Red shoes, No knickers



May 2013



D.I.M.D.I: Flamingo pink

pink shirt

When someone passes on their unwanted clothes to you it’s easy to get carried away with the situation. Free clothes, after all, are a bonus and not to be sniffed at. However, just because they’re free it doesn’t mean they’re right and there’s no point in filling up your wardrobe with clothes that don’t suit you and that you feel guilty about throwing out because someone gave them to you in an act of kindness. Let me tell you something my Shoelets: Kindness don’t know a draining colour when it’s shoved in it’s own hairy face.

My good friend, co~worker, long time twerking partner and the mother to my children, Tim, very generously, after a clear out, passed on a few sweet treats to yours truly. As well as this shirt and this one I managed to obtain the one above. It’s soft, it’s a nice shape. I wore it twice. I looked like I was covering from a bout of gastroenteritis each time I wore it.

‘Dat colour is wack y’all!’

And by wack I mean unsuitable for 98% of the skin tones out there.

Come on.

It’s me.

I don’t leave a man down unless there is no trace of a pulse and Father MacDougal has been summoned to perform the last rite of passage. Well, Father Maccy D’s was on holiday in Costa Brava y’all and this shirt’s second chance at life Β came in the form of…YES YOU KNOW IT PEOPLE!!!



Sweet baby Jesus I love this stuff. It’s like catnip for the crafting world.

Easy peasy.

Powder in drum * Salt over powder * Wet clothes on top of that * Spin that cycle


I think that we all agree on the fact that, should such an award exist, this shirt would most definitely win ‘Shirt of the week’. I am I right? Β You know it.


{grandma wyn’s reworked burberry trench, d.i.m.d.i shirt, gifted luella skirt, vintage boots, orla kiely bag}



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