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November 2011



Christmas sweet treats

As I promised in Friday’s Tree tings I have an early Christmas present for you all my darling Shoelets and I am going to introduce you to the wonderful world of The Sweet Treat.

From now until the 1st of January it can be a very busy time in anyone’s world and from past experience I know that a helping hand in getting ready for office parties, family get togethers, Christmas festivites and New Years celebrations is needed. Not to mention accessories and the like wanted for winter weddings, theatre outings, evening shin-digs, Yuletide balls and everything else that this time of year throws up….That’s where the fabulous Red Shoes No Knickers comes in….

A two hour Sweet Treat session entails my goodself popping over to your pad, hunting and scavenging through your wardrobe wares and finding as many amazing, festive outfits as you will need for this bustling build up to Christmas.  Should a clutch be needed for multi-tasking or a jacket for mixing and matching, suggestions will be made and great combinations will be found! Blurry-eyed 7am decisions about what will work from day to evening will be banished as we’ll have concoted those delights ourselves! 

Hey Presto!!  Bob’s your uncle!! {and he was…my Great Uncle!}

Christmas is not a time of year that we’re SUPPOSED to be shopping for ourselves and so finding a varible of vetements in your own closet can save you pennies for all those precious pressies we have to buy for others, the champers we NEED for ourselves and the taxi’s home our tootsies so desperately crave.

A Sweet Treat session is normally £60 for two hours but here is my Christmas gift to you all

Book a Sweet Treat session between now and 31st December 2011 and it’s a mere


Whether treating yourself or a loved one it’ll make life a whole lot easier and of course far more stylish…..

Here’s all you have to do:

1) Head over our Faceshizal page here and like us

2) Head back to the contacts page here – You still with me?

3) Send us an email entitled ‘Ryan Gosling should so be your boyfriend’ and the Sweet Treat is yours for fifty squid!!!

4) Get yourself ready to look SAMOKKKINNNN HOT this Christmas

Please do forward to all and sundry who you think will love this and benefit from my rummaging in their drawers….Tee heee…Go forth and spread the Red shoes…word my Shoelets….Go! GO NOW!!!!


{photos via the glamourai, sea of shoes and the cherry blossom girl}

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