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June 2011



Chazzer shazzer chic: The results

And the winner of the Chazzer Shazzer chic competition is…

…Drum roll please…





and I quote:

Kimball says: All three dearest? x

Yeah!  Was I nasty my darlings?  I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it.  I was trying to show you something….Yes, I wanted to show you that you can’t judge a cheap Chazzer Shazzer bargain by it’s snazzy cover.  They are indeed ALL  from Chazzer Shazzers and only one wee lassy – Ms. Kimball Groves – guessed it correctly.  Well done to you! Bravo! your beady eye knew what it was doing…My love and respect is winging it’s way to you right now.  And to your beautiful dog…and sister…also beautiful.

DRESS. No. 1:

Purr-chased in 2004 in a small charity shop in Carlisle (and not in Oz as Tim thought!) after I had been to see Great Auntie Joan up in Cumbria.  I was on my way to the train and thought I’d pop into the chazzer shazzer opposite the station.  All dresses were half price and so the bargianous price for this beauty was



A recent buy, last year, from my favourite chazzer shazzer on Clapham high street.  Saw it on the way to brunch with a friend.  It is actually a size 16 so I took the beauty in.  Very comfy and easy to wear.  Have worn it to a birthday party (Grandad’s 91st…I was rocking out with Dot and Graham) as well as out for dinner…LOVE THE PRINT!!!  Fabulous price of



One of my favourite chazzer stories.  Bought in the summer of 2006 in a thrift store (Not sure what the difference is or why Maman called it that but she did) on an army base in Cyprus.  It used to have huge 80’s puff sleeves which I cut off but on somedays wish I hadn’t.  Have worn on a date and to work and was the ridiculous price of


(That’s Cyprus cents which don’t even exsist anymore but was about 15p)

YEAHHHHHH!!!  Now come on my lovelies…We can do this.  Go forth and scour those Chazzer Shazzers. There are hats, coats, dresses, shoes (If you don’t have big old canoe feet like yours truly), chinos and skirts just waiting to be found.  They have someone elses name written in them your name written all over them.  If you want to post your precious finds on our facebook page. DO IT!!  I wanna see them.  So does Tim…She loves that kinda shizal. 

I have popped a few luscious ladies in their Chazzer bargains up here.  Make me proud and save those pennies so that you can spend them on alcohol on a Fritag eve and then splash out on taxi’s home because you’re too wasted from the alcohol you bought!

It’s been fun working with you my Shoelets…Let’s do it again soon.  The weekend is now officially OPEN! GO!

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