Red shoes, No knickers



June 2011



Chazzer Shazzer Chic

I’m good at it but could do better.  Schmemmers is very good at it and extremely lucky. 

Tim is the queen.

I am, of course, talking about Charity shop buying…(What were you thinking!?) or as we like to call it: Chazzer Shazzer shopping.

Like I posted here, this week I have a small challenge for you all my little shoelets and it’s to help introduce you to the delights and awesome deals that can be found when bargain hunting in Charity shops.  I know it daunts a lot of you and it is something that can be very hit and miss but I can assure that there are many a sweet treat to be found out there.  Good quality clothing that shall not grace another as it’s a one off….YIPPPEEE!!

Now, there will no doubt be a charity shop or two near you on a high street and there are but a few rules that need to be adhered to:

  • Never go looking for a specific thing.  You won’t find it.  Chazzer Shazzer shopping is about find the unexpected.
  • Go regularly.  Chazzers get deliveries every day and you never know what or when hidden treasures will arise
  • Don’t be seduced by cheaper than chips prices.  Things may be dirt cheap but there’s still a lot of crap out there!
  • Actually look through the rails.  Pull pieces out and try things on.  You’ll see items a whole lot better than just browsing with those peepers.
  • Out of town Chazzers are the BEST!  Go see your Great Auntie Joan out in Wigton, Cumbria…Prices are cheaper and the good pieces haven’t all been nabbed by like minded sazzy souls. 

And now to your challenge.  I want you to guess which one of the three dresses below I bought from a Chazzer Shazzer.  And I mean an actual charity shop, not a vintage store or a secondhand place but an actual Save the Children, Mind, Barnados, Cancer Research, Pets (That’s one of my favourite’s near me!) etc….

So. Dress No.1.

(cotton navy and white floral dress)  

Dress no.2.

(multi-coloured floral dress)

Dress no.3.

(navy and white tulle 80’s dress)

What do you think my darlings? Which was a ridiculously bargionous dress from a Chazzer Shazzer?

I shall post the winner on Friday who will win…Well, I don’t actually have anything to offer other than my love and respect…Is that enough?!?

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