brother}

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February 2013



Viking victory

The outfit underneath this coat aka Romani~chic circa ’82 is pretty similar to this cosy~tastic get up seen here. Wool, cashmere, layers, sheepskin lined boots. What tickled me pink was not the fact that I was snug as a bug in Bruce Forsyth’s rug but that my outer shell also kept me toasty warm. You could have slathered me in Lurpak & Marmite and I would have been perfection.

After scrolling through Instagram last week & wishing I was in NYC for fashion week ~ and more importantly beautiful blizzard Nemo ~ I got to daydreaming about how I would have combated the onslaught of a blizzard, kept myself warm but still dressed up for the biggest event on the clothes calendar without looking like a drowned cat. I know that I couldn’t have had any skin showing ~ a foot, an arm, a MID RIFFF…YES SOME PEOPLE WERE DOING THAT!! ~ so my fur hat & my wool, leather adorned coat ,which made me look {read feel!} like a viking, would have been my party piece de resistance.

{vintage coat, bag, skirt & boots, crown cap hat, accesorize mittens, tights}

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December 2012



Quality AND Quanity

 You know I’ve got beef with coats right?

When I moved into my new pad my new flattie, Han, commented on the fact that I had a LOT of coats and they were blocking the doorway.  Doorway Schmoreway I thought!  I turned, patiently, looked her in the eye and told her the hard, cold facts about coats.  I’ve imparted my words of coat wisdom here before {see here if you missed it} and I would like to add another attachment to that email.

Yes.  I’ve said it before. Coats can make or break your outfit and when it comes to winter a coat ~ like a decent haircut, a pair of skies when you’re skiing or a partner who reads ~ is a NECESSITY! No. We can not go out, when it’s -1 degrees, without one. What I want to add is that you can’t go out in -1 degrees with a shit coat either {Sister With Massive Laugh and Old Flattie are who I am referring to in my circles} A coat that doesn’t keep you warm is as useful as a handbag made out of pink blancmange.  Pretty to look at, pretty awful to wear.  Now I recently felt the pain of the average coat buyer as I headed into Zara.  I found a great coat ~ Military style, fur collar, mid thigh ~ over £200.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NO! Now that is a lot of money.  Well it is for me anyway and if I was spending £200 on a coat then I wouldn’t be buying more than one every couple of years.  Pppffffff….One just don’t cut the mustard, it doesn’t fit every occasion and there’s no guarantee that it’s going to be warm.

Take Exhibit A below:

Gorgeous, stunning Orla Kiely coat that was over £400 when it was on sale.  I was lucky enough to get this particular garment for free because I happened to work there and boy am I glad that I did because this coat is freezing.  It can only be worn at the beginning of Autumn or the trail end of Winter.  It’s a showboat. Great coat! I hear shouted at me when I wear it.  My nipples tend to disagree.


Go vintage.

Big vintage stores like my beloved Rokit and Tim’s beloved Pop boutique source clothes from all over the world and when I see a label that says made in Romania/100% wool/cashmere blend/something written in German then I know that my cockles will be well and truly WARRRMMMMM!

Exhibit B: Rokit ~wool/cashmere blend ~ £30

Exhibit C: Rokit ~ Made in Romania ~ £15

Exhibit C: Chelsea flea market in NYC ~ rabbit fur ~ $50 {$31}

In all these cases it seems we’re dealing with quality AND quantity. What more do we want??

Tim got a new woolly, warm coat last week from Pop for £27 and the majority of the winter coats in Rokit at the moment are a bargain at £30.

Go! Go now…Run like the Winter, whipping wind around our ears….

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March 2012



A new blue trew

My new navy trews are a big hit!

What with always being on the look out for trousers that fit and sit on my waist {low rise gives me severe back ache!} I was so chuffed to come across this smart pair in Pop boutique for a steal of £20.  They’re lined, in great condition and navy which is the equivalent of having Ryan Gosling as your fuck buddy…ie…AWESOME!

I haven’t worn this pink coat, that I per-chased in NYC many moons ago, much this winter.  Then again I feel like I’ve hardly worn any of my coats this year.  I’ve looked back at old posts and realised I only got them out of storage in January.  I feel like they’re ready to go back in my downstairs cupboard already!

However, as long as they’re still hanging on my coat rack I shall endeavour to use them and in this instance I really liked the mix of navy and pink.  It may become my new ‘green and pink’…Remember this.

{christopher deane pink coat, orla kiely jacket, gifted stripy longsleeve, pop boutique vintage trews, m&s socks, russell and bromley oxfords}

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February 2012



Make or break

Your coat can make or break your oufit so make sure it’s a welcome first sight and befitting of the gems you’ve got hidden underneath…

{topshop blue scarf, self-designed grey scarf, chazzer shazzer belt, gifted fur coat, vintage boots, bag and kilt, hobbs leather gloves}

{black coat from france, deborah sweeney leather belt, vintage skirt, topshop boots, gap mittens}

{vintage fur coat, reworked chazzer shazzer dress, gifted black skirt and longsleeve, m&s stockings, tabio orange tights, anthropologie booties}

{vintage coat from rokit, mavi jeans, kg boots}

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